Talk Up Toastmasters this winter

You could WIN $150 for your club from District 21

Here’s an amazing membership building incentive for February and March! It combines two separate incentives into one great offer to help clubs grow their membership and Distinguished Club status:

1) Toastmasters International Talk Up Toastmasters Program, Feb. 1 – Mar.31

Toastmasters love to connect with others.  Let’s leverage that gift to grow our membership this winter. The annual Talk Up Toastmasters program encourages you to invite guests to any club meeting where they can learn about Toastmasters’ many benefits.

Add FIVE new members between February 1 and March 31, and your club receives a beautiful Talk up Toastmasters ribbon to display on your banner.

Please note: Applications and payments for new members who join during this time must be received at World Headquarters or online, no later than March 31. Qualifying clubs also earn 10% off their next club order (good for six months from the date of issue and not valid with any other offer).

2) BONUS District 21 Prize Draw for Qualifying Clubs

ALL District 21 Toastmaster Clubs that qualify for the Talk Up Toastmasters award will automatically be entered into a special District 21 prize draw. There will be FIVE winning clubs and each will receive $150 in coupons for the TI Store.

For the past two years, NINE clubs have qualified for the Talk Up Toastmasters award. This year we are looking for at least TWENTY clubs to enter the draw!

  • Is your club ready to take this 2-for-1 challenge?
  • Do you want to earn rewards for building your club membership?
  • Are you game to secure your DCP membership qualifying requirement before the next dues renewal deadline on March 31st?

RIGHT NOW is a great time to get busy and Talk Up Toastmasters!


Yours in Service,

Michael Bown, DTM

Club Growth Director, District 21

Toastmaster Pirates Ahoy

Fellow Toastmasters,

Inspirational. Eleven days of travel meeting amazing members across District 21.  For me personally, this has been a short period of rapid growth as a communicator and leader and I sincerely hope you have had found the same during Ted Corcoran’s visit to District 21.


Let’s keep the excitement going in every single club. Area 54 Director Leah Cheyne made a fantastic suggestion to have a “pirate month” where everyone conducts banner raids. What a fun way to visit other clubs, learn new ideas, and support other clubs in their growth.  Coupling this with Toastmasters month in February breeds a great learning environment for every single member.

Banner Raids are straight forward:

  • Work with your club members to plan a “raid” on another club. At least five members must go to get the other club’s banner (Consider letting them know ahead of time to allow the opportunity for your club members to take on meeting roles as well).
  • As long as five members of your club show up you can take the raided club’s banner back to your club.
  • The club you raided needs to come back to your club with five members in order to claim their banner back, or ten members to take their banner AND get yours.

Moving forward as a team we will make each member’s experience better which helps all of us gain and retain even more members in our clubs.  Hope you are all fired up and ready to go directly to the Hall of Fame in August. You deserve to walk across the stage in our province.

Yours in Service,


Michael Bown, DTM

Club Growth Director, District 21 2016-2017

For more info: February is Banner Raid Month!

Spring Forward to our D21 Conference

Spring into action…take the leap and lead

The Spring Conference is a fantastic deal…full registrations include FIVE meals, an automatic entry into a bonus draw,  internationally acclaimed speakers, intriguing education sessions a live auction, and two exciting contests, where the International Speech champion will be moving on to the World Stage.   

DON’T MISS this exciting chance to cheer on the best of the best in District 21 and enjoy an outstanding weekend full of learning and fun! 

With Division Contests and à-la-carte options on the horizon, make sure you register now to avoid disappointment.  Have you thought of getting together a ‘table of eight’?  It’s a fantastic opportunity for supporting your champions, team-building, learning, and ramping up the fun for everyone…not to mention that it’s a saving of $10 per person at the table.    

Call for Conference Volunteers

Looking for a highly rewarding leadership experience with an inspired Dream Team?  Step up now!  Contact the Conference Team to explore the opportunities.

Other ways to help the hard working Conference Team

Getting your room at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel finalized early is vital to the team…and as a bonus, offers you the most value.  Book your room NOW, at a discounted rate of $125 before it runs out!  

Spring into our Future…Take the Leap and Lead!  Click here for more details  




Are the daffodils poking up in your corner of the world? It’s a sign that Spring is coming, and with it comes the warmth and sunshine of the new D21 Spring conference.

