Win a Full Registration to the International Convention in Vancouver in 2017!!

Incentive Update

Win a Full Registration to the International Convention in Vancouver in 2017!!

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming to Vancouver from August 23 to 26, 2017, at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. This is an event not to be missed!!

What are we offering?

D21 is offering its members the opportunity of winning a full registration (ALL 4 DAYS) to this outstanding event – value is $800 (CAD)!! There is a total of TEN registrations available to dedicated, committed D21 members.

How can YOU win a registration?

Our theme in D21 in 2016-2017 is “Building our Membership Together for Success.” To win a registration you will need to actively and consistently support this mission until May 31, 2017, by doing as many of these as possible:


  • Attend at least one of Peter Kossawan’s sessions in October on club building.
  • Be actively involved in chartering at least one club in D21 in 2016-2017 as a sponsor or a mentor.
  • Be actively involved in demonstration meetings for new clubs.
  • Approach at least 5 corporate entities to encourage them to consider starting a TM club (this must be coordinated with Michael Bown)
  • Be actively involved in membership building events at Farmer’s Markets, Malls etc. (coordinate through Michael Bown).
  • Be actively involved in Open Houses at your own and other clubs.
  • Attend at least one of Ted Corcoran’s Membership Building or COT Sessions in January, 2017.
  • Demonstrate on a consistent basis a drive to build membership in D21 in various different ways.
  • Serve as a Club Coach leading the club to a base +5 by May 31.
  1. Serve as Club President leading your club to a base +5 by May 31.

Who is registered to win:

  • All club presidents with a net +5 on May 31, 2017 (+5 over base on July 1)
  • Club Coaches appointed by December 31, 2016 with net +5 May 31, 2017
  • Anyone who registered for the incentive in October 2016 with additional recognition for registering as an early bird.
  • Any other member who registers by December 15th by emailing Michael Bown.
  • Area Directors who have a new club in their area and division directors with 2 new clubs in the division.

 Contest Rules:

  • Contest starts on October 1, 2016 and runs to May 31, 2017.
  • Winners will ONLY receive a full registration for the 2017 International Convention. There will be NO cash equivalents.
  • There will be at least 2 winners from each of the 3 geographic regions in D21 (Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Interior). The other 4 winners will be based on the success of their efforts.
  • Contest is open to all D21 members except the D21 Trio and 4 Managers. Division and Area Directors may participate.
  • Contestants need to keep their own log of their activities. Submit to Michael Bown by May 31 so he is aware the work you have done.
  • The D21 Trio and four managers will be the Selection Committee. The 10 winners will be selected based on the amount and variety of activities they have completed as well as the success of their efforts.
  • The 10 Winners will be announced on June 7, 2017.


This is a win-win situation for all involved.

  • Contestants will win by helping to bring new members into our wonderful organization and …a chance to win a FREE registration for the International Convention in August, 2017!
  • Clubs will win because they will see new members join their clubs providing new energy to the club.
  • All D21 members will win as it will see new clubs become part of D21 and provide
  • ALL of us the chance to be on the stage at the Convention as a Distinguished District!
  • Toastmasters International will win because it will have 10 additional registrants for the 2017 Convention.


Summer Sizzler results

The results are in! The following clubs have gained 20% new members between July 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016, the new members are renewed! Congratulations to the following clubs who are the winner of the 50 District loonies.

  • Armstrong Toastmasters Club 2645
  • Birdcage Club
  • Cowichan Toastmasters Club
  • Belmont Babblers Club
  • Mid Island Advanced Toastmasters Club
  • North Island Toastmasters
  • Tenacious Toastmasters
  • Kwantlen
  • Our Lady of Good Communicators

Congratulations again!



Michael Bown DTM

Club Growth Director, District 21 2016-2017



Last month’s contest:

In August, we wanted to discover the longest personal name (yours) registered at Toastmasters International….that is, the D21 member with the most letters.
AND the winner is…Drum roll please!

We have not one but TWO winners of our August contest. Congratulations to Nikesh Ravind Banyandhub (thanks to Wendy Chernoff for submitting the name) and Samantha Sophia Pattridge! Both winners have 23 letters in their name (as registered at Toastmasters) and they will be receiving a $10 Starbucks card by snail mail.

Now for our September contest. Using only the letters found in the words Toastmasters International what is the longest word you can make? Obviously you can see words like ‘toast’ and ‘national’ and ‘master’. But jumble the letters up a bit and you have ‘state’ and ‘name’ and many more possible words. We’re looking for the longest word (and, no, you can’t use either ‘Toastmasters’ or ‘International’). You can enter more than once. Send entries to The deadline for entries is October 1st 2016.

The winner will be announced in the October newsletter and will win a $10 Starbucks card.

Summer Incentives

District 21 Club Growth Incentives Summer 2016


Introducing District Loonies – A fun way to collect “loonies” for your club and trade them in for anything your club needs from the Toastmasters International Online Store. Gift Certificates easily get misplaced or forgotten to be used. This year we are tracking the accrual for you, so you can buy something your club needs.


