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7×2 ACT/COT Results

In our ACT 2 (second round of club officer training) we trained 622 club officers.  108 of 149 clubs were able to train 4 or more club officers and 25 clubs trained all 7 club officers.  In our summer training ACT 1, we had 34 clubs with all 7 officers trained.  17 clubs were able to train all 7 officers in both sessions resulting in being entitled to the prestigious 7×2 award ribbon.  Congratulations to:

  • Genojabbers A1 -1501250,
  • Night Hawks A3- 813223,
  • Goldstream A4 – 5952,
  • Royal Roads A4 – 2262553,
  • Sooke Harbour A4 – 1472411,
  • Cowichan A5 – 950,
  • Island Excellence C21 – 4469753,
  • Global Speakers E42 – 9868,
  • Richmond E42 – 5488,
  • White Rock Evening F50 – 9516,
  • Finding Vino F50 -3844160,
  • The Professional Edge F51 – 1158953,
  • Kwantlen F52 – 2228252,
  • Toastmentors G63 – 845571,
  • Nelson Fresh Tracks K81 – 6196,
  • Kelowna City Hall K83 – 693235,
  • Morning Sun L92 – 9073

A New Club Could Mean a Swanky Hooded T-Shirt for You

Imagine that very first club you discovered and joined, that place where you gained encouragement, helpful feedback and mentoring through your early speeches, never existed. What would your life be like today? Look how far you’ve come from that first day you walked through the door and experienced your first meeting.

We are searching for new club ideas and opportunities to share the transformation Toastmasters provides to more people in more corners of our District. Do you have a brilliant idea for a new club? Maybe it’s a

  • community club where there’s an ideal space or central location;
  • advanced club that can help members in your Area or Division accelerate their personal or professional growth;
  • specialty club that could serve a niche market or help members achieve a specific goal; or
  • corporate club in a company with 250+ employees

Send your club idea RIGHT AWAY to our Club Extension Chair, Gene Vickers. If your club is fully chartered before end of day June 14th, and you will become the proud owner of one of these swanky Toastmasters branded Hooded Long Sleeve T-Shirt (They are sweeeeet!)

So … what’s your size?

Warmly and with great anticipation,

Carol Carter, DTM

Your District 21 Director 2017 – 2018

March Updates – It Never Feels Like an Adventure When You’re in the Middle

The Aventure is heating up! On the Ides of March, there is MUCH NEWS!!! Please watch the video, see the links further down the page, and refer back to that email for some very important items from Program Quality Director, Shawn Gold!

What to take advantage of in District 21 (ACT on one thing NOW!):

Do you struggle to remember your Anniversary?

We have some very noteable Club Anniversaries coming up! We’ll be celebrating ALL our clubs at the Spring Conference and you’ll have a little commemorative token of YOUR club’s Birthdate to take home with you!

In case you want to reach out and share a quick “Congratulations” or check on any upcoming celebration festivities, here are the clubs with March Birthdates:

Club                            Years    City

Cowichan 57 Duncan
Chilliwack 47 Chilliwack
Cranbrook First 45 Cranbrook
The Communicators 37 Victoria
Abbotsford Sundown 33 Abbotsford
Deltones 27 Delta
enRICHed Speakers 25 Richmond
High Country Achievers 24 Kamloops
Belmont Babblers 23 Victoria
Nelson Fresh Tracks 23 Nelson
Aldergrove 22 Aldergrove
Monday Night Vernon 21 Vernon
Woodgrove 20 Nanaimo
Readers & Debaters 19 Victoria
TaxMasters 18 Surrey
MoneyMasters 7 Surrey
Coast Master 5 Victoria
Seymour Synergy 1 Victoria
Slice of Speech 1 Richmond

Toasting the Queen

Found this and thought it would be appropriate for any Toastmaster conference or other event with a formal dinner.

Toasting the Queen

Proper procedures for giving a toast.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada. On formal occasions, particularly formal dinners, it is customary to toast Her Majesty at a suitable point in the proceedings.

