Two days to go!

With just TWO DAYS TO GO until the deadline, ELEVEN District 21 clubs have already qualified for the “Talk up Toastmasters” award:

  • Niteshifters   (Div. A)
  • Rise and Shine   (Div. B)
  • Island Excellence  (Div. C)
  • White Rock Club   (Div. F)
  • Spontaneous Speakers (Div. F)
  • Surrey Club   (Div. F)
  • Taxmasters (Div. F)
  • Chilliwack TM   (Div. G)
  • Kelowna Club  (Div. K)
  • Kelowna AM   (Div. K)
  • UBCO (Div K)

Each of these clubs will receive a beautiful ribbon for their club banner from Toastmasters International PLUS10% discount on their next order to TI.

ALSO, each club will be entered into a special District 21 draw at our Spring Conference, where FIVE winners will each receive $150 U.S. in coupons to be used at the TI store.

There is still time to win!

How do you win the “Talk up Toastmasters” award? Your club needs to gain FIVE NEW MEMBERS between February 1st and March 31st – it is that simple.

So many are so close!

We have MANY clubs who have gained THREE or FOUR new members – they are so close and…there’s just TWO days to go!

Good luck everyone!



Alan Warburton, District 21 Director, 2016-1017

When The Door Is Closed, Look For A Window

Submitted by Letty Louie, Area 52 Director

The Kwantlen Toastmasters meet every Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 pm, at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Surrey campus. On March 1, 2017 the KPU Surrey campus was closed in preparation for the upcoming KPU Surrey Open House, making the Kwantlen Toastmasters’ usual meeting room unavailable.

As a result, the Kwantlen Toastmasters took advantage of this opportunity and visited the White Rock Evening Edition Toastmasters.

Ten Kwantlen Toastmasters surprised the Evening Edition Toastmasters during their Evaluation contest and walked away with their club banners. It was a fun and exciting night full of educational speeches, winners and surprises.


District 21 Program Quality Director John Sherber made a surprise appearance during the raid as well. This banner raid opened a window for future joint club events.

On March 22 2017, nine Evening Edition Toastmasters stormed the Kwantlen Toastmasters’ Open House at the KPU library to reclaim their club banners in style. Kwantlen and Evening Edition Toastmasters will organize more activities in future.

With its educational and entertaining values, every club should do a banner raid!

When the door is closed, remember to look for a window.



Be the Best You Can Be

Fellow Toastmaster,

Contest season is in full swing. Are you a contestant? How about a judge? A big part of contest season is bringing people together. It is always a pleasure for me to meet Toastmasters from other clubs. We are all here for our own reasons  but we are all working the same program. This is where we can find the common ground to open up conversations and get to know all those people who are new to us. 

Contests bring out our best speakers. Everyone wants to improve and to see if that elusive path of moving on will be in their future.

The International speech contest in August will be the place where Toastmasters from all over the world will send their best to compete at the International convention. Last year over 150 countries were represented. It made me proud to be part of an organization that is so diverse and world wide.

Best wishes to all the contestants.

“Be the best you can be”, and challenge yourself.

It is the “journey not the destination”.

All the best,

John Sherber DTM

District 21 Program Quality Director, 2016-2017  

What’s the Deal with the Membership Requirement?

Do you know how many members your club has? Do you know how many members your club needs in order to qualify for the distinguished club program (DCP)? Now that we are finishing up with renewals let’s focus on what we need to be a distinguished club. 

The DCP is a measurement of the health of a club. Experienced Toastmasters refer their friends to distinguished clubs, these clubs mentor their members, have strong fellowship and complete educational awards. Many clubs make it a part of their culture to be distinguished each year and become known for that level of service.

So what’s the deal with the membership requirement? Interestingly Toastmasters International recommends 20 members in a club to keep meetings at a high level of quality year round, they recognize clubs lose around 40% membership each year which means 8 new members are required in a year to keep a club of 20 at 20. This explains the 4+4 concept in the DCP.

