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Club Officer Training – ACT 2

Club Officer Training ACT 2 is done.  We have several make up training sessions to put on, but the major events have been completed with excellent results.  I have personally captured and read over 300 evaluations to track the performance of the Approved trainers, and I am very pleased to have seen a significant positive […]

D21’s Final Fall Conference

Thank you to the incredible last District 21 Fall Conference Planning Team.  Led by Florence Chan and mentored by Jan Ireland, this team put together an incredible conference.  We had a magnificent venue, outstanding keynote speakers, a brilliant array of talent, exceptional education session leaders, fun filled entertainment, and the best of the best humorous […]

It’s the journey, not the destination  

Traveling through District 21 with a Past International President (PIP Ted Corcoran) was a part of the year that was so fantastic. It allowed us to take to a message of unity to our members. The strength of that visit is now showing up in our stats as a district. Today, June 27, we have […]