Division Contestants and Winners

Check out the latest Division contest (International Speech and Evaluation) official results.  Download to see the Area contest and full contestant details. Please let your Program Quality Director (PQD) Shawn Gold DTM know if there are any errors.

Contest Videos

Competing in the Spring contest and want an edge on what it takes to be a District winner?  The contest videos are available through Chuck Denison for any specific year or contest.  See below. 

It’s Contest Season

It’s Contest Season – Will you be representing District 21 at the International Semi-Finals in Chicago?   Are you the type who is looking for fame and fortune, or would you rather help the district select the best contestant for the International Speech Contest?  Either way, here’s your opportunity.  The District contest will be held in Kelowna during the Spring conference from April 20-22.  Competitions will be held for both the International Speech contest and Evaluation contest.  We need contestants and volunteers to help put these contests together (Contest Chairs, Chief Judges, Judges, Ballot Counters, Timers, Sergeants-at-Arms and facilities organizers).  The club level contests can start now with the club contests due by the 10th of March, the Area contests by the 24th of March, and Division contests by April 7th.   Help support your club in whatever way you can and let the next world champion of public speaking come from District 21.

Convention Incentive Winners

Earlier this year we launched an Incentive tied to the International Convention occurring this summer. The goal of this incentive was to support increased membership and club growth this program year.  The committee has met to select those that were grand prize winners for the full convention registration from August 23-26, 2017 and also the opportunity to offer alternate prizes for some additional winners.
Winners – Full Convention Registration:
  • Allan Corbett
  • Letty Louie
  • May Soo-Tveita
  • Barb Westlake
  • Jeffrey Denissen

Winner – Helping Hands Convention Registration:

  • Leah Cheyne

Winners – World Championship of Public Speaking Registration:

  • Dorothy Miller
  • Jan Ireland
  • Nils Erzinger
  • Mary Lummerding
Congratulations to all the winners, collectively you have all helped to make District 21 all that much stronger and taught us what the buzz is truly about.
Best Regards,
on behalf of the District 21 trio and managers 2016-2017

The Contests — Behind the Scenes

After the Conference, D21 Chief Judge Marion Gushue-Geiger posted (on D21 Facebook) a list of thank you’s to the Spring Conference Contest Team who demonstrated the “Leap to Lead”





…Thank-you to Moya Webb, Contest Chair, who conducted the Evaluation Contest and International Speech contest superbly by paying attention to all details to ensure that the contestants had a faultless experience.







…Thank-you to Sharleen McBlain, interviewer extraordinaire, who provided an entertaining experience for our contestants.To our contest timers Nico Human and Jennifer Oakes who were precise in their tasks, my compliments and thanks.










…To the ballot counters May, Jan and Bob, from the experienced to the inexperienced we all came away richer from the experience. I appreciated your help and guidance.

…To the Judges, a huge heartfelt thanks for your attention, diligence, judges briefing attendance (without coffee) and stepping up to the challenge.

…To the official Sgt at Arms, Leah Cheyne and Wes Arnold, and the unofficial Sgt at Arms, who were called upon to guard the other doors during the contests, thank-you! The importance and understanding of teamwork was very much appreciated.  

This past weekend all of the above demonstrated the “Leap to Lead” ! Thank-you.


Winner of the D21 Evaluation Contest, 2017

“I lucked out when I joined Kelowna AM Toastmaster club” Wade Paterson said. “There’s a great amount of talent there, such accomplished speakers. They show you something to aspire to, yet they are not intimidating. They encouraged me right from the beginning. The club observes the Toastmaster formalities, but yet it has a casual feel. We have lots of laughter, teasing, joking.”

Wade joined Kelowna AM Toastmasters in November 2015 because he wanted to take the stress out of the frequent presentations he had to give as part of his job at the head office of Remax Western Canada. Along with a co-worker he came to Toastmasters to hone his skills and to become a more effective speaker. 

Part of his learning to become a more effective speaker came from observing other speakers and learning from experienced evaluators. This education culminated in Wade’s winning the District 21 Evaluation contest at the recent Spring Conference.

Wade tries to organize his evaluation by offering comments on three aspects of a speech that were done well, one or two ideas for improvement and a summary that reiterates what he has said. Almost always he will offer specific examples of the points he is making. He likes to focus on body language and vocal variety. The rest, he says, is mostly about the topics covered in the Competent Communicator (CC) manual, noticing what the speaker needs to work on and improve.

“It’s a challenge, to find the appropriate evaluation, whether the speaker is new or advanced. I try to tailor advice very specifically so that I leave the speaker feeling inspired and wanting to prepare another speech. I feel for new speakers; I remember my nerves before my Ice Breaker. I try to leave each speaker I evaluate feeling motivated.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that some people try to power through that CC manual quickly. This means their growth may not keep up. I suggest that they respect that first manual more and give their speech preparation more time, not doing last minute planning.

