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Carol Carter DTM

Your 2017-2018 District 21 Director

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Final tally shows 24 clubs win blue ribbons

Good day to all,

The final counts are in, and two dozen super-achieving clubs had all 7 of their officers trained during the 2017 Winter Club Officer Training (COT).

Kudos go out to the many members who took the time to share leadership knowledge and experience with their fellow officers.

As always, these info-packed sessions are never possible without the days of commitment from D21 division directors, who organized and led sessions in conjunction with Ted Corcoran’s special visit, and then followed up with make-up sessions in every division. That’s dedication to Toastmaster values!

But mostly, THANK YOU to each and every Toastmaster who came out to the sessions. Your clubs will all benefit from your experience.

The latest numbers show 598 officers (or 57%) attended training. That’s a substantial result for winter training, bearing in mind that summer sessions (just following elections) are usually higher.

Congratulations to the 7 out of 7’s at 2017 Winter COT

Master Motivators
Victoria DiverCity
Cowichan Toastmasters
Salt Spring Club
Coast Master
Island Excellence
Mid Island Advanced
Richmond Toastmasters
Richmond Friendly
Spotlight Speakers
Toastmasters By The Sea
Finding Vino
The Rock Christian Toastmasters
Speakers Advantage
Surrey Club
Langley Toastmasters
Abbotsford Sundown
OC Toastmasters

For detailed results, see: D21 Club performances

Please be patient! ‘7 out of 7’ ribbons are coming out to you in the next month or two.

All the best,

John Sherber, District 21 Program Quality Director, 2016-2017

The Numbers Tell All

Good day Toastmasters,

As an update on our D21 numbers, I’ve harvested some key statistics so you can have a glimpse of how your club’s goals are moving ahead.

Most importantly, my sincere thanks to all the club members who are contributing to club goals. We are all working together to improve ourselves and, with great teamwork, are affecting all those around us in a positive way.

“7 out 7”  Ribbons coming your way to 16 super-achieving clubs!


Master Motivators

Victoria DiverCity

Cowichan Toastmasters






Island Excellence


Richmond Toastmasters

Richmond Friendly


Spotlight Speakers


Finding Vino

Speakers Advantage



Abbotsford Sundown


OC Toastmasters

And So Close!

  • 19 clubs had 6 officers attending these recent COT sessions;
  • 28 clubs had 5 officers attending.

For your updated club numbers for the 16-17 year, visit TI’s detailed Club Performance Stats

Every member deserves to be in a distinguished club

To check where you are today, the list below shows:

  • Clubs with enough goals to earn distinguished status
  • Clubs that meet membership qualification: 20 members or +5 above your base (after renewals).
  • Clubs that need to boost their membership to meet this baseline qualification.

Remember this important date: April 1, 2017. That’s the FINAL DUE date when membership fees must be received by Toastmasters International.

Keep up the good work everyone!



John Sherber, DTM, Club Quality Director, District 21, 2016/17

Raising the Bar

Club Officer Training UPDATE

How are we doing on our mid-year training?

We are flying through February and mid-year CLUB OFFICER TRAINING (COT) is ongoing, with some really strong numbers chalked up and makeup sessions slated in the next few weeks.

Last summer, our first District Officer Training saw a smashing 100% turnout: 50 out of 50! Area and Division leaders truly understand that training is the foundation of a successful Toastmasters program. With such an awesome turnout, the sky is the limit for our Club Officer Training (COT) sessions.

It’s the journey, not the destination

The feedback from the recent COT sessions has really been positive, from across the district. Having Ireland’s amazing Ted Corcoran there to inspire us was a definite bonus!

While it’s important to have 4 officers out of 7 attend the sessions, nine clubs actually achieved “7 out of 7” ribbons for their club banners.

