The prizes are:

  • 1st Place Winning Club – up to $125 US purchase at the Toastmasters International Store
  • 2nd Place Winning Club – up to $95 US purchase at the Toastmasters International Store
  • 3rd Place Winning Club – up to $70 US purchase at the Toastmasters International Store

The winners are:

First Place Winner: High Country Achievers

Karen Knight explains their Public relations campaign:

We held a “Mini Small Business Summit”, where we had two guest speakers talking about subjects of interest to small business owners, but also to the general public (Patty spoke about Marketing, and we had someone else talked about putting your heart into whatever you do). We had a 15 minute “Networking” break, then gave everyone who was interested a chance to come up and speak for two minutes about their business, getting feedback from the members about how they did. We had a short question and answer period afterward. Prior to the Summit (held on January 11th), we had 11 members. We had 25 guests turn up (we were scrounging for chairs, and had to set up an extra table behind the main U-shaped set up). The event ended at 9:00pm, but the last guest didn’t leave until almost 10! Everyone wanted to stay and chat and ask questions. We now have 15 members, and have had an average of 4 guests every meeting since, most of whom seem very interested in joining. Here are most if not all of the things we did to promote our Summit. I did an interview on the local CBC Radio morning show (with Patty calling in from New West); Facebook; Twitter; Instagram , a blast out to our Meet Up members; a free ad in the local newspaper’s events page; a free ad in the local “Coffee News” type paper; and lots and lots of word of mouth. It was a huge success, and we’re planning on making it an annual event.
As for updates, we now have enough members (and ed awards) to be Select Distinguished, and will likely make President’s Distinguished this year.

Patty K with Chris Brochu

Second Place Winner: Penticton Toastmasters

Public relations is essential for Penticton Toastmasters to bolster membership and our image in the community. The goals of the PR Campaign are to engage with the general public through social media, help and sponsor local events, and teach Toastmaster programs to local organizations.

Promoting the Club
Social Media
Social media and websites have evolved the feld of promoting and engaging with the public. Allowing the club to reach a bigger audience faster and at a much larger scale. Penticton Toastmasters used our Facebook page to promote our contests and profle members of the club.
Weekly we scheduled posts on the club Facebook page. Posts highlighted member’s, sometimes guest, achievements at meetings or personally. If a club member achieved an education award it was posted on Facebook. If members or guests won Table Topics it will be posted.
Facebook posts promoted upcoming events. Our International Speech contests had a Facebook event and members were encouraged to invite friends and family. Leading up to the event contestants were profled.

Promoting the Club
Event Participation
Penticton Toastmasters participated in two events in Penticton. Our club set up a booth at the OneWorld Festival hosted by SOICS. We were offered this booth at no charge because of the relationship with created by teaching Speechcraft© to members of SOICS.
Penticton Toastmasters also sponsored Pecha Kucha Penticton (PKP) a public speaking forum. We invited their speakers, for Vol. 11, to our meetings to receive a educational presentation from the Better Speaker Series. Allowing for the PKP to get advice from toastmasters and giving our toastmasters the opportunity to practice mentoring.

Promoting the Club
Teaching Programs
Our club reached out to the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts to teach Parliamentary Procedure to their board of directors. This program displays the professional approach toastmasters strive for and is bringing income into the club.
Because our club taught the Speechcraft© to SOICS, they asked us to write a letter of support for a grant targeted at helping youth in the community. We promoted our Youth Leadership Program and they have budgeted the cost of program into their grant application.

More: Penticton Toastmasters PR Campaign Summary

Third Place Winner: Penticton Toasties

A gentleman by the name of Wayne McDougall from Shaw TV approached Colt Cash (our VPPR) and asked if we would be interested in having them televise a meeting. Colt apparently was acquainted with the man from all the volunteer work he does. Colt shared this offer with me and I indicated that this was a FANTASTIC opportunity we couldn’t pass up. He then brought it to the following exec meeting at which time I made sure that my enthusiasm for the event would not be denied. With the exec. approval for the event Colt went back to Wayne with a few likely dates and they settled on the 18th of January . . . . one of our regular meeting dates. We announced it to the club generally at the subsequent meeting and the terror evident in some faces made it evident that we could expect increased absenteeism at the event. We contacted the two other Penticton clubs and asked if they were interested in participating. We did this because we knew there would be interviews afterwards and those clubs would be able to get some exposure as well as just the Toasties. The fact that an additional 4 or 5 veteran participants from the other clubs helped to “flesh out” the meeting didn’t hurt either.

I think the things that were most instrumental to the success of the event was 1) the enthusiasm and effort the VPPR (Colt) brought to the event and 2) the fact that the President (me) wasn’t for a second going to let that opportunity slip through our fingers. Wayne is doing a lot of work for us, ensuring a good finished product. Our enthusiasm I think helped this along.

I think Shaw does this kind of community programming in most cities and towns and are probably open to being approached? Currying a relationship with Wayne’s counterparts in other communities is probably very helpful too. In our case he volunteered his and his assistant’s services and I think also, having people on our club who also do community volunteering helped too.

It was a very good experience for all.