It’s not too late to recruit new members

At a recent club meeting I looked around the room…. six guests! This was certainly not normal for such a small club. The club was not expecting to be distinguished being 6 members short of the membership qualifying requirement. But, there we are in a room where we had the magic number in attendance. Hope is restored and the energy changed in a moment.

This time of year can be challenging as the end is in sight. Between trying to finish educational goals and electing new club officers May and June are a hive of activity.  But, with all the buzz don’t forget about recruiting new members. Why? 

  1. Ensure you reach Distinguished status. To qualify for the Distinguished Club Program you must have 20 members OR a net growth of 5 members over what you had on July 1, 2016. You deserve the recognition for the work you have put in over the last year.
  2. Beat the clock. Toastmasters International offers a reward to ANY club that gains 5 new members in May – June which is a shiny ribbon for your banner and 10% off your next club purchase from Toastmasters International.
  3. Bulk up for the summer. With people away during summer months increased membership prior to summer ensures you can run summer meetings and still have good attendance keeping the meeting fun and full of learning.
  4. Growth. Let’s face it, every club needs to continue growing in order to remain vibrant, sustainable clubs. By offering the program to more members we get to share the great benefits and growth we have received with others.

Curious how your club stands? Navigate to and then enter your club number on the left or select District 21 and find your club.

No matter if you are in Golden, Port Hardy, Victoria, the Lower Mainland or Kamloops we are all here to support you in your growth. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you need ideas, resources or anything else to accomplish your goals.

So incredibly proud of the work everyone has done thus far, let’s finish strong District 21!


Michael Bown DTM

District 21 Club Growth Director,  2016-2017

EIGHT Clubs are “TALK UP TM” Winners!

With 18 days to go to the deadline … EIGHT District 21 clubs have already qualified for the “Talk up Toastmasters” award. Amazing!!

  • Niteshifters   (Div. A)
  • Rise and Shine   (Div. B) 
  • Island Excellence   (Div. C)
  • White Rock Club   (Div. F)
  • Surrey Club   (Div. F)
  • Chilliwack TM   (Div. G)
  • Kelowna Club   (Div. K)
  • Kelowna AM   (Div. K)

Each of these clubs will receive a beautiful ribbon for their club banner from Toastmasters International plus a 10% discount on their next order to TI.

ALSO, each club will be entered into a District 21 draw where there will be FIVE winners who will each receive $150 U.S. in coupons to be used at the TI store!!

There is still time to win!

How do you win the “Talk up Toastmasters” award? Your club needs to gain FIVE new members between February 1st and March 31st – it is that simple!

So many are so close!

We have MANY clubs who have gained three or four new members – they are so close and … there are 18 days to go!!

Good luck everyone!





Alan Warburton

District 21 Director 2016-2017