“In the contest the test speaker, Rob Evans from District 96, was such an elite speaker, it was difficult to find areas to suggest where he could improve. His body language was incredibly effective, he engaged the audience, injected humour in all the right places and his speech was expertly organized.

“His speech was so strong – as I watched it I was thinking ‘What can I tell him to work on?’ He had no glaring weaknesses so I had to be more nitpicky. I acknowledged his strengths and gave him a couple of minor suggestions for improvement. When I walked off the stage I felt I had given it my best effort. I was proud of my performance whether I won or not. It was an incredible feeling to win a District award. Hearing my name called out was the highlight of my Toastmaster career to date.

“I feel that Toastmasters has given me a lot, so in the next year I’m going to look at ways I can give back through leadership opportunities within the club.”

Submitted by Valerie Adolph

And the winners are…

Another exciting Spring contest season has come and passed. Congratulations to our District 21 winners:

2017 International Speech Contest

1st Place will represent District 21 in the contest semi-finals at the 2017 Toastmasters International Convention, August 23 to 27 in Vancouver, B.C.

  1. Kerice Richards (Advocates)
  2. Roy Campbell (Cloverdale)
  3. Jamie MacDonald (The Professional Edge)

2017 International Speech Contest winners & dignitaries (L to R): Moya Webb (Contest Chair); KERICE RICHARDS; ROY CAMPBELL; JAMIE MacDONALD; Alan Warburton (District Director)

2017 Evaluation Speech Contest

With special thanks to test speaker Rob Evans, D96 Toastmaster

  1. Wade Paterson (Kelowna AM)
  2. Angelika Bendrich
  3. Barb Westlake (Tsawwassen)

Evaluation Contest winners & dignitaries (L to R): Moya Webb (Contest Chair); Alan Warburton (District Director); WADE PATERSON, ANGELIKA BENDRICH, BARB WESTLAKE; Margaret Page (Int’l Director)

Congratulations to all our Spring contests competitors for your memorable presentations.

You are an inspiration to your district, divisions, areas and clubs!

(See complete contestant listing)

~ Photos courtesy of Toastmaster Shawn Gold

Who will win the D21 Spring Speech Contests?

Meet the contestants!

Evaluation Contest (April 22/1:00 pm – 3:00 pm)

Division A              Suzanne Viau
Division B              Karen Burgess
Division C              Katie Healey
Division E              Barb Westlake
Division F              Angelika Bendrich
Division G             Ray Hill
Division K              Wade Paterson
Division L              Heidi Thompson

International Contest (April 23/9:30 am – 11:30 am)

Division A              Tania Ehman
Division B              Kerice Richards
Division C              Karina Sheardown.
Division E              Rome Gallardo
Division F              Jamie MacDonald
Division G             Roy Campbell
Division K              Reen Rose
Division L              Yasir Khan

Best wishes to all of you!

Every springtime, enterprising Toastmasters take the leap to reach further with their speaking skills, as the annual International Speech Contest launches in Toastmaster districts around the globe.

For the past two months, thousands of contests at club, area and division levels have tested the creativity and mettle of motivated speakers, as well as the organizers who make these events a success. District 21 also mounts a second competition, the Evaluation Speech Contest.

Everyone is a winner during speech contest season, as speakers raise the bar on themselves and audiences are impressed by their range and creativity. But in every contest, there is only one “first place.”

On April 22 and 23, the first place winners (and in some instances, the second place winner) of both contests, from eight divisions, come together to compete again at the District Spring Conference in Surrey B.C.  Guided by conference co-chairs Annie and Jennie Peng, along with host Veronica Armstrong, the weekend is jam-packed with meetings and educational sessions—but the contests are truly a highlight. This year’s District International Speech and Evaluation Contest Chair is Moya Webb. Our Chief Judge is Marion Gushue-Geiger.

On Saturday April 22, at 1:00 pm, eight division-level finalists in the Evaluation Contest listen first to a special “test speech” and then present their evaluations, resulting in a first place trophy winner.

On Sunday April 23, at 9:30 am, eight contestants in the International Speech Contest vie for the honor to represent District 21 in the semi-final rounds at the 2017 Toastmasters International Convention, to be held in Vancouver this August.

(Late sign-up: online or at registration desk on contest day)


Contest Season wraps up for Div E

~ submitted by Yuhan Chen (originally posted March 9, 2017)

Barb Westlake, Ambassadors Tsawassen

Rome Gallardo, Richmond Toastmasters

April 12, 2017 saw the culmination of District 21’s Division E Spring contests. Shawn Gold (International Speech contest) and Yuhan Chen (Evaluation contest) were co-chairs for the event, held at Richmond Nature Park.

We had around 60 people attending, including D21 Director, Alan Warburton; D21 Program Quality Director, John Sherber; Past D96 Governor, Gene Vickers; and D96 Division B Director, Mark Zuberbuhler.

