Pathways Infographic

You’ve asked for more information and so here is a handy one page summary of Pathways.  It covers all 10 paths, all 5 levels and how to achieve your Pathways DTM.  It’s a handy tool to carry with you. 

Pathways IS Coming VERY SOON!!

Your Pathways Guides Club Visits are well under way.  These visits are very important for both your longer term members to get acquainted with the program. and for your newer members who will need guidance moving forward.  Any new member that starts after the March 20 launch, will only be able to get credit on Pathways, so we need all members to understand and support the program to be able to support these newest and most vulnerable members.  Ensure they get a fair start, by being on top of Pathways from the beginning.

Pathways Guides Will be Coming to Your Club Soon!


We have our official notice.  Pathways is to roll out for Region 1 in March 2018.  We have our Pathways Guides!!  They have all been notified and have received their kits.  They will soon begin their training, and then will be scheduling site visits to every club.  Pathways is an option for all Toastmasters who joined prior to the March launch.  You will be able to continue with your current training plan for 2 years after all regions launch Pathways (expected to take you to at least June 30, 2020).  The bonus for all current members is they can work on both the current system and Pathways and take advantage of both programs.  There is an added bonus for any member, who is a member of more than one club prior to our launch; they will be able to receive a second free path (a USD $20 savings).  It’s an exciting time for us all, although it might be a bit scary as we find our way along this new path.  If you have any concerns or questions, please take advantage of the planned Pathways Guides visits.

To see who your club’s Pathways Guide is, check the attached. 

Please support these dedicated Pathways Guides when they call.  It will be an incredibly rewarding experience for all our members, new and old.