Helpful Resources to Finish STRONG June 30th 2016

from Carol Carter, your District 21 Program Quality Director

Every July 1st to June 30th, Toastmasters International gives each club a set of goals to work towards. If achieved, the club and members will grow stronger, gain more experience, and be more influential and of greater benefit to others. This set of goals is the Distinguished Club Program.

Clubs that finish the year strong and healthy, both in membership and in number of DCP Points (there are 10 possible points you can achieve):

  • have fun Summer meetings and other special events
  • get back on track faster in the Fall
  • stay healthy and have less stress
  • have members who are consistently growing themselves and others through the Toastmasters Program, finding time to participate at higher levels in Areas, Divisions and the District.

Would you like to be in one of these strong teams?

Helpful resources to use RIGHT NOW to strengthen your team:

1) Here are two Membership Growth pdfs from Kerry Deschamps, PQD District 96 to help you build membership quickly and have fun doing it!

100s of Membership Building Ideas

Six-Pt-Plan for promotion

Stay out of overwhelm! Have each of your team members choose 3 strategies THEY love that they feel are ideal for your club and empower them to form small teams that make wonderful things happen. That 6 point plan is obviously from Vancouver, but I love the concept of each member committing to one purposeful act they will do consistently for one month. It’s a short commitment, but a focused one and THEY choose what they will do and report back. Discover your members’ hidden talents, and have FUN promoting your club to your ideal members.

2) Learn from some membership growth ideas that really work from our District 21 Winners of last year’s Club Campaign Challenge

3) If your club doesn’t qualify for a club coach, don’t wait until you have low membership. Boost yourself with tips from this 4 Video Series. Share these with team members. Review them at meetings. Visit:

4) One key to great clubs is giving members a strong start and additional boosting no matter how long they are Toastmasters through effective Mentoring Programs. Pat Johnson and Chris Kozakowski share excellent insights into

  • Being an effective mentor
  • Being a great mentee
  • Building and maintaining excellent mentoring programs in your club

It’s not how much you know, it’s what you choose to take action on that will make all the difference to your team right now, and in the future. Carpe Diem! Seize the day and make your your club as strong and healthy as possible, while learning new skills and trying fun approaches to connecting with your community.

I’ll keep watching that Club Kudos list grow!