Introducing 2017-2018 Leadership Nominees

Hello Toastmasters,

Please see below the report from the District 21 Leadership Committee with the names of nominated candidates for District 21 leadership positions for 2017-2018.

These names will be put forward for election at the District 21 Council Annual Meeting on April 22nd at the Spring Conference in Surrey.

I would like to thank all the members of the committee for their diligent work over the past few months.

Alan Warburton, District 21 Director 2016-2017


District 21 Leadership Committee Report for 2017-2018 Term

~ submitted by May Soo-Tvieta, DTM, PDG

The District Leadership Committee consists of 8 members. They are:

  • May Soo-Tveita, DTM, Past District Governor, Chair
  • Jamie MacDonald, DTM, Past Division Governor
  • Moya Webb, DTM, Past Division Director
  • Wendy Chernoff, DTM, Past Area Governor
  • Fred Jones, DTM, Past Area Governor
  • Wendy Arthurs, DTM, Past Division Governor
  • Veronica Armstrong, DTM, Past Area Governor
  • Lorraine Theron, ACG, CL, Past Area Governor

I would like to thank them for their diligence, integrity and service.

The process for selecting suitable candidates for nomination was as follows:

  1. Suitable questions with a leadership, experience and performance content were formulated.
  2. Committee members selected questions which were then asked of candidates. For each position, candidates received the same questions.
  3. Each candidate was interviewed for 30 minutes (Club Growth Director, Quality Club Director and District Director) and for 20 minutes (Division Director) by the committee, after which the committee reviewed each individual response. The committee discussed and reviewed each candidate’s suitability for the position sought.
  4. After each interview session, committee members voted on the candidate to be put forward in nomination for each position.
  5. Each candidate was then advised of the committee’s decision.

It is my honour and privilege, as chair of the District Leadership Committee, to present to you the nominations for the positions on the District Executive Council for the 2017 -2018 Toastmasters Year.

For District Team

  • District Director:                   John Sherber
  • Program Quality Director:  Michael Bown
  • Club Growth Director:         Joe Guenette

For Division Directors

  • Division A:  Jennifer Oakes
  • Division B:  Nils Erzinger
  • Division C:  Ryan Henderson
  • Division E:  Yuhan Chen
  • Division F:  Leah Cheyne
  • Division G:  Jen Li
  • Division K:  Jennifer Mlazgar
  • Division L:  Denis Lessard

This completes the report.

Thank you, everyone, for your dedication and support of District 21.


May Soo-Tvieta, DTM, PDG

District 21 Leadership Committee Chair