Spring 2016 District Business

The following have been submitted to the District to be presented at the District Business Meeting, April 30, 2016.

As more submissions are sent in, they will be posted here.

Please note that detailed information may be given here that won’t be given in full at the meeting.  These postings are subject to change.

Leadership Opportunities for 2016 – 2017

Leadership Opportunities for 2016 – 2017

Soon we will have another Toastmaster year upon us. What does this mean for you?

You now have the opportunity to move forward in your Toastmaster experience as a leader. Remember, Toastmasters is where leaders are made and you are well on your way.

You might be wondering about your next step, well, here it may be.

District 21 is currently accepting expressions of interest from members like you for leadership positions at the District and Division level. These are positions you will want to explore, especially if you are wanting to move forward in your leadership experience and award levels.

Currently, we are accepting expressions of interest for:

Division Directors

As division director, your job is to lead and support the division through the supervision and support of the area directors. A division director must have served at least six consecutive months as a member of a district council (e.g., club president, vice president education, area governor, district secretary, district treasurer).

Club Growth Director

As the club growth director, you are responsible for all aspects of marketing, club building and club-retention efforts within the district. To be club growth director, you must have served at least six consecutive months as club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a program quality director, club growth director, division director or area director.

Program Quality Director

As the program quality director, you are responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district. To be program quality director, you must have served at least six consecutive months as club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a program quality director, club growth director, division director or area director.

District Director

As the district director, you are responsible for directly overseeing and managing the district’s day-to-day operations, finances and human resources. To serve as district director, you must have served at least six consecutive months as a club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a program quality director, club growth director or division director, or a combination thereof at the time you take office.

If you are curious about what the complete roles entails, you can consult the district leadership manual through this link: District Leadership Handbook

Are you willing to take the challenge and step up in your Toastmasters experience?

If so please contact Charles Davis by March 4, 2016
District 21 Leadership Committee Chair 2016-2017,
email: 1coachchuck@gmail.com
home: 604-881-0368
mobile: 604-444-0368

The District 21 Passport Program – Start Your Adventures Today!

Have you started your District 21 Journey yet?Passport

It’s never too late to begin!

Your Passport has a set of adventures waiting for you:

  • Visit clubs and jot down ideas you’d like to try in your own club.
  • Visit specialty and advanced clubs. Think of what type of member they might attract.
  • Attend (extra point for helping out at) a club contest in another club, your Area and your Division. Note new ways to enhance your own club contests.
  • Attend a special training event – our TLI’s count. Contact the organizers if you didn’t get your stamp. If you missed the TLI, look for Judge’s training, a Speechcraft event, or other special training opportunities in District 21. Can’t find one? Why doesn’t your club host one? Contact Program Quality Director to find out how.

Make your journey special. record your notes in your Passport and hand it in at the Spring Conference. We’ll send it back with a Special District 21 “Thank You” note after collecting great ideas and feedback to help make our clubs and District event better.

Submitting Your Passport

Whether you’ve completed one task or all of them, make sure your Passport is handed in at the Spring Conference in Abbotsford April 29 – May 1st. You can send your passport in with someone who is attending the conference. If you bring your passport to the conference in person, you’ll receive a special small gift from our team right there!


Besides the adventures and discoveries, your gift and your returned passport as a momento from your journey, there are prizes for the most points:

Adventures, thank you’s, mementos and possible prizes … all great reasons to participate in this year’s District 21 Passport Program. The best reason of all, is connecting with old friends and making new ones in our wonderful District. We have amazing teams and brilliant, dynamic members in every corner of District 21. The opportunity to get to know them is waiting for you.

How to Get Started

Contact Deborah Furlong, our District 21 Passport Chair, or our Program Quality Director, or talk to your Area or Division Director for more information, or to get your passport while supplies last!

What to do when a Passport Holder Comes to Your Club or Event

  • Follow the instructions on the passport page they give you to sign.
  • Either place a sticker or your initials (stickers are WAY more fun!) in the box provided.
  • HAVE FUN! Make your visitor’s experience memorable and “Passport Worthy”.

Want to be a Passport Program Ambassador?

This is a great way to gain speaking opportunities outside your club, and make new Toastmasters friends and connections. If you are considering becoming an Area or Division Director in the future, this is a great way to get to know the clubs you would be helping.

