Hats off to Nelson Fresh Tracks  

Another successful year for this Division K Club!

What stands out for Nelson Fresh Tracks Toastmasters this year has been the commitment from all members to quality meetings.  The past VPE recommended a method from a Toastmaster magazine: list the Toastmaster role three meetings ahead, members sign up at the club free host toast website, if no response in the last week the Toastmaster assigns roles.  This improved the accountability of members and made the Toastmaster role more enjoyable.

Another significant change to our club was our location.  Nelsonites pride themselves in walking and biking as ecological alternatives to driving. We wanted to be downtown for the convenience of guests and members.  The previous meetings were in an educational setting in an area of city up the mountain that deterred some who didn’t like the slippery hills in the winter.  Our new location (photo to the left)  is central and modern with suspended lighting illuminating featured local artwork on the walls—it has transformed our club atmosphere.  

We never cancelled at meeting, once we had to temporarily move to a hotel a block away.  We decided to make this a dinner meeting to offer the opportunity to speak in a different setting.  There was a heavy snow fall, one of our members snowshoed to the meeting. An extra bonus was the fireplace which enhanced our ambience. (Photo to the right shows a member looking down at her slippers–we are not allowed to wear outside shoes on the wood floor in the winter and we have fun with that.)

Other successes include our Facebook ads that broadened our reach.  Our VPR added regular Facebook posts with quotes, photos of Table topics winners and links.  Our VPM was diligent responding to guest inquiries at our website and personally inviting them to our meetings and answering questions.  The majority of the meetings this year had two to three manual speakers.   Progress charts were in full view at break with tasty snacks and time to visit with members was another important ingredient.  Member surveys, Toastmaster of the Year award are traditions specific to Nelson Fresh Tracks.

In summary, ease of access, visual appeal, online presence, friendships and food have shaped our growth this year.

Submitted by Heather Love ACS ALS

Past President, Nelson Fresh Tracks Toastmasters