Destination Meetings

Destination Meetings

How about adding something special to your meetings? For instance, early this summer, Evening Edition Toastmasters launched their 14th Annual Magical Summer Globetrotting Tour, with an amazing itinerary: Greece, France, Spain and…believe it or not, Outer Space…what a trip!

Each summer, White Rock Evening Edition Toastmasters travel on a shoestring, adapt standard roles and make meetings come alive with the sights, smells and tastes of various places on (and off) the planet. LEARN MORE about how to create your own magical destination meetings in last year’s SUMMER 2015 Magical Globetrotting Tour.


GreeceIn July, outfitted with togas and sandals, and accompanied by pretty little fairy princesses, Evening Edition imagineers set sail for Greece, where they explored tranquil blue seas, inhaled the fragrance of mountain herbs, viewed ancient cities, poked around archeological wonders of the country, and peeked into the cradle of Western Civilization.

In a highlight moment, two travellers inspired everyone to take action with an ice bucket challenge…



Bonne Journee Mes Compagnon design Voyage…what a fantastic tour, with plenty of time to connect with IMG_0346people and discover an extraordinary wealth of museums, galleries, ateliers and hands-on cultural experiences! Outdoor cafe terraces, quaint village-square markets, and lace-curtained bistros with plat du jour chalked on the board…ooh là là!

El Espana…

The group couldn’t resist the lure of azure beaches, world-class modern architecture, and the incredible historical heritage in vibrant cities like Barcelona and Madrid…not to mention passionate Flamenco dancers, the unique Spanish humour, freshly prepared Spanish Style Pieta and other delicious tapas, sangria and fizzy drinks…what’s not to love?

Outer Space…

space 20160817_211246In August, eleven intrepid travellers prepared to blast off, up and away, for a once in a lifetime, out-of-the-world adventure. Destination: the final frontier–Outer Space. Just before lift-off, the Space Captain detected an unforeseen invasion. Red Alert! Red Alert! A band of Finding Vino Intruders boarded, intent on raiding the starship.

Officers in command expertly defused the emergency, and restored harmony. The newly expanded group of space travellers then cruised the Solar system, stopped by well-known planets and stars, and viewed a meteor shower from up close, without getting hit. Whether it was astronauts, aliens, or asteroids, the galaxy delivered all it promised and 20160817_211614

With many more exotic journeys on the horizon, and life beckoning them onward, this group of high-spirited adventurers can hardly wait to get underway for their magical tours again next summer. Bon Voyage!

Best Toastmaster Year Ever Challenge

During Evening Edition’s magical visit to Greece, one Toastmaster challenged everyone to “Have the best summer ever!” in a classic Ice Bucket Challenge. WATCH HERE

As the year unfolds, our district leaders challenge YOU to ”Have the best Toastmaster year ever!

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