Merry Christmas D21

Merry Christmas D21,

Merry Christmas from D21 Toastmasters!To my fellow Members in District 21 and around the Toastmasters world, who read our articles daily, my wish for you at this time of year is for success.

Success for you personally, for your clubs and for your Divisions, in this amazing life-altering, leadership building and communication changing way of life that we all love so dearly and hold closely to our hearts, called Toastmasters.

May you have all your goals you have set for the year be achieved and your dreams come true. Toastmasters can help make dreams come true!

As your D21 Club Growth Director, I am tasked with ensuring that our district grows new clubs throughout the year and that our existing clubs remain healthy. Together we can be successful in achieving that goal.

I wish you success when you go out into your communities to start new clubs, in knowing that you will share the feelings of joy, companionship for your fellow members and to have the excitement of watching a brand-new Toastmaster give their first speech in a club environment … that you built.

The District Team is not going to come in and say “we’ll take it from here!” This is your Baby however, we are here to help with the babysitting if that’s needed. We have many resources to help you in your success as a sponsor. Remember, there is a beautiful Jacket just for you if you sponsor a club by the end of February 2017.

If you haven’t already started a club you won’t know that feeling. Fortunately, I have and I can attest that it is the next best thing to seeing your own child brought into this world. Just think for a minute, you have created something which people who you don’t know are going to be a part of. That’s kind of scary, but scary in a good way.

You get to see these babies grow before your eyes. You can evaluate their speeches, mentor them along their path to their own successes and know that a little part of you will be with them for the rest of their lives. It’s a great feeling knowing that your name will be in their vocabulary for years to come. What an honor it is to be their guiding light.

We are fast approaching that time of year where many clubs start to slow down a bit for the holiday season but at the same time this is a critical time of year to bring in some help. Santa Claus has his elves, I have my Club Coaches. However, I still need more coaches.

It is my belief that every club should have an opportunity to be successful.  District 21 coaches can and will help you to reach the success that you so deserve. I’m not going to taint this message with stats or numbers, I’m just going to say we need helpers and for the clubs who are struggling with members of 12 or lower, give yourself a Christmas present and ask Santa Joe for a coach.

If you become a coach by the end of December this year the District still has that Coaches Document bag that you will receive and if you are successful in helping a club achieve charter strength, by April 1, 2017 renewals you will receive a Toastmasters Power Bank at the Spring Conference as recognition for your hard work.

I’ll close with wishing everyone a merry festive season, however you celebrate. Then for the new year, I will issue you a challenge of helping grow our District, sharing the value of the Toastmasters experience and helping make your dreams and those of many others, come true.


D21 Club Growth Director (17-18)Merry Christmas from Santa Joe!

Joe Guenette DTM

Aka ‘Santa Joe’