Finding Your Club’s “Unique Learning Opportunity”

November Update:

Thank you to all the clubs who sent their Unique Learning Opportunity “Tag Lines” or concise sentences before the October 31st deadline! You will ALL be receiving a very SPECIAL SURPRISE at the Fall Conference November 10 – 12th. 

New Challenge – get your “Tag Line” in by December 31st!

If your team does not yet have a Unique Learning Opportunity “Tag Line” to inspire your members and help curious community members want to check out your club, there’s a NEW deadline! Get your Tag Line to District Director, Carol Carter by December 31st to have it included on a special promotional card for your Area’s clubs. Keep reading this article to help you get started!

Your VP PR announces that your team is having a membership campaign. “Invite as many guests as you can next month.” … and your mind goes blank. Who should you invite?

When Donna Schneider first invited me to North Delta Power Talkers, she spoke about the wonderful, encouraging, supportive team of members, the amazing food and the fact she learned something new every meeting. That’s exactly what I found … and I joined.

Early Edition in White Rock, advertises its meetings on meetup as “Communicating With Confidence for Entrepreneurs” and regularly attracts entreprenuers who prefer an early start to their day and want to improve their confidence and communication skills.

Spontaneous Speakers in South Surrey advertises as “Impromptu Speech Training for Spontaneous Speakers” and regularly attracts people in the community looking to improve their off-the-cuff speaking skills.

Does your club know what’s special about the member experience you provide?

Start defining your team’s “Unique Learning Opportunity” you provide by asking each other these two questions:

  1. What is unique or exciting about our club that would make a new visitor want to join?
  2. What is special about our club that makes existing members want to stay?

From your pool of answers, you’ll get a better sense of what experience your team offers (or really wants to create) for your community. Once you define what makes your team special, it’s much easier to think of the special people you run into in your community, who may be ready for what you have.

Your Team’s Challenge: Define your club’s Unique Learning Opportunity you provide to members in one concise sentence. Share that sentence with District 21 Director, Carol Carter before October 31st. All one sentence entries received by October 31st will receive a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE at the District 21 Fall Conference.

Have FUN with this!

Carol Carter, DTM

Your District 21 Director 2017-2018