CONGRATULATIONS on a 100% turnout to:

  • Div. A – Master Motivators
  • Div. B – Thunderbird
  • Div. C – Island Excellence
  • Div. E – Richmond TM
  • Div. E – Rich-Del
  • Div. F – Finding Vino
  • Div. F –  Speakers Advantage
  • Div. G – Toastmentors
  • Div. K – TM’s

Last summer there were 26 ribbons given out. Could it be the weather? Here is the attendance breakdown per division to date, for mid-year COT:

  • Div. A – 57
  • Div. B – 79
  • Div. C – 44
  • Div. E – 35
  • Div. F – 68
  • Div. G – 42
  • Div. K – 41
  • Div. L – 43

CHECK THIS OUT: Toastmasters “District Central” dashboards provide key club stats on clubs around the world. Look for the Training (TRN) columns that show both COT sessions for the year (9a & 9b). 

Huge THANKS to our division and area leaders, along with the many Toastmasters who gave training sessions or took part in planning the events. Your commitment permeated our training sessions with TM core values: Integrity Respect, Service and Excellence.

Our D21 total thus far? We’ve trained 402 members—that’s 38% of 1050, the total number of club officers in D21.

Note that these numbers don’t include all of our 13 remote clubs, which continue to grow with support and guidance from a dedicated group of D21 members.

There’s still time to reach 60% trained!

Makeup COT sessions in February will surely boost these numbers. Let’s shoot for 60% or more! Please check the D21 Events Calendar for a time and place that works for you.

All the best,

John Sherber, DTM, Club Quality Director, District 21

Meeting Ted Corcoran in Ireland

Earlier this fall while travelling through Europe, I had the distinct honour of meeting Ted Corcoran in Ireland. It was a pleasure to have had this opportunity.


En route to the Fingal Toastmasters meeting, his home club, he regaled me with stories of how he began in Toastmasters in 1985 by attending a meeting, just like each of us, and was asked to become the club President by the end of that meeting. An auspicious beginning to a grand Toastmasters career indeed. 


No one can tell his stories like he can, and they are hilarious. He has an amazing sense of humour. We are lucky here in District 21 to have him join us for the winter COT sessions.


He also told me stories of how he has dealt with adversity in his Toastmasters career, how sometimes the best ideas come from members like you and me, and provided me with tips on how to improve my corporate club. During the Fingal club.meeting, I could see how he has served his members with excellence, integrity and respect.


I have every faith that this winter COT session will be one not to be missed.

Do you want to learn how to create a thriving environment for your club? Are you looking for ways to enrich the Toastmaster experience for your members and improve your leadership skills? Do you want to learn in an atmosphere that will undoubted be jovial? If you answered yes to these questions, then join Ted Corcoran as he guides us on how to to create a quality club experience and become the best leaders that we can be.


See you at the Lower Mainland COT on January 14, 2017,

Leah Cheyne ACB, ALB

Area 54 Director

An Opportunity to Change Your Life

Can you remember one of those pivotal times in your life when someone said something to you that changed your life?

For me, meeting Ted Corcoran was one of those times. The man I met had something unique about him. It was the way he framed his answers to my questions.  It was the support he gave you when he knew it would be a challenge to accomplish the goals you had set for yourself. I must say he is even very forgiving when you spell his name wrong occasionally. If you want to hear a motivational presentation, this is the guy to get it from.  He will be with the Trio travelling the province at District 21 COT’s and Public Events (more info to come). Be sure to join us at one of these events near you this January!

Lower Mainland

Saturday, January 14th 2017,  9:00 am  — 1:00 pm

The Theatre, Panorama Ridge Secondary School, 13220 64 Avenue, Surrey

BC Interior

Sunday, January 15th 2017,   11:00 – 4:00 pm

Kelowna OC College, Centre for Learning Atrium, Kelowna

South Island

Saturday,  January 21st  2017,   9:00 am – 1:00 pm  

University of Victoria / David Strong, Victoria

North Island

Sunday, January 22nd  2017,  12:00 pm – 4:00 pm  

Oliver Woods Community Center, 6000 Oliver Rd, Nanaimo

This will be your opportunity to change your life.