  1. Connect with Deborah Furlong
  2. Create 1-2, 2-3 and 5-7 minute versions of a Passport Program introduction speech
  3. Contact clubs in your geographical area and ask f they would like you to do a quick presentation at their club

We’ll send you a supply of passports to distribute to those who want to participate in the program. Hurry while supplies last!

Contest Season Begins! Here’s what you need to know.

Every year, Toastmasters has two contest seasons. In District 21 these are:

  • The Fall Season (September – November) – Humorous Speech and Table Topics Speech Contests
  • The Spring Season (February – April/May) – International Speech and Evaluation Speech Contests

Contests provide unique, exciting and valuable learning opportunities for ALL members, whether participating as a contestant, a judge, an organizer or simply as part of the audience. The more club members get involved, the greater growth they’ll receive, both in communication and in leadership.

The Spring Contest Season Schedule:

  1. Club contests must be completed no later than March 30th. Check in with your Area Director to make sure your contest is well before the Area Contest. This gives your club contest winners greater opportunities to revise, improve skills, and practice before the Area Contest. Get your club’s Winners Sheets in to your Area Director immediately after your contest.
  2. Area contests must be completed no later than April 5th. Winners sheets must be submitted to Division Directors and the District 21 Chief Judge, Dinesh Kewalramani.
  3. Division contests must be completed no later than April 19th. Winners Sheets must be submitted to Program Quality Director and the District 21 Chief Judge, Dinesh Kewalramani
  4. The District contests will be held at our Spring Conference  at the Ramada Conference Center and Hotel, Abbotsford, April 30th and May 1st.
  5. The winner of the International Speech Contest will represent District 21 at the Semi-Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking at the Toastmasters International Convention in Washington DC on August 18th.
  6. The winner of the Semi-Finals, will present a completely different speech in the World Championship of Public Speaking Finals two days later, on August 20th.

What you need for your club contests:

Make sure you fill in the contest type and your club name on the certificates of participation and winners certificates. Select your contest chair and chief judge, who will recruit for the rest of the roles needed for a successful contest event. Use your Club, Area and Division contests as opportunities to share Toastmasters with new people! Most of all, HAVE FUN with your contests. Make your team’s experience memorable and rewarding, as well as a great opportunity to learn.

Contests are great PR Opportunities for your club and members!

Take photos and share your contest results on our District 21 Facebook Page! Many of our members love watching the results, even at club levels of the contest. Here’s a chance to reward your members with a wee bit of publicity. Remember to share your contest results and information about our Toastmasters Contest Season with your local newspapers, TV and radio stations, and on your club’s website.

Need Help?

Reach out to your fellow clubs for additional help at your contest. Share resources. Note: Attending a different club’s contest is one of the District 21 Passport Program tasks! Helping out at one gains you an additional point! For more information about contests, refer to the contest rule book in your digital downloads (see above links), and contact your Area or Division Director, our District Chief Judge, or Program Quality Director.

Lance Miller Interviews

D21 YouTube Video Library

Youtube_graphicClub Building & Member Education Videos

Have you ever wished that you could find someone who could quickly and succinctly explain an officer or club role to you or effectively demonstrate how to deliver a certain type of speech?


Build Membership with an Open House (Karen Knight DTM PDD) Part1 Part2

Making Meetings Fun & Exciting (Joanne Morrison DTM PDG) Part1 Part2

Successful Small Meetings (Doug Thiessen DTM PDG) Part1 Part2

Speechcraft (Barry Monaghan DTM Part1 Part2

District 21 Ambassador Program (Margaret Page DTM) Part1

Club PR & Marketing (Haddy Abra DTM) Part1 Part2

Moments of Truth (Lanny Donald) Part1 Part2 Part3

Training videos for the broader TM educational program, such as ‘The Better Speaker Series’ and ‘The Leadership Excellence Series’ will be created as time and resources permit. You can help by creating some of these yourself.



Member Videos

2008 District 21 Division B Humorous Speech Contest Winner – Natalia Strelkova
2008 District 21 Division B Table Topics Contest Winner – Roger Killen

Click here to access the D21 YouTube Channel.