District 21 FIRST EVER e-Vote – the results are in!

Thank you all Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education! Our very first e-Vote was a success! You’ve proved it works! We’ll now gather all the wee lessons learned along the way and apply those to the voting process for this coming September.

What was this e-Vote about?

The current boundary line between District 21 and District 96 heads straight North at 122 degrees latitude, just past Mission, BC, placing Mission Toastmasters in District 96. The members of Mission Toastmasters are very far from the next closest District 96 club, which has proved to be more of a struggle than anyone had ever forseen.

After a club vote and consultation with Toastmasters International, both District 96 Director Lydia Burchell and District 21 Director Carol Carter agreed to put a slight boundary change forward to Toastmasters International. This is when they discovered all the rules and regulations around boundary changes! That’s what I love about Toastmasters – EVERYTHING is a learning opportunity.

We were told the matter needed to be put forward to District Councils of both districts. If approved, the matter still needed to go before the Toastmasters International Board of Directors for final approval. Here’s the catch – if this did not get approved by the board in their February board meeting, Mission Toastmasters would have to wait an entire additional year to become part of District 21, and closer to the support and opportunities to take best advantage of the Toastmasters program for all its members.

Tick … tick … tick …

Under tight time constraints, both District Directors worked to figure out how to do an e-vote fairly and efficiently, something we never thought we’d have to do until the Fall of 2018.

Under the electronic voting rules:

  • ONLY the Club President and VP Education can vote. Their votes cannot be transferred to any other member of their club.
  • Toastmasters International recommends the vote be open between 48 and 72 hours.
  • 50% of all possible votes, rounded upward to the nearest vote, plus one more vote are needed to pass a motion.
  • No notice is required for this type of vote.
  • As the District Executive Committee (District Officers, including Area and Division Directos) had already voted to approve the motion at the January 13th DECM in Tsawwassen, only the District Council needed to vote on this particular motion.

Our results of our very first vote:

  • At the time of the vote, there were 286 members in good standing of the District Council.
  • 50% = 143. Adding 1 vote = 144 votes of approval were needed to pass the motion.
  • Voting was open from 5:24pm Friday, January 26th until 7:00pm Monday, January 29th
  • 204 votes were received.
    • 15 votes were ineligible
    • 185 votes in favour
    • 4 votes opposed

This motion has been carried! Our sister District 96 has also approved their motion. Results are now in the hands of Toastmasters International World Headquarters for our next step of the process. If all goes well, on July 1, 2018, we will welcome Mission Toastmasters into Division G!

See the proposed boundary line change below, courtesy of 2012-2013 District 21 Alignment Chair, Mike Robinson, DTM, PDG.

Thank you to all members and leaders who helped make this possible, and for District Services at World Headquarter who kept me putting one foot in front of the other. This first e-Vote will be a springboard we can use in all future votes outside of our Annual General Meeting.

To see the official minutes of this vote click this link: http://d21toastmasters.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Minutes-Special-DCM-Vote-Jan-29-2018.pdf

Thanks for helping with yet another District 21 Adverture-in-the-making,

Carol Carter DTM

Your 2017-2018 District 21 Director

(To contact me directly, click my head)