Ted Corcoran,  Past International President from Ireland, and D21’s Mentor

Bio: Ted Corcoran joined Fingal toastmasters club in 1985 in Dublin. Having served at club and district level, he was elected District Governor of District 71 in 1994/1995 and led his district to President’s Distinguished District status, finishing second in the world in achievements that year.

This led to his election for a two-year term as an International Director in St Louis, Missouri in 1996, representing all the Toastmasters in the rest of the world outside North America.

In 2000, in Miami, he was elected 3rd Vice President and went on to serve as International President in 2003/2004, the first, and only European, to do so in the 90-year history of the organization.

As President, he presided over an International Board of 23, and 200,000 members in 10,000 clubs in 90 countries. His duties took him all over the world… to Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada, UK, and, naturally, to every corner of Ireland.  In total, Ted served for seven years on the Board of Directors – five as an officer and two as a director.

In 2011/12 he served as Region Advisor for Region 11 of Toastmasters International which brought him to Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, India and South Africa.

He is an honorary member of eight Toastmasters clubs and regularly attends both the Fingal and Swords clubs in Dublin.

He has also been a member of Rotary International since 1991 and served as the President of the Dublin Rotary club (founded in 1911) in 2001/2002.

All the best,

John Sherber PQD D21

Building Our Membership Together for Success

Every Toastmaster deserves to be in a Distinguished Club

Toastmasters Pathways: A Conversation Continued

At the recent 2016 District 21 Fall Conference in Parksville, BC, Anna Rasmussen ACS, ALB

and Nils Erzinger ACB, ALB helped introduce us to Pathways with their presentation “Toastmasters Pathways: A Conversation.” In this article, Anna and Nils explore Pathways further and respond to some common questions from District 21 Toastmasters.

In case you haven’t heard, Toastmasters International will be introducing a brand new revitalized education program to District 21 this coming September. This new program is called Toastmasters Pathways. Click here for a brief overview of Pathways.

1. Why the Change? What are the benefits of Pathways?

In 2010, Toastmasters’ Board of Directors crafted a five-year strategic plan to modernize the communication track and renew the focus on leadership learning. Toastmasters Pathways addresses the growing need to provide greater access to educational materials and expanded online learning resources. The new program continues to offer experiential learning for members while providing a learning structure that is better suited to personalized goal setting and transferable skill development.

2. When can we access materials to get a look at the program?

Due to the fluidity of the rollout process, the exact time frame for each phase cannot be precisely predicted. The roll out phase for District 21 is slated for August/September 2017 as the best case scenario. All District 21 clubs will be encouraged to set Pathways in motion for their members when the roll out phase begins. Your VP of Education will be trained as Base Camp Manager to help you access materials and guide you through the new Pathways program.

3. Will clubs continue to provide manuals from the existing education program? Is there a cutoff date?

All current education manuals including the Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership manuals will be available throughout the two-year transitional phase which concludes at the end of 2019. After this date, all Toastmasters will be transitioned to the new Pathways program and the current education program will be retired.

4. Are there additional costs to Pathways?

Generally speaking, it is intended that members will not incur additional cost from Pathways unless they choose to order printed materials.  The printed materials and associated costs will be posted in the online Toastmasters International shop just as they are currently. Members who choose to have the materials shipped to them from World Headquarters will not have access to the interactive learning tools or to as many learning paths as those who participate online.  There may be a charge for some portions of the online program (similar to the current situation, where your CC/CL manuals are free but your AC manual costs).

5. Why can’t education credits be transferred?

The structure of Pathways is quite different than our current education program. While the current program has separate learning tracks for communication and leadership competencies, the new Pathways program combines and expands on these competencies within project and each learning path. At the heart of Pathways are five core learning competencies: public speaking; interpersonal communication; leading and managing; leading strategically; and building confidence. Each project provides opportunities to develop these core competencies plus other skills that support the disciplines of your chosen learning path.