Snap out of those winter doldrums with a bright and happy get-together of Toastmasters at the Guildford Sheraton April 21 – 23. If you’ve been looking for inspiration you’ll find it here. 

Fabulous food! The warmth of friendship, and catching up with all those other Toastmaster friends you only see a couple of times a year. Best of all you’ll be in the company of great speakers.


This is your chance to hear two of the best speakers anywhere. Jana Barnhill and Marg Hope.

Jana can only be described as a blond bombshell – she’s fun, exciting and inspiring.

Marg is our very own wise leader, an accredited speaker (not many of those in BC) and just the person to motivate us on our Toastmaster journey.

Go to the D21 website right now and register before the price goes up. Or better still, pull together a table of eight to have even more fun at a lower price.

Val Adolph DTM

Calling for Volunteers

Looking for a highly rewarding

leadership experience

with an inspired Dream Team?

Step up now!  


Contact the Conference Team 

to explore the opportunities.





 Attending the Spring Conference…what’s in it for you?

LEAP IN to the festivities and showcase your club in the Banner Parade.

LEARN from top-notch motivated presenters.

INCREASE your credibility, creativity, and expertise.

SPRING into action and become a force for change.

EXPAND YOUR HORIZON with new insights, strategies and resources.

BE INSPIRED by Distinguished Toastmasters and District Award Winners.

LEARN TO LEAD with integrity to leave a positive leadership legacy.

CONNECT with thought-leaders, mentors and like-minded Toastmasters.

BE AMAZED by fabulous International Speech and Evaluation Contest speakers.

RENEW FRIENDSHIPS and share experiences, wisdom, valuable resources and fun.

INVEST in your future. See your vision become a reality.

ENHANCE your personal and professional growth.

RE-KINDLE your passion and regain your focus in your own Toastmasters journey.

RE-ENERGIZE with a renewed sense of excitement. Bring back the buzz!!!


There is no substitute for attending a live, face-to-face professional

development conference relevant to your goals and needs. 


Are there other ways to help the hard working Conference Team?  Getting your room at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel finalized early is vital to the team…and as a bonus, offers you the most value.  Book your room NOW, at a discounted rate of $125 before it runs out!  

Spring into our Future…Take the Leap and Lead!

 Click here for more details  

Spring Speech Contests Clarification

In accordance with the Toastmasters International Speech Contest Rulebook (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017/page 7) districts have the option of allowing the following:

  • If an area has FOUR assigned clubs or fewer, the district has the option of allowing TWO contestants from each club to compete at the area level.
  • If a division has FOUR assigned areas or fewer, the district has the option of allowing the TWO highest-placed available contestants from each area to compete at the division level.

This is to confirm that District 21 IS ALLOWING THESE OPTIONS for the Spring 2017 Contests, at both the club and area level.

However, at the division level ONLY ONE contestant moves forward to the district level.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

John Sherber DTM

D21 Program Quality Director 2016-17

Getting to know Toastmasters Pathways

Tribute to Fourogh Firoozian of Snowpeaks TM

For the past year and a half Fourogh Firoozian has been a bright light in her SnowPeaks Toastmasters Club.

But Thursday December 1st that light was snuffed out. While on her way to her English Conversation Class, Fourogh was struck by a car and fatally injured.

Immigrating to Canada after a difficult life in Iran and Africa, with many losses, Fourogh always maintained a happy, positive demeanor. Many new immigrants have been encouraged by her strength, pride, and “never give up” attitude. She loved Canada and called it “Paradise.”

She had a passion for the homeless of Chilliwack, and cooked meals for them every Sunday, without fail.

In Toastmasters I was blessed to be her mentor. I taught her the best English words to use and what speech objectives meant, but she taught me much more in the way of gratefulness, humor and showed me a caring and passionate heart.

One month ago, Fourogh achieved her Competent Communicator, and showed off her certificate with limitless pride. Two weeks ago, she assumed the frightening role of Toastmaster for the first time.

There is a big hole in our club now, that will never be filled.

God bless you and give you peace, Fourogh. SnowPeaks will miss you.


Maureen Hanson DTM

Club President, SnowPeaks

Win a Full Registration to the International Convention in Vancouver in 2017!!

Incentive Update

Win a Full Registration to the International Convention in Vancouver in 2017!!

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming to Vancouver from August 23 to 26, 2017, at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. This is an event not to be missed!!

What are we offering?