The following is the usual procedure:

  1. After the entre has been cleared and before dessert has been served, the host or the toastmaster rises and asks for the attention of those present so that they may join in a toast to Her Majesty, the Queen. He/She asks the guests to rise. Once all have risen the toastmaster raises his/her glass and says:
    “The Queen, La Reine”
    without any other words and without music.
  2. Those present respond:
    “The Queen, La Reine”
    drink the toast and sit. It is not appropriate to click glasses.
  3. Members of the Royal Family do not participate in nor respond to the toast.
  4. Generally any beverage may be used for the loyal toast with the exception of cocktails. However, it is preferred to drink the toast with wine or water.
  5. The Loyal Toast is always the first one to be proposed. No other toasts should be proposed until the loyal toast has been made.

Occasionally, the Loyal Toast may be made at another point in the programme; however, in all circumstances the Loyal Toast should be the first proposed.

Spring Conference 2018

So many exciting things happening: Accredited Speaker Bob Hooey and International Director Mary Morrison will add to the great education sessions, delicious food and networking, amazing speakers and evaluators, fun and exciting contests and District officer elections.  Register now for great rates and remember to help your club create a basket for the silent auction.  There is also going to be a special celebration Saturday night that you won’t want to miss.   Visit our spring conference website

Webinar Wednesdays! Upcoming schedule and registration links

Welcome to Webinar Wednesdays! These webinars are an opportunity to connect to tools and resources that will help you and your team get the most out of the Toastmasters Program you are part of.

We are looking for topics YOU are most interested in! Click HERE to submit a topic you’d like featured.

We are looking for expert presenters for upcoming topics! Click HERE to submit a list of topics you would be happy to present or be part of the presentation on.

Our sessions are getting better and better! Here’s a list of upcoming Wednesday Webinars:

Click on the above titles to see more information on the webinar registration pages.

You can attend live and participate in the chat area, ask questions in the Q&A, PLUS have fun with emoji’s and other interactive bits! (it IS fun!). Can’t attend live? Still sign up so you receive the recording within 24 hours of the session.

Want to view past Webinar Wednesdays?    click HERE

Hope to “see” you at an upcoming Wednesday!

Carol Carter DTM

Your 2017-2018 District 21 Director

(To contact me directly, click my head)


The Power of Mentoring – What We Learned!

Our founder, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, shared that mentoring was one of the two keys to the success of the Toastmasters program. Thank you to all who came out in snowy, treacherous conditions to participate in “The Power of Mentoring” events in your corner of the District. While this was meant to be an event you could invite your career focused connections to, it turned out to be great learning for our own Toastmasters as well!

When you hear the word “Mentoring”, what thoughts cross your mind?

  • How strong are your mentoring skills?
  • How well do you feel YOU are being mentored?
  • Did you know that it’s the mentee, NOT the mentor, that drives the mentoring relationship?

Jim’s slides have been sent to all participants directly. If you would like a copy, please connect with me (click on my image at bottom of article).

We also promised a follow up video on being a mentor plus other pieces to help you in your mentor-mentee relationship. Whether you are a mentor, a mentee or both, here are some helpful tips, plus a downloadable handout (CLICK HERE to download) to set up or continue your mentoring relationships in a way that sets both up for the greatest success.

Thanks again, Jim Mclaughin! Your words of wsdom will continue to change lives for many years to come!

Also, Jim made a very special offer starting March 6th. It will allow you to:

  • Create a clear vision of where you want to go (then you can reach out for the mentoring you need)
  • Tap into three sources of power that often go overlooked and could be sabotaging your success

As this is not a Toastmasters offer but one Jim is making on his own, feel free to contact Jim directly for details (please see his contact information in the video).

Carol Carter DTM

I hope this information adds to your amazing Toastmasters Adventure this year, and your life’s adventures for many years to come.




Your 2017 – 2018 District 21 Director

Pathways Infographic

You’ve asked for more information and so here is a handy one page summary of Pathways.  It covers all 10 paths, all 5 levels and how to achieve your Pathways DTM.  It’s a handy tool to carry with you.