To learn more, click here.

6. If I can’t transfer my current education credits, what was the point of completing projects in the current program?

Consider for a moment…why did you join Toastmasters? Members overwhelmingly indicate the main reasons for joining Toastmasters are to improve their public speaking skills, build confidence, and become more effective communicators. Each time you complete a project; you learn something new and progress closer to realizing your goals – the main reason for being in Toastmasters! All of our learning – the experiences, relationship building, personal growth, and professional development – we have gained while completing projects in the current education program will remain with us. This is true even if the current educational credits won’t transfer to Pathways. Take a moment to reflect how your investment in yourself has paid off. It’s far beyond any award. Imagine how it will take you forward on your journey in Pathways!

  1. What will the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) look like under Pathways?

The DCP will continue to provide clubs with education, membership and administrative goals. The following table shows the educational goals in the current program and Pathways.



8. How will the online program work for evaluations?

Project evaluation resources will be accessible online via Base Camp. Approximately 50 tutorials will be available to help members navigate the different features of the Evaluation Resources section. Evaluation forms will be different for every project, tailored to assess the skills each member is trying to achieve in that particular project. When a member is preparing to deliver a speech, they can either print the evaluation form and take it with them to the club meeting, or have their evaluator review the project ahead of time and prepare accordingly.

9. How do I apply to be a Pathways Guide?

Pathways Guides will play an integral role in helping members transition to the new Pathways program. All clubs will be assigned a Pathways Guide. You can click here to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a Pathways Guide. One of the benefits of being a Pathways Guide is the opportunity to earn District leadership experience. This experience will count towards becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). To apply to be a Pathways Guide, please contact one of the following:

Please include the following information in your contact:

  • Your full name
  • Your membership number
  • Your club(s) name(s) Your club(s) number(s)
  • The Area you wish to serve as Pathways Guide

Your expression of interest will be forwarded to the District 21 Program Quality Director and you will receive further details regarding the application process at that time.

Toastmasters Pathways revitalized education program has inspired a lot of questions and conversation from members around the world. We encourage you to investigate the links provided to learn more and to plan your next steps for a journey in Toastmasters Pathways.

Submitted by Anna Rasmussen ACS ALB & Nils Erzinger ACB ALB

Club Officer Training

Good day to all members of D21,

The good news is I am giving you 8 weeks notice about COT(Club Officer Training so we can get as many officers of your clubs trained. I am inviting all Toastmaster members to come too.
We will be doing something extraordinary.


The Trio and our special guest “Ted Corcoran PIP” (Past International President from Ireland/D21’s mentor) will be coming to all COT’s. 
The sessions will be the 4 hour sessions the membership voted in last year.
All the info will flow to you over the next few weeks but we do know:
Our COT dates are set.

Saturday                    Jan. 14

COT Mainland           4 hour session  Div. E,F,G

Sunday                      Jan. 15

COT Interior              4 hour session    Div. K,L  

Saturday                    Jan. 21

COT Victoria            4 hour session     Div. A,B

Sunday                      Jan. 22

COT Nanaimo         4 hour session      Div. C       

This is all at no cost to the members of Toastmasters. Please ensure your executive members come and  learn from the best. You can come to any session you wish to.

We are also going to create some media attention by having Ted, Margaret Page work together in the mainland and Pat Johnson with Ted in Victoria.

On an alternate day we will be offering sessions in the geo areas that the public will be able to attend. It is important the public has the opportunity to see the best we have to offer. Our main thing this year is “membership” and this is a perfect opportunity to bring more people to our clubs to enjoy what we have to offer.
Lots more info to come.

Most importantly as this comes together there will be registration set up on the D21 web site and we need you to sign up.

