Conference Highlights

Many thanks to Shawn Gold, Official Photographer for a great selection of Conference photos. 

Drum roll please…the last minute details were all but taken care of, and it was time to find out just how well Co-Chairs Annie and Jenny Peng would make good on their commitment and vision to deliver an amazing  Conference.

The results are in.  It’s pretty much unanimous.  “Spring into action…take the leap and lead” was jam-packed with inspiring stories, rich breakout sessions, spirited networking  and exciting highlights.

Festivities started off informally on Friday, with a great turn out at the First Timer’s Reception, hosted by Marcus Ray.  Attendees mixed and mingled while enjoying some light snacks and tracking down little known facts about each other to earn a First Timer’s Survival Kit.

Next up, the official opening ceremonies.






Banner Parade Chair Fred Jones smoothly orchestrated the ceremony, formally opening the Conference with the Banner Parade fittingly with a touch of flair and  fanfare…and then the  very capable, vivacious Emcee Veronica Armstrong took charge of the proceedings, keeping things fun and humourous over the three-day event.


Our keynote speaker Jana Barnhill and Educational Session Lead Marg Hope delivered strong takeaway messages and emphasized the value of learning.

Jana urged us to  ” Step Up Baby” and achieve our full leadership potential in ‘Step Up’ and “Celebrate” educational sessions.  She drove a point  home: we are in this educational organization specifically because it’s  focused on the delivery of a communication and leadership program.



















Marg Hope’s interactive sessions gave us insight into to the concept of “‘Be a Host, Not a Guest”.

In “Breakfast Basics” she got everyone out of their seats and engaged in the learning process, while we practiced volleying the conversation.  

Margaret Page, Pat Johnson, David Hobson, Audrey Pope,  Richard Kunz, Jim Marquardt, and Mary Morrison offered a wide variety of intriguing topics (‘Choose Your Words Wisely: The Art of Using More Powerful Language’, ‘The Secrets of Building and Sustaining Vibrant Corporate Clubs’, ‘Pathways’, ‘Make the Mic Your Friend’, ‘What’s Your Leadership Style?’ ‘Challenge Membership’, and ‘Leaders as Champions of Change’ respectively) bringing us a wealth of strategies, ideas, humour, secrets, entertainment and resources to enhance our Toastmasters learning.  


Richard Kunz and his musicians entertained us with some cool (hot?) jazz and educated us about the importance of listening and sharing leadership.  Matti Antilla (Oak Bay) has agreed to share his memories and impressions of the “Musical” Education Session.


Two big Contests!  Props to all the competitors…

and the audience who contributed to the excitement!  Cila toasting with Cloverdale Toastmasters…Cila Kwong toasting the crew with Cloverdale Toastmasters…

Karen and Moya with Moya’s daughter Katie…

Some Islanders in party mode…



Jan Ireland and Virginia Keast ‘Puttin on the Ritz” to promote the 2017 Fall Conference in Victoria…

Past District Leaders…                                       


White Rock Evening Edition Toastmasters…

 The Live Auction

What a fun idea.  The things in the auction were to die for!  Our wallets and bank accounts could have easily been drained on the amazing things.

Attendees got a first hand look at the talented Don Rokosz, Auctioneer and Educator Extraordinaire, who not only provided an engaging way to raise funds to offset the costs of producing the conference, but also offered an elegant ed session in disguise for those of us wanting to learn the secrets of adding pizzazz to introductions, motivation, inspiration and selling ideas.  

A special note of thanks to the Surrey Toastmasters 2590, who provided a whole squad of dedicated volunteers to ensure the auction ran smoothly and successfully, and to our sponsors (below), who helped us fund so many extras, and provided a great variety of exciting raffle prizes.
















with special thanks to…

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