‘Best Toastmaster Year Ever’ Challenge

Professional Edge Toastmasters Christmas Breakfast Party

Many Pro Edge Toastmasters revellers took on a challenging wintery snowy morning, for a fun meeting and a great way to end the first half of the year.  While the rest of us were snug at home bright and early, Jamie, the Chair took on both the Chairman & Toast Crumbs “reporter” roles ((Toast Crumbs).  Jamie and the elves outdid themselves with this creative take on the traditional inspirational meeting review…. 

Hey there fellow Pro-Edgers…Here are your “Toast Crumbs” for December 14, 2016.

It was no “Silent Night” – although dark outside…We had 3 speakers speaking, 2 timers timing, and a partridge in a pear tree.


  • Angel Sheila was our first speaker, bearing gifts for us all, and she will be “travelling afar”… to Vegas to see the wearable technology!
  • Wiseman Noel shared a “Joy to the World” story of 2500 children rescued in a dark time in history.
  • Time traveller Angelika took us back to 1970 and Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair – Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme.  Yes, Deck the Halls on a Midnight Clear.
  • Rhona and Cheryl manned the Christmas lights that “blinked a bright red and green… as the speakers rushed by with their treasures…”


Good King Ron Wenceslas called us to order and provided feedback – he also provided lots of savory goodies.  Ken and Rita “joined the chorus” and lead a round of feedback for Noel and Angelika.  Renate, Gary and even Tiny Tim provided the introductions.

Ken, the Elf wearing Santa’s red hat said: “I enjoyed the opening remarks to get us thinking…. Where are we going?  I really enjoyed Noel’s speech on how one person can make such an unselfish decision which has such a dramatic outcome in the lives of children which lead to adults and families.”

“Dusting off the crumbs from my tie and sport jacket, this is what I remember,” said Elf Gary, (who apparently is father-in-law to a Tennessee hillbilly),

  • butter tarts and learning about bracelets that shock you into getting some exercise,
  • hot coffee and hearing about a hero in a hot pursuit for her life,
  • herb-flavoured omelettes and being enchanted by the magic of herbs to attract fairies, ward off evil spirits,
  • make dreams come true and deliver world peace.   

Yep… It filled up my belly and loaded my mind.  No better place to be on this morning, a mere 10 days from Christmas Eve”.  Now if I can just get the Nativity scene off the toilet seat… (you had to be there…)

Elf Rita added: “With Jamie, our chair’s opening remarks I have experienced a wonderfully emotional and encouraging meeting where we celebrated not only this Christmas season but each other’s growth.  A meeting worth getting up at 6:00 am”

Elf Noel said: “I feel healthier for having learned about the power of herbs, technology that can help and seeing fruits, vegetables and other guiltless items on a Christmas buffet spread.  I am happy that we have a club that can inspire so much joy at 7 a.m. when it is dark and freezing outside. The gingerbread man on Ron’s sweater will haunt my dreams.”

Sorry Noel, about those nightmares…

Now dash away dash away dash away all!

Chair-Elf Not On A Shelf   



As the year unfolds, we challenge YOU to ”Have the best Toastmaster year ever!”  


Do you have a fun, unique, attention-getting way to promote your club in your community or motivate other Toastmasters?  Send a short article or video clip to letters@d21toastmasters.ca by the end of the month, and we will post it here.