Please check out our site: D21



Keeping Remote Clubs Connected

Suppose you were a Toastmaster in a small town such as Ucluelet.  Would you want to attend officer training in Nanaimo or Victoria? If you know the distance, the roads and the terrain, your answer would be a whopping big “No”. So how would you, as a club officer, get training and discover what your role was supposed to be?  The answer is…

You’d get it through District 21’s Remote Club Officer training program (RCOT) that is coordinated by Marg Hope together with her Remote Training Team.

Marg herself is a past District 21 Director and a Past International Director of Toastmasters.  Not only that…Marg is an Accredited Professional Speaker (one of only a small group in the world who has this designation) and also a President’s Citation Recipient (one of only a few Toastmasters in the world who get this award every year…Wow!)


She started her career as a teacher but found she liked teaching adults more than teaching children. She has a Masters Degree in Education, teaches at SFU and has her own speaking and training business.

The Remote Training is based on materials provided by Toastmasters International but supplemented by materials developed by Marg and her team. They have created a manual that is continually expanded with new ideas coming from their experience training BC’s remote Toastmaster clubs. The training is delivered online using a program called Adobe Connect.

“I was a huge sceptic at first.” Marg said. “But no-one else was stepping up. Now I know distance education does work. I’ve found amazing learning in it.”

One of the issues faced has been the technical aspect for both the team and the officers being trained. In some remote areas speed and reliability of the internet are not what they would be in a city. Some people are working with older computers. Many – and Marg includes herself – are not tech savvy.

But some team members, most of whom are members of the ToastMentors club, have the expertise to address tech issues as they arise and the program itself offers an effective way of delivering training to outlying clubs. Many of these clubs are small, with a couple of officers who have been holding the club together, hanging on by their fingernails. These people need both training and support.

The Remote Training team offers training not only in best practices and new ideas for clubs but also in how to use the technology. They also, as experienced Toastmasters, talk with new officers to give them the confidence they need to do the job.

Will they save every remote club? “Possibly not.” Marg says. “But they will give them a better experience and show them how to look at their club differently.”

The team shows officers that there are choices, different ways of doing things. They regularly chat personally with trainee officers as well as doing the virtual training so people in remote areas feel more connected. Sometimes the trainers themselves come from a rural background so they understand the small town dynamic.

Marg said “Remote training is important because Toastmasters serves everyone. Suppose someone wants to be on the town council. We can help them to speak. This way we help ALL of Canada. When I started as a Toastmaster I lived in Kamloops and back then Vernon was our nearest other club. When I was Area governor I had to drive as far as Kelowna after work to visit that club.  We had fun, and now we have more clubs in those towns.

“People receive the training well and while the visual component makes a big difference they can just use the phone if that’s all they’ve got. Often they say they’re tired of being trained but they do it to get the credit for their club. The remote officer training lacks the motivational keynote they’d get in a larger centre but we want them to feel cared for. We do a brand new training each time with lots of variety and fun and interaction.

“We do a lot of follow-up mentoring too, and we always do a Survey Monkey evaluation immediately afterwards to help us do a better job with our planning. Our goals are to get at least 75% of officers – preferably 85% – trained and to have clubs become Distinguished in the DCP. Anecdotally we get lovely emails telling us how much they enjoyed the sessions.

“I always want to know how I can make the biggest difference to other people. I have a great team working with me and I feel supported by them. I hope we all feel supported and valued.”

Marg Hope’s Remote Training Team consists of Francoise Baroux, April Kennedy, Maureen McBeath Ashwani Kumar Sinha, Laura Honeyman, Maureen Hanson, and Chris Kozakowski. They are all experienced Toastmasters and they’re all committed to helping others along the Toastmaster journey.

Any officer can volunteer to be on a training team. Officers who participate in training others will get credit for being trained as an officer. They’ll also learn new skills and have the opportunity to make a huge difference to members throughout BC.

No matter where you are in BC you are not alone as a club officer.

Based on an interview with Marg Hope, DTM