Finishing Strong

As I write this on June 25th there are just five days to go before the Toastmaster year ends on Friday, June 30th and … District 21 is finishing strong!

Here are some of the highlights:

Only ONE North American district is distinguished as of today! There are around 70 districts in North America and to have only ONE of them distinguished at this time is VERY unusual. The probable reason is that there was a dues increase last September and, historically, this has always caused a challenge in membership payments and chartering new clubs. We chose a very challenging year to set a goal of being distinguished!

Despite these challenges we are just 26 membership payments short of our base this year of 5,512. We know that we will easily pass this number for reasons outlined below. At the present time we are ranked 38th in the world (out of 103 districts) as far as membership payments are concerned – kudos to all our clubs for your membership building efforts! READ MORE

We will have FIVE new clubs chartered in the month of June – RAD Speakers in Division E and Real Talks Toastmasters in Division F have already been chartered. Original Cakerie (Div. F), Funny Bone (Div. G), and YVR World Duty Free (Div. E) are in the process of chartering and our full expectation is that all three clubs will be chartered by the end of the month! The bonus of these new clubs being chartered is that we will have at least 60 additional new membership payments (as each new club has to have a minimum of 20 members). This will give another boost to our membership payments.

Our new clubs will take us to 149 paid clubs. We hope to have one more club in “good standing” by June 30th which will mean we will have 150 paid clubs. Our base this year was 152 clubs. We chartered eight new clubs this year but … unfortunately, we have lost 10 clubs. This is the ongoing challenge of keeping our clubs as strong as we can but … despite our very best efforts sometimes it is inevitable for certain clubs to fold. At present we are ranked 68th in the world in this category – it could certainly improve with our 3 new clubs ready to charter this week.

We are doing exceptionally well with our Distinguished Clubs!! As of today we have 60 clubs distinguished … just one short of the Distinguished District level of 61. To attain the Distinguished level you need 40% of your clubs attaining the Distinguished level. As of today, District 21 is sitting at 60 Distinguished Clubs which is 39.47%. In the last two years at the END of the year D21 was as follows: 2014-2015 = 41.45%; and 2015-2016 = 37.04%. We fully expect that we may get another eight to ten distinguished clubs this week which will take us to a level of 45% or higher. We are setting a new standard for District 21 which is an outstanding compliment to all the hard work that our clubs and Division and Area Directors have put in. At present, we are ranked 52nd in the world in this category – pretty amazing!

As you can see, our district is definitely finishing strong!

Thank you to everyone for helping to make this a memorable year in so many ways.


Alan Warburton DTM
District 21 Director, 2016-2017