D21 is offering its members the opportunity of winning a full registration (ALL 4 DAYS) to this outstanding event – value is $800 (CAD)!! There is a total of TEN registrations available to dedicated, committed D21 members.

How can YOU win a registration?

Our theme in D21 in 2016-2017 is “Building our Membership Together for Success.” To win a registration you will need to actively and consistently support this mission until May 31, 2017, by doing as many of these as possible:


  • Attend at least one of Peter Kossawan’s sessions in October on club building.
  • Be actively involved in chartering at least one club in D21 in 2016-2017 as a sponsor or a mentor.
  • Be actively involved in demonstration meetings for new clubs.
  • Approach at least 5 corporate entities to encourage them to consider starting a TM club (this must be coordinated with Michael Bown)
  • Be actively involved in membership building events at Farmer’s Markets, Malls etc. (coordinate through Michael Bown).
  • Be actively involved in Open Houses at your own and other clubs.
  • Attend at least one of Ted Corcoran’s Membership Building or COT Sessions in January, 2017.
  • Demonstrate on a consistent basis a drive to build membership in D21 in various different ways.
  • Serve as a Club Coach leading the club to a base +5 by May 31.
  1. Serve as Club President leading your club to a base +5 by May 31.

Who is registered to win:

  • All club presidents with a net +5 on May 31, 2017 (+5 over base on July 1)
  • Club Coaches appointed by December 31, 2016 with net +5 May 31, 2017
  • Anyone who registered for the incentive in October 2016 with additional recognition for registering as an early bird.
  • Any other member who registers by December 15th by emailing Michael Bown.
  • Area Directors who have a new club in their area and division directors with 2 new clubs in the division.

 Contest Rules:

  • Contest starts on October 1, 2016 and runs to May 31, 2017.
  • Winners will ONLY receive a full registration for the 2017 International Convention. There will be NO cash equivalents.
  • There will be at least 2 winners from each of the 3 geographic regions in D21 (Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Interior). The other 4 winners will be based on the success of their efforts.
  • Contest is open to all D21 members except the D21 Trio and 4 Managers. Division and Area Directors may participate.
  • Contestants need to keep their own log of their activities. Submit to Michael Bown by May 31 so he is aware the work you have done.
  • The D21 Trio and four managers will be the Selection Committee. The 10 winners will be selected based on the amount and variety of activities they have completed as well as the success of their efforts.
  • The 10 Winners will be announced on June 7, 2017.


This is a win-win situation for all involved.

  • Contestants will win by helping to bring new members into our wonderful organization and …a chance to win a FREE registration for the International Convention in August, 2017!
  • Clubs will win because they will see new members join their clubs providing new energy to the club.
  • All D21 members will win as it will see new clubs become part of D21 and provide
  • ALL of us the chance to be on the stage at the Convention as a Distinguished District!
  • Toastmasters International will win because it will have 10 additional registrants for the 2017 Convention.


Club Officer Training

Good day to all members of D21,

The good news is I am giving you 8 weeks notice about COT(Club Officer Training so we can get as many officers of your clubs trained. I am inviting all Toastmaster members to come too.
We will be doing something extraordinary.


The Trio and our special guest “Ted Corcoran PIP” (Past International President from Ireland/D21’s mentor) will be coming to all COT’s. 
The sessions will be the 4 hour sessions the membership voted in last year.
All the info will flow to you over the next few weeks but we do know:
Our COT dates are set.

Saturday                    Jan. 14

COT Mainland           4 hour session  Div. E,F,G

Sunday                      Jan. 15

COT Interior              4 hour session    Div. K,L  

Saturday                    Jan. 21

COT Victoria            4 hour session     Div. A,B

Sunday                      Jan. 22

COT Nanaimo         4 hour session      Div. C       

This is all at no cost to the members of Toastmasters. Please ensure your executive members come and  learn from the best. You can come to any session you wish to.

We are also going to create some media attention by having Ted, Margaret Page work together in the mainland and Pat Johnson with Ted in Victoria.

On an alternate day we will be offering sessions in the geo areas that the public will be able to attend. It is important the public has the opportunity to see the best we have to offer. Our main thing this year is “membership” and this is a perfect opportunity to bring more people to our clubs to enjoy what we have to offer.
Lots more info to come.

Most importantly as this comes together there will be registration set up on the D21 web site and we need you to sign up.

Please check out our site: D21