For your club to qualify for distinguished club recognition it requires at least 5 DCP points (7 for select, 9 for presidents) with 20 members OR a net gain of 5 members. This number is from your base on July 1, 2016. So if your club had 15 or more members on July 1, 2016 you require 20 members, anything less than 15 only requires that number +5 on June 30, 2017.

To see your club’s base, current membership and DCP points take a look here:

District 21, I firmly believe we can do this.  Let’s continue building our club membership for success.  Call me if you need anything.








Michael Bown DTM

District 21 Club Growth Director,  2016-2017

The Captain’s Story

Readers & Debaters Toastmasters

Hosts captain of fatal BC Ferry voyage

By Alex Greer, VPPR

On the evening of 16 March (one day shy of St. Patrick`s Day) Readers and Debaters Toastmasters held its first ever book-oriented meeting with a published author as the guest speaker.

On deck was Colin Henthorne, the captain of the Queen of the North, a passenger ship which had gone down eleven years ago. Colin wrote about his ordeal in The Queen of the North Disaster: The Captain`s Story. In his twenty-minute speech, Colin recounted the tragic incident and the troubling aftermath.

There was a question period at which the audience raised issues about marine safety, the training of ship’s crews and about the BC Ferries Corporation bureaucracy.

This meeting did not always follow the usual Toastmaster agenda procedures. Colin`s speech and the question and answer period were not officially timed. Nor was there an evaluation of the speech.

After a break, there was a Table Topics period, at which participants fired questions based on the issues from the book. Most Readers and Debaters members were present. There were four guests, counting the speaker, and two were from the Coastmasters Toastmasters Club, a BC Ferries corporate club.

In summary, the meeting was a fruitful learning experience for all.

EIGHT Clubs are “TALK UP TM” Winners!

With 18 days to go to the deadline … EIGHT District 21 clubs have already qualified for the “Talk up Toastmasters” award. Amazing!!

  • Niteshifters   (Div. A)
  • Rise and Shine   (Div. B) 
  • Island Excellence   (Div. C)
  • White Rock Club   (Div. F)
  • Surrey Club   (Div. F)
  • Chilliwack TM   (Div. G)
  • Kelowna Club   (Div. K)
  • Kelowna AM   (Div. K)

Each of these clubs will receive a beautiful ribbon for their club banner from Toastmasters International plus a 10% discount on their next order to TI.

ALSO, each club will be entered into a District 21 draw where there will be FIVE winners who will each receive $150 U.S. in coupons to be used at the TI store!!

There is still time to win!

How do you win the “Talk up Toastmasters” award? Your club needs to gain FIVE new members between February 1st and March 31st – it is that simple!

So many are so close!

We have MANY clubs who have gained three or four new members – they are so close and … there are 18 days to go!!

Good luck everyone!





Alan Warburton

District 21 Director 2016-2017

Final tally shows 24 clubs win blue ribbons

Good day to all,

The final counts are in, and two dozen super-achieving clubs had all 7 of their officers trained during the 2017 Winter Club Officer Training (COT).

Kudos go out to the many members who took the time to share leadership knowledge and experience with their fellow officers.

As always, these info-packed sessions are never possible without the days of commitment from D21 division directors, who organized and led sessions in conjunction with Ted Corcoran’s special visit, and then followed up with make-up sessions in every division. That’s dedication to Toastmaster values!

But mostly, THANK YOU to each and every Toastmaster who came out to the sessions. Your clubs will all benefit from your experience.

The latest numbers show 598 officers (or 57%) attended training. That’s a substantial result for winter training, bearing in mind that summer sessions (just following elections) are usually higher.

Congratulations to the 7 out of 7’s at 2017 Winter COT

Master Motivators
Victoria DiverCity
Cowichan Toastmasters
Salt Spring Club
Coast Master
Island Excellence
Mid Island Advanced
Richmond Toastmasters
Richmond Friendly
Spotlight Speakers
Toastmasters By The Sea
Finding Vino
The Rock Christian Toastmasters
Speakers Advantage
Surrey Club
Langley Toastmasters
Abbotsford Sundown
OC Toastmasters

For detailed results, see: D21 Club performances

Please be patient! ‘7 out of 7’ ribbons are coming out to you in the next month or two.

