CGD experience

Being Club Growth Director for less than a month (officially) has been eye opening. The role is much more rewarding than I expected and I am so happy to serve in this role. We spend a lot of time talking about club growth, quality and “district” related business, but it is rare for us to step out and share what our experience has been or what benefit we gain from serving outside our club.

The role of Club Growth Director starts the minute elections finish – which I will admit was a bit of a challenge as I had a Division Director role to complete as well. Since that election at the end of April no day has been without calls, emails and meetings. Not complaining – this was certainly a combination of the reality of the role added with our desire to make plans to offer the membership of the district with great service from July 1 – which takes lots of solid planning.


So what kind of things have happened since elections?


  • 2.5 days worth of planning in Victoria with the district trio and our regional advisor (kind of like an Area Director for Districts)
  • Conference calls with Ted Corroran DTM, Past International President and the mentor for our trio.
  • Dozens of conference calls between Alan, John and I as we recruited our team, learned of our web presence and other critical bits of information.
  • Email in the first week after elections requesting we register for District Leader training in Washington, DC.
  • Planning and delivering District Officer Training to our amazing team of Area and Division Directors along with the rest of our talented district team.
  • Roadtrips for Club Officer Training
  • Realization how important growth is this year as our District finished #97 out of 99 districts in the world.
  • Conference calls with regional advisor/international director and Toastmasters International.
  • Overnight trip to Surrey where the District trio ironed out the District Success Plan and tentative district budget for 2016-2017.
  • Attendance at Parlamentary procedure training in Bellingham, Washington with John Noonan, DTM PIP. GREAT experience meeting regional leaders. We also had the honour of being joined by Division C Director Ashwani Sinha and Division F Director Jenny Peng.

As you can see the days are quite full (especially as I try to keep up with the two retired members of the trio!), but it is so rewarding to meet more people working together with us for the same causes.

Biggest shock so far:

Didn’t realize how much International Director/International Officer candidates would campaign to the trio. They recognize we are all typically at the International Convention so they send us their materials. Of course this has been a lot of campaign emails – but these people are also calling from all over the world and even sending promotional materials by mail!

What’s next?

International Convention! I am flying in on August 13th for training prior to the convention. Not only will I meet leaders from all over the world, but World Headquarters staff and past world champions of public speaking!  The tools I will gain in DC will certainly help in being the best CGD I can be!


Look forward to continuing to serve you 🙂


Michael Bown, DTM

Club Growth Director, District 21 2016-2017