Contest Season

Are you itching to complete your CL (Competent Leadership), but have one of those challenging projects of helping to organize or chair a speech contest, left to do?  Does the thought of chairing a contest take you way outside your comfort zone?  No need to worry.  Toastmasters has some really good online tutorial videos to demystify the contest by breaking down the roles and process in less than 7 minutes.  And if you want to be a great judge, there are two more online tutorials to explain the judging role in detail.  Download the entire humorous speech contest set of documents including certificates, rule book. Judges ballots and more.  You can also download the same thing for Table Topics.

Are you saving yourself for the stage and want to compete in either the Humorous or Table Topics (or both) contests?  This is a great time to start writing those speeches and practicing them on the family dog, or your neighbours, or your neighbour’s dog.  Get the latest contest rule book to ensure you qualify and there are no surprises.  Contest season is fast approaching and club contests must be completed by September 29th, 2017.  That is less than 2 months away!