All the best,

John Sherber, District 21 Program Quality Director, 2016-2017

Three D21 Club Winners and Counting!

You can still win $150 for your club!

THREE D21 clubs have already achieved the “Talk up Toastmasters” award and are entered for the draw. Congratulations to:




Each has added 5 new members and a number of other clubs are very close with 3 or 4 new members.

So far, we have a total of 128 new members since February 1st and there are still 29 days to go.

Check the details at Talk Up Toastmasters 

Way to go, D21!

Alan Warburton, District 21 Director, 2016-17

Spring Cleaning

Recently in conversation with Area 5 Director Bill Smith, DTM he suggested having a spring cleaning in March after our February pirate month. I asked him what he meant and he meant cleaning up on DCP points and guest to membership conversions. What a fantastic idea!

I asked the District officers for club building ideas to support our “spring cleaning”, here are a few that will help all of us:

  • Ensure your club has a small package for guests with information about the program and the process to becoming a member (include the fees and a membership application)
  • Treat each meeting like an open house and have the red carpet out for guests. Ensure a greeter is assigned to welcome the guests with a nice handshake and have them complete guestbook with a name, email and phone number. Always get a phone number, follow up by phone is your best bet to close the sale.  Make sure guests have a name tag/name tent so they right away feel part of the group. Consider lending guests a Toastmaster magazine – then they need to bring it back!
  • Show strong fellowship  by arranging social activities outside the meetings,  joint meetings, banner raids etc.
  • Spice up regular meetings by running speechathons, backwards meetings, workshops, dress up or themed meetings etc.
  • Bring new members up to speed and on a plan by giving a new member handbook and mentor to members as soon as they sign up. (As a mentor ask your mentee when they will give the icebreaker AND when they will give project 10 to lock in commitment)
  • Use your speech contest as an extra special open house.  This can be extended to the Area and Division contests as well!

Officers attend training to learn from each other and to share knowledge. The ideas, connections and resources that can come out of training could change your club.

If you apply all the above your club will be President’s Distinguished year after year because you will be serving your guests, serving your members and everyone will be growing while having fun.

Our club mission:

“We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”



Michael Bown DTM

District 21 Club Growth Director,  2016-2017Regards,

The Amazing Value of Toastmasters

Hi District 21 Toastmasters,

During Ted Corcoran’s visit in January, I had the privilege of acting as the workshop leader for the club presidents in all four geographic areas around our district. I met some incredibly inspirational presidents who are very dedicated to the success of their clubs.

One of these presidents was Hersh Kalles, President of Island Excellence Toastmasters in Nanaimo. Over the past few weeks, Hersh and his club have achieved amazing things through energy, enthusiasm and commitment. Island Excellence has increased it membership by 6 members from 9 to 15. They are having guests come to each meeting and their meetings are fun, dynamic and full of learning. Amazingly, the club has already earned the “Talk up Toastmasters” award (details are on the D21 website) a full month before the deadline!!

This is a great time for all our District 21 clubs to build their membership. We all know the amazing value of Toastmasters … now is the time to share the value with our family, friends and colleagues. Please be sure to “bring a buddy” to your club meetings in March – it may be just right for them and will be a real bonus for your club. Also, it may help your club win the “Talk up Toastmasters” award!!

Please remember that it is renewal time at the end of March – dues are due!! As you know, the grace period has now been removed. Clubs and members need to complete their renewals by March 31 (earlier is better) or the club/member will “not be in good standing.” This is very important … especially at contest time.

All the very best to all our D21 clubs as you build your membership and complete your membership renewals by March 31st!!



Alan Warburton DTM

District 21  Director,  2016-2017