Run open houses, membership competitions or get advertising in the local paper. Increase your club membership base by September 30 by at least 20% to qualify for for 50 District 21 Loonies. These new members must stay on for dues renewals. Bonus: Gain 5 members in August and September for Toastmasters International Smedley Award which gets you a shiny ribbon and discount from Toastmasters International store.


Do you know any community without a club or a need for meetings a different day of the week? Perhaps a large organization who could use a corporate club? Any club that charters by September 30th will get a lectern and banner from the District.  Will also be offering tokens of appreciation to anyone that provides a lead to a successful club launch.

New Club Specialist: Ray Hill, DTM

Club Coach, Sponsor or Mentor


Any member serving another club as Coach, Sponsor or Mentor will be recognized at the fall and spring conference. Will come bearing gifts!

Club Coach Specialist: Joe Guenette, DTM

New Member Sponsor 


Don’t forget – Toastmasters International recognizes members who sponsor new members. All you need to do is fill out the “sponsor” section on the membership application when you introduce a new member to your club.

The District 21 Passport Program – Start Your Adventures Today!

Have you started your District 21 Journey yet?Passport

It’s never too late to begin!

Your Passport has a set of adventures waiting for you:

  • Visit clubs and jot down ideas you’d like to try in your own club.
  • Visit specialty and advanced clubs. Think of what type of member they might attract.
  • Attend (extra point for helping out at) a club contest in another club, your Area and your Division. Note new ways to enhance your own club contests.
  • Attend a special training event – our TLI’s count. Contact the organizers if you didn’t get your stamp. If you missed the TLI, look for Judge’s training, a Speechcraft event, or other special training opportunities in District 21. Can’t find one? Why doesn’t your club host one? Contact Program Quality Director to find out how.

Make your journey special. record your notes in your Passport and hand it in at the Spring Conference. We’ll send it back with a Special District 21 “Thank You” note after collecting great ideas and feedback to help make our clubs and District event better.

Submitting Your Passport

Whether you’ve completed one task or all of them, make sure your Passport is handed in at the Spring Conference in Abbotsford April 29 – May 1st. You can send your passport in with someone who is attending the conference. If you bring your passport to the conference in person, you’ll receive a special small gift from our team right there!


Besides the adventures and discoveries, your gift and your returned passport as a momento from your journey, there are prizes for the most points:

Adventures, thank you’s, mementos and possible prizes … all great reasons to participate in this year’s District 21 Passport Program. The best reason of all, is connecting with old friends and making new ones in our wonderful District. We have amazing teams and brilliant, dynamic members in every corner of District 21. The opportunity to get to know them is waiting for you.

How to Get Started

Contact Deborah Furlong, our District 21 Passport Chair, or our Program Quality Director, or talk to your Area or Division Director for more information, or to get your passport while supplies last!

What to do when a Passport Holder Comes to Your Club or Event

  • Follow the instructions on the passport page they give you to sign.
  • Either place a sticker or your initials (stickers are WAY more fun!) in the box provided.
  • HAVE FUN! Make your visitor’s experience memorable and “Passport Worthy”.

Want to be a Passport Program Ambassador?

This is a great way to gain speaking opportunities outside your club, and make new Toastmasters friends and connections. If you are considering becoming an Area or Division Director in the future, this is a great way to get to know the clubs you would be helping.

  1. Connect with Deborah Furlong
  2. Create 1-2, 2-3 and 5-7 minute versions of a Passport Program introduction speech
  3. Contact clubs in your geographical area and ask f they would like you to do a quick presentation at their club

We’ll send you a supply of passports to distribute to those who want to participate in the program. Hurry while supplies last!

“7 Out of 7 (x2) Challenge” Earn Rewards for Getting All Your Club Officers Trained!

Is your club one of the 31 who might get a Club Care Package?

Check your club stats here:

If you had 7 Club Officers trained in the first training round, make sure you get ALL your club officers trained THIS WEEK! The final deadline is February 29th. Contact your Area or Division Director to find out how to get those last few club officers through training immediately!

Clubs who have ALL 7 Club Officer positions trained at BOTH Summer 2015 and Winter 2016 training sessions will earn a special gift from District 21!


Whether it’s your first or twenty first time in a club officer role, club officer training will help you! There’s always new information, ideas exchanged from other clubs, and new members to network with. Check the District 21 events calendar or ask your Area Director about the next training dates in your Division or close by.

Traveling? You can attend Club Officer Training ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Just let them know you are with District 21, plus your club name/number and send them to our website to contact our team to report your training.

What’s in the care package?

  • A shiny, limited edition ribbon for your banner,
  • plus an assortment of useful items for your club’s greatest success. it will arrive in March, just in time to help you with the April 1st dues renewal period. (Yes, you REALLY want this package!)

Remember, all 7 must be trained at BOTH training periods. When are the Club Officer Training periods?

  • Summer: June 1 – August 31
  • Winter: Dec 1 – Feb 29 (leap year!)

What My Club Did Last Summer

UPDATE: Article submissions are now CLOSED. Thank you for your creative and fun “What My Club Did last Summer” articles! We will be posting some of the best AND announcing the 3 winning clubs on our shiny new District 21 website VERY soon! Stay tuned!

