Happy New Year

The District 21 CGD (Club Growth Director) wants to see you grow and be successful.

Yes, we need Coaches … and there are clubs that want those coaches.

Please send him your name to be added to the coaching staff for District 21.

Yes, there is a time limit to get a document bag for the coaches which is December 31, 2017.

However, once again Joe is being a nice guy. He has just announced to the District Director that the end date for coaches to get their names in will be January 31, 2018.

This will allow TI (Toastmasters International) to register the names that Joe is waiting on right now.

So … get on that list today. Become distinguished and receive that important credit for you Advanced Leader Silver Award.

Apply today.

Send your name in to Joe Guenette.

d21cgd@telus.net or call him at 250- 815 – 0083