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Division Contestants and Winners

Check out the latest Division contest (International Speech and Evaluation) official results.  Download to see the Area contest and full contestant details. Please let your Program Quality Director (PQD) Shawn Gold DTM know if there are any errors.

Contest Videos

Competing in the Spring contest and want an edge on what it takes to be a District winner?  The contest videos are available through Chuck Denison for any specific year or contest.  See below. 

7×2 ACT/COT Results

In our ACT 2 (second round of club officer training) we trained 622 club officers.  108 of 149 clubs were able to train 4 or more club officers and 25 clubs trained all 7 club officers.  In our summer training ACT 1, we had 34 clubs with all 7 officers trained.  17 clubs were able […]

Toasting the Queen

Found this and thought it would be appropriate for any Toastmaster conference or other event with a formal dinner. Toasting the Queen Proper procedures for giving a toast. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada. On formal occasions, particularly formal dinners, it is customary to toast Her Majesty at a suitable point […]

Spring Conference 2018

So many exciting things happening: Accredited Speaker Bob Hooey and International Director Mary Morrison will add to the great education sessions, delicious food and networking, amazing speakers and evaluators, fun and exciting contests and District officer elections.  Register now for great rates and remember to help your club create a basket for the silent auction.  […]

Pathways Infographic

You’ve asked for more information and so here is a handy one page summary of Pathways.  It covers all 10 paths, all 5 levels and how to achieve your Pathways DTM.  It’s a handy tool to carry with you. 

Imagine the Possibilities – Create Your Path

District 21’s last Spring Conference and first Annual Conference will be taking place in Kelowna April 20th – 22nd.  Register now for a fun and exciting weekend in beautiful wine country.  We are looking for clubs to put together gift baskets for the silent auction fund raiser.  Consider a theme night where you bring and […]

Pathways IS Coming VERY SOON!!

Your Pathways Guides Club Visits are well under way.  These visits are very important for both your longer term members to get acquainted with the program. and for your newer members who will need guidance moving forward.  Any new member that starts after the March 20 launch, will only be able to get credit on […]

It’s Contest Season

It’s Contest Season – Will you be representing District 21 at the International Semi-Finals in Chicago?   Are you the type who is looking for fame and fortune, or would you rather help the district select the best contestant for the International Speech Contest?  Either way, here’s your opportunity.  The District contest will be held in […]

Quality Club Webinar

Has your Toastmasters club allowed you to meet all your initial goals for joining?  If so, has it continued to meet your evolving goals since then? A quality club should be able to do that.  If you’re interested in knowing if your club is a quality club or how to make it a quality club, […]