When clubs get together during the Summer, they have greater success all year round. Instead of “taking a break” many of our clubs in District 21 get a little creative with their Summer meetings. We’d like to encourage all clubs to give Summer meetings a try and to make them fun and inventive in 2016.

We will post the best of the best ideas on our shiny new website when it is created!

The top 3 clubs that do the most fun and inventive Summer meeting/get-together will receive “Breaking the Ice Since 1924” Toastmasters 90th Anniversary window decals for your entire team based on your membership level at August 31st (See photo of swanky decal below).

Team members already have these classy pieces of SWAG? They make lovely awards, gifts, incentives for joining your team … the possibilities are endless …

Send your “What My Club Did Last Summer” short article (photos or videos will make it even better) to your PQD, before midnight on September 15th.


“The simple fact is that we grow, or learn, or work better, when we enjoy what we are doing …”

~ Ralph Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International

Passport Program Winners 2015

This year’s District 21 Passport Program was focused on getting members to connect and:

  • help other clubs by taking on roles or bringing potential new members ideal for that club
  • exchange ideas
  • boost the quality of the Toastmasters Program in ALL our clubs

Feedback from those who participated was tremendous! It looks like we will be doing this program again in the new Toastmasters year. This time we’ll start earlier. I hope more Toastmasters from more clubs choose to participate in the 2015-2016 version!90AnniversaryDecal

90AnniversaryDecalEvery member who emailed their passport before midnight, June 30th will receive the coveted 90th Anniversary Static Cling Window Decal.

Oooooh! Aaaaaah!

Three industrious members earned the top 3 prizes this year. Please join me in congratulating:

3rd Place Winner of the Lectern BannerLetty Louie

2nd Place Winner of $75 of Toastmasters international Gift Certificates: Catherine Laird

And … (drumroll please)

1st Place Winner of one full registration to the Fall 2015 District 21 Conference: Joanne Bell


You will be contacted by me to arrange delivery of your well earned prize!

For those who missed the deadline, it always pays to enter what you have. Our third place winner entered with fewer than 10 points. Watch for details this Fall for this year’s Passport Program. Be sure to download and start using your Passport right away!

Club Campaign Challenge Winners

Wondering “How do we bring new guests into our club?” Tired of the same old Open Houses? Here’s some NEW ideas to inspire your team!Club Campaign Challenge

Club_Campaign_ChallengeSeveral clubs rose to the challenge to promote their club to their community in a fun, unique, attention-getting way. They stretched outside the box and held some amazing events! A few of those clubs actually submitted their event information for consideration in the Club Campaign Challenge. Those entries were judged on …

  • Uniqueness of idea – 30%
  • # of guests their promotion brought to their club – 30%
  • % of those guests who became members – 30%
  • the FUN factor! – 10%

Here are the winners, and some creative and inspiring ideas you can use to promote your club to your community.

3rd Place and winner of the Lectern Banner – Finding Vino

Finding Vino took the Open House concept to a whole new level. As you read and watch what they did, think of how you can freshen up the same-old-same-old and turn open houses into packed events. Rather than submitting a write up, their team filmed a quick video for you to watch. CLICK the image below to watch the video.

FindingVinoCCCFor more information, contact the Finding Vino team through their website at

2nd Place and winner of $50 Gift Certificate at Toastmasters International – Ambassadors Tsawassen Toastmasters

Inspired by PRO Edward Yuen’s presentation on how everyone in a club is a VP of PR, Ambassadors took PR to a whole new level. They rallied their team with their “Everyone’s a VP PR” initiative, rewarding members with entries into a special draw each week for Massive chocolate bars and a $10 Gift Certificate for the local pub “The Rose & Crown”, who offered to sponsor their team.

ANY promotional activity counted – articles and press releases in the local paper, tweets, facebook postings, flyers put in strategic locations, personal emails, one-to-one conversations – members shared how they had promoted the club between meetings. The promotion was fun, interesting and habit forming.

Now their entire team knows it’s their duty to reach out to their community and promote the Toastmasters opportunity. Many guests came. Their efforts are still producing results and several guests have became members (5 during the Club Campaign Challenge period). This promotion is highly unique, and ABSOLUTELY FUN!


For more information, contact Ambassadors Tsawwassen Toastmasters through their facebook page or website

1st Place and winner of $100 Gift Certificate at Toastmasters International – Penticton Club #2392

Enlisting the help of local new publications and the local TV station, Penticton Club #2392 turned a small event at the local Farmer’s Market into a steady stream of guests, many of which have become members. A challenge closing time, they had gained 18 new members!! They gave speeches in the market each hour and invited the public to participate in some fun, friendly Table Topics. Members rallied around participants to clap and cheer.

This takes reaching out to your community to a whole new level through leveraging!


For more information, you can contact this club through their website at:

Are you inspired by what’s possible for your club? You don’t need a contest to try a new club promotion idea. Think outside the box, consider the talent on your team and the type of people you want to attract. People want to belong to group that is fun, interesting and provides an opportunity for them to grow and succeed. They are looking for you; they just don’t know it yet!

~ District 21 LGM 2014-2015