Every once in a while, an email arrives that makes our work on this newsletter-  and the work of all Toastmaster leaders – all worthwhile. This short article from Hersh Kalles, President of Island Excellence Toastmasters,  is just such an inspiring email.  It features the ToastCrumbs from Island Excellence – it is incredible what they have done since Ted’s visit on January 22nd. Enjoy!


I wanted to take a moment out of our normal ToastCrumbs to recognize everything that our club has done recently and give kudos to all of you who made it happen. There are also some of you whom I have sent this email to because you have inquired about us in the past. Maybe you came once or maybe it just never happened but hopefully we will get a chance to meet you soon or see you again as there are some really wonderful things happening at Island Excellence Toastmasters and which I’d love to share with everyone below…

First off welcome to Simon who officially joined our club last night. Simon, Laura, Kat, Lou, Norman and Brad have all joined our club since February 1st and I believe that Shelly will be next! If we are really fortunate, we will also have Casey and Karen, two amazing and highly experienced Toastmasters join us again as well perhaps even as incoming members? 😉 For those of you receiving this email that have yet to take the leap. This is a great time to get involved as we have some many members of different backgrounds and experience levels and you would be able to come onboard with many people, who like you, are brand new to the Toastmasters experience. Plus our next 6 month membership dues renew in March so it’s an easy transition time to get started!

All this exciting growth in our club means that we have achieved the “Talk Up Toastmasters” Incentive which we accomplished by bringing on 5 new members between February 1st and March 31st. At this rate we may triple that expectation by the end of March. Michael & Alan… chock us up for our big win please!

At the meeting tonight we also gave out our brand new ribbons to new members
Laura, Brad and Norman for having done their ice breaker speech recently and while I know Lou missed this evening and was supposed to do his ice breaker, I imagine he will be back soon and achieve his first ribbon as well. I also had the pleasure of honouring Janice who received her competent communicator certificate for completing all 10 of her manual speeches!!! Time to get on those advanced manuals Janice, LOL!   ((Hersh presenting Janice with her Competent Communicator Award, left).  Finally I want to congratulate Charlotte as, only yesterday, I put in for her Advanced Communicator Bronze which means she completed her Competent Leadership Manual, performed 2 educational sessions, attended COT training, filled and executive position for at least 6 months and also participated in our clubs succession plan. Lots of hard work and a well deserved certificate on the way for you Charlotte.

Tonight’s meeting was abuzz with energy as Norman, exemplifying our commitment to full participation, stepped up to be Toastmaster this week even though he’s only been with us for 3 weeks and with Charlotte’s mentorship he did a fantastic job. It was a full meeting filled with 3 speeches. Dani started us off with her 2nd manual speech about the cat crisis and what we can do to help. Brad gave speech #9, also his second manual speech in only a few weeks, as he practiced for a work presentation on helping people with disabilities with their financial circumstances and then I “bravely” gave speech #4 in the persuasive speakers manual, which addressed the opposition, taking the often dismissed viewpoint that the net result of a Trump presidency could be a positive thing for the world. I believe I even opened up a few minds to a new perspective on what is happening with our neighbours to the south 😉

We had 2 guests, one who became a member last night (Simon) and the other was Janice’s very own husband, a once-upon-a-time Toastmaster who truly enjoyed our meeting and we hope to see him again next week at our club contest. Speaking of which NEXT WEEK IS OUR CLUB CONTEST. I believe we have one contestant for the International Speech contest so far and 4 people in our Evaluation contest. Ashawni is stepping up as our Chief Judge and Anne and Janice are co-chairing so if you are competing please email them and offer to help out. Timers, Ballot Counters, Sgt At Arms, Judges, are all roles that we need filled and if you have any questions about what those roles do don’t hesitate to ask them. Also please invite your friends, family and strangers off the street as it’s going to be an amazing night that’s unlike our regular meetings. Perhaps some of our past guests like Cody, Danny, Ami & Ben will make it out to see the spectacle themselves! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

See you all next week… gotta go prepare my speech now!

Hersh Kalles