Convention Incentive Winners

Earlier this year we launched an Incentive tied to the International Convention occurring this summer. The goal of this incentive was to support increased membership and club growth this program year.  The committee has met to select those that were grand prize winners for the full convention registration from August 23-26, 2017 and also the opportunity to offer alternate prizes for some additional winners.
Winners – Full Convention Registration:
  • Allan Corbett
  • Letty Louie
  • May Soo-Tveita
  • Barb Westlake
  • Jeffrey Denissen

Winner – Helping Hands Convention Registration:

  • Leah Cheyne

Winners – World Championship of Public Speaking Registration:

  • Dorothy Miller
  • Jan Ireland
  • Nils Erzinger
  • Mary Lummerding
Congratulations to all the winners, collectively you have all helped to make District 21 all that much stronger and taught us what the buzz is truly about.
Best Regards,
on behalf of the District 21 trio and managers 2016-2017