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Youtube_graphicClub Building & Member Education Videos

Have you ever wished that you could find someone who could quickly and succinctly explain an officer or club role to you or effectively demonstrate how to deliver a certain type of speech?


Build Membership with an Open House (Karen Knight DTM PDD) Part1 Part2

Making Meetings Fun & Exciting (Joanne Morrison DTM PDG) Part1 Part2

Successful Small Meetings (Doug Thiessen DTM PDG) Part1 Part2

Speechcraft (Barry Monaghan DTM Part1 Part2

District 21 Ambassador Program (Margaret Page DTM) Part1

Club PR & Marketing (Haddy Abra DTM) Part1 Part2

Moments of Truth (Lanny Donald) Part1 Part2 Part3

Training videos for the broader TM educational program, such as ‘The Better Speaker Series’ and ‘The Leadership Excellence Series’ will be created as time and resources permit. You can help by creating some of these yourself.



Member Videos

2008 District 21 Division B Humorous Speech Contest Winner – Natalia Strelkova
2008 District 21 Division B Table Topics Contest Winner – Roger Killen

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Videos – Tips for Healthy Clubs & Club Coaches

Learn about being a Club Sponsor, Club Coach or Club Mentor
ClubCoachSponsorMentorv2Club Coaching Step 1 – How to Get Started – Preparing Your Club to Succeed.

ClubCoach1v2Club Coaching Step 2 – Dealing With Conflict – Building a Healthy Learning Environment

Club Coaching Step 3 – Growing Pains – Preparing for Real Growth


Club Coaching Step 4 – How to Attract New and Retain Current Members – Building a Thriving & Magnetic Team