The contest started at 7:00 pm sharp and finished at around 9:50 pm, because we had 8 contestants in the International Speech contest and 7 contestants for the Evaluation contest!

There was humor, sadness, joy and excitement from all the stories shared by our fabulous International Speech competitors. There was impactful, creative and mind-blowing feedback provided by our highly observant Evaluation contestants.

Congratulations to all our winners! Rome Gallardo from Richmond Toastmasters won the International Speech contest and Barb Westlake from Ambassadors Tsawwassen won the Evaluation contest.

Div E Evaluation Contest winners (L-R): Katherine Praski, Rome Gallardo & Barb Westlake, with John Sherber (D21 PQD)

Div E International Speech Contest winners: (L-R) Jas Bhopal, Barb Westlake & Rome Gallardo with Alan Warburton (D21 District Director)

Looking back on an exciting eight weeks of club and area contests…

Dear D21 members and guests,

Division E cordially invites you to our club, area and division contests for the International and Evaluation Speech Contests throughout March and April. There will be many memorable speeches and impactful evaluations.

Division E includes 18 clubs (13 community clubs and 5 corporate clubs) in Richmond and south Delta (Ladner and Tsawwassen), spread over four Areas: 40, 41, 42 and 43.  We offer local toastmasters one advanced club, Spotlight Speakers, and one specialty club, First Mandarin.

In our division, there are 14 contests in total! Please check your calendars and consider visiting our Div.E contests.

All our club, area and division contests are FREE OF CHARGE and open to the general public. So bring your friends and families!

In Division E, there was one club contest every day from March 6 to March 10!

  • Leading Edge: first club contest in two plus years! (Friday, March 10, 7:30pm to 9:15pm)
  • Sage: the only community club contest hosted during lunch hour (March 9)
  • Comp-Talk: the winners of this club usually finish very strong in Area and Division level (March 8)
  • Richmond Toastmasters: the strongest club in Division E with 30+ members, and 6 contestants for each contest! (March 7)
  • Global Speaker: offers speakers from wide diversity of background (March 6)


Tsawwassen Ambassadors Club Contest – Tuesday, March 14 
   1st: Barb Westlake
   2nd: Katherine Praski
   1st: Katherine Praski 
   2nd: Barb Westlake 

Deltones Club Contest –  Thursday, February 16
   1st: Richard Nash
   2nd: Lorna Boyle  
   1st: Lorna Boyle
   2nd: Ellen Liboriussen

Sage Richmond Toastmasters Club Contest –  Thursday, March 9
   1st: Wing Kwong  
   2nd: Assinta Fung 
   1st: Ana Lay
   2nd: Ian De Leon

AREA E40 Contest – Wednesday, March 29

   1st: Assinta Fung (Sage Richmond)
   2nd: Barb Westlake (Tsawwassen Ambassadors)
   1st: Katherine Praski (Tsawwassen Ambassadors)
   2nd: Barb Westlake (Tsawwassen Ambassadors)


Comp-Talk Toastmasters Club Contest – Wednesday, March 8
   1st: May Soo Tveita  
   2nd: Jim Horne
   1st: Allan Heinrichs
   2nd: May Soo Tveita

AREA E41 Winners – Thursday, March 16

   1st place, May Soo Tveita (Comp-Talk)
   2nd place, Jim Horne (Comp-Talk)
   1st place, Allen Heinrichs (Comp-Talk)
   2nd place, May Soo Tveita (Comp-Talk)


Global Speakers Toastmasters Club Contest – Monday, March 6
   1st: Adolfo Ibarguen 

Leading Edge Toastmasters Club Contest – Friday, March 10
International & Evaluation
   1st: Ernie Hamm

Richmond Toastmasters – Tuesday, March 7
   1st: Rome Gallardo
   1st: Carolina Abramovich 

AREA E42 Contest – Wednesday, March 22

   1st: Rome Gallardo (Richmond Toastmasters)
   2nd: Jas Bhopal (Richmond Friendly)
   1st place, Jas Bhopal (Richmond Friendly)
   2nd place, Rome Gallardo (Richmond Toastmasters)


Spotlight Speakers (Advanced) Toastmasters Club Contest – Friday, March 17
   1st: Jasmine Hunter
   1st: Alain Cardez

Rich-Del Toastmasters Club Contest – Thursday, March 2
International & Evaluation
   1st: Shawn Gold

Macdonald Dettwiler & Associate (MDA) Contest – Wednesday, Feb 22
   1st: Patsy O’Conell
   1st: Edward Huang

AREA E43 Contest – Tuesday, March 21

   1st: David Lee (Rich-Del)
   2nd: Patsy O’Conell (MDA)
   1st: William Mok (Rich-Del)
   2nd: Alain Cardez (Spotlight)

Division E Contest
Wednesday, April 12, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at
Richmond Nature Park, 11851 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1B4

Our Evaluation Contest winners will advance to the final round at the District 21 Spring Conference in Surrey, April 21 to 23.

See you there!