GOTCHA! Caught in the Act of Leadership


Have you ever been part of a dream team that exuded passion, excitement and energy?  

Then you know it’s an amazing experience.  

In 2004, I co-chaired a highly motivated, committed 7-person team intent on raising funds for holistic treatments for a colleague diagnosed with Stage One Cancer.  Less than one month later, we had raised over $30,000.


There were no ‘buts’, or ‘what if’s’ when the team discussed ideas and plans.  It was only ‘how can we get this done” and “how soon’.  Once the team flew into action, resources, volunteers and donations flowed in. One goal, a passion for a shared vision, outstanding results. Awesome.   


Everyone should have the experience of being part of a Dream Team at least once in a lifetime.  The place to start is within ourselves.  Dream Team Players exemplify the Toastmaster values of Integrity, Service, Excellence and Respect, create excitement and have a lasting impact.


D21 is on a mission to bring back the glory days…the trio has a  shared vision, set a high bar of expectations, and brought in a master of inspiration all the way from Ireland to ramp it up some more.  The recent whirlwind tour with Ted Corcoran represents a momentum shift for us.  He asks each of us: “Are you ready to bring the buzz back?  Are you all fired up?  Are you ready to go?” It’s up to each of us to make it happen.


It’s true that we can do great things on our own, but a group of people committed to a shared vision is an awesome force (refer to story of the Goose).  It’s time to step up our game. The world is desperate for strong leaders.   Together, we can do more.  Together we’ve got what it takes to inspire the District and achieve our dreams.

How about using some  GOTCHA’s  to recognize and celebrate our great D21 leaders in the making who are doing the work to make it happen?



D21 Newsletter Coordinator, Ros Hansen DTM