Welcome to some insightful materials about the new Toastmasters International program, “Pathways.”

Ambassadors have been visiting D21 clubs over the last while to ensure the members have all the information possible that TI is passing on to us.

At each Club Officer Training there will be a short presentation about the program and I suggest you have a look at the videos below, which feature Sally Newell Cohen, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Toastmasters International. I also encourage you to visit the TI web site for more info.

Looking forward to meeting you in the near future!

John Sherber DTM
District 21 Club Quality director

An introduction: The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience (2:41)

Part 1: What is Pathways? (2:22)

Part 2: Why was Pathways Created? (2:45)

Part 3: How was Pathways developed?  (2:42)

Part 4: How were members involved? (3:00)

Part 5: Why is Pathways valuable to you? (2:38)