The Contests — Behind the Scenes

After the Conference, D21 Chief Judge Marion Gushue-Geiger posted (on D21 Facebook) a list of thank you’s to the Spring Conference Contest Team who demonstrated the “Leap to Lead”





…Thank-you to Moya Webb, Contest Chair, who conducted the Evaluation Contest and International Speech contest superbly by paying attention to all details to ensure that the contestants had a faultless experience.







…Thank-you to Sharleen McBlain, interviewer extraordinaire, who provided an entertaining experience for our contestants.To our contest timers Nico Human and Jennifer Oakes who were precise in their tasks, my compliments and thanks.










…To the ballot counters May, Jan and Bob, from the experienced to the inexperienced we all came away richer from the experience. I appreciated your help and guidance.

…To the Judges, a huge heartfelt thanks for your attention, diligence, judges briefing attendance (without coffee) and stepping up to the challenge.

…To the official Sgt at Arms, Leah Cheyne and Wes Arnold, and the unofficial Sgt at Arms, who were called upon to guard the other doors during the contests, thank-you! The importance and understanding of teamwork was very much appreciated.  

This past weekend all of the above demonstrated the “Leap to Lead” ! Thank-you.