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Webinar Wednesdays! Upcoming schedule and registration links

Welcome to Webinar Wednesdays! These webinars are an opportunity to connect to tools and resources that will help you and your team get the most out of the Toastmasters Program you are part of. We are looking for topics YOU are most interested in! Click HERE to submit a topic you’d like featured. We are […]

Videos – Tips for Healthy Clubs & Club Coaches

A collection of videos to help you learn about being a Club Sponsor, Club Coach or Club Mentor.

Toastmasters Pathways: A Conversation Continued

At the recent 2016 District 21 Fall Conference in Parksville, BC, Anna Rasmussen ACS, ALB and Nils Erzinger ACB, ALB helped introduce us to Pathways with their presentation “Toastmasters Pathways: A Conversation.” In this article, Anna and Nils explore Pathways further and respond to some common questions from District 21 Toastmasters. In case you haven’t […]

Marketing Resources – Membership Building Ideas

The D21 theme  ‘Building our membership together for success’ reminds us that we all play an important part in helping our clubs succeed.  International Director Margaret Page and District Director Alan Warburton facilitated an early morning conference session featuring several clubs who competed for stage time.  With the assistance of Shawn Gold, who supplied instant […]

Quality Clubs Start With Diverse Membership

Having 20-30 members in your club ensures you have the right balance between rotating executives, wide range of speech topics, sharing of meeting roles and an audience to deliver speeches to. It ensures the club holds and maintains quality meetings and likely has regular guests who they convert to members. What is the secret sauce? […]

Helpful Resources to Finish STRONG June 30th 2016

from Carol Carter, your District 21 Program Quality Director Every July 1st to June 30th, Toastmasters International gives each club a set of goals to work towards. If achieved, the club and members will grow stronger, gain more experience, and be more influential and of greater benefit to others. This set of goals is the […]

D21 YouTube Video Library

Club Building & Member Education Videos Have you ever wished that you could find someone who could quickly and succinctly explain an officer or club role to you or effectively demonstrate how to deliver a certain type of speech?   Build Membership with an Open House (Karen Knight DTM PDD) Part1 Part2 Making Meetings Fun […]