Division Program Quality Coordinator:

Division Program Quality CoordinatorAs the Program Quality Coordinator for your Division, you are responsible for promoting and supporting the education and training within that Division.

You are expected to regularly attend Division Council meetings and work with the District Program Quality Director to ensure Division officer training meets the highest quality expected of the district.

The Program Quality Coordinator is also responsible for supporting quality club programming efforts and promoting the Distinguished Club Program.

You are also responsible for ensuring quality contests within your division, including identifying division contest chairs and chief judges.

It is expected that you will need to spend about an hour each week in communications with the Division Director, Area Director and District Program Quality Director.

At the start of the contest season, most of the focus will be on organizing the division / area contests and during the officer training sessions the time will be organizing the training session.

To learn more about this opportunity, please call Carol Carter, your District Director, at 778-668-8805, or  email Carol.