Introducing MORE New Team Members – Could the next one be you?

Give a warm “HELLO!” to our newest recruits on the District 21 team. There are many MORE opportunities to help with special District projects, or with your local Division or Area. If you are seeking ways to make a difference this year, please visit our District 21 Opportunities page.

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Gene Vickers was the original District Governor of District 96. As proud as he is of District 96… he is equally proud to be a serving member of District 21. In 2006, Gene was the District 21 Rookie of the Year… 2 years later the District 21 Toastmaster of the Year. He has been a member for 12 years serving as the District 21 Lieutenant Governor of Marketing as well as Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training. He was a recipient of the International Excellence Award for both positions. In the position of LGM and New Club Coordinator… District 21 had 23 new clubs both years. That is the highest number of new clubs in District 21 history. As the District Extension Chair for Rotary District 5050… Gene led his team to the highest growth of new clubs for any District in the World. He plans to use that experience and momentum to create many new clubs this year as the District 21 Club Extension Chair.

What do our Core Values mean to Gene? Everything!!! His proudest moment in Toastmasters was creating the Toastmaster International Core Values Coin. In his own words… “I am looking forward to serve our District again!”

Gene Vickers, DTM

Gene Vickers, DTM

Club Extension Chair
Sharon Marshall, ACS, ALB

Sharon Marshall, ACS, ALB

Administration Manager

A Systems Specialist, Sharon Marshall, works with her clients to streamline their processes. Sharon has been providing remote (virtual) administrative, creative and technical support to entrepreneurs and executives since 2005. When Sharon is not helping others become more efficient, she is busy expressing herself passionately via graphic design, social media, workshop facilitation and writing. She has been in Toastmasters since 2008 and aspires to achieve her Distinguished Toastmaster credential in 2018, and then moving on to achieve her Accredited Speaker credential.

Jeff Galenzoski began his Toastmaster journey in 2002 after giving a eulogy for his Father-In-Law. The event was respectful but he knew he needed Toastmasters. His search landed me with the greatest Club in the World (his opinion … jab at Gene Vickers), the North Delta Power Talkers. They were the definition of the Toastmasters Club Mission Statement. Jeff thrived and stepped out of his comfort zone over and over: Master of Ceremonies District 21 Fall Conference 2003, speaking on a Live TV program, Area 64 Governor (President’s Distinguished) , Division F Governor (President’s Distinguished), successful Club Coach at The Word Toastmasters (his home club now), and so much more. Jeff will say he was just a small part of all these successes. He thanks others as often as he can.

“The most bitter-sweet day in my whole life was June 29, 2005. That day I learned my own father passed away in the afternoon and that evening I was presented with a “Toastmaster of the Year” award at the North Delta Power Talkers annual banquet. Over the next two weeks I was able to confidently honor my Dad at a memorial in Fort McMurray and his Funeral in Southey, Saskatchewan. Thank you Toastmasters.”

Jeff has achieved ACS and ALB.  This year’s goal is to complete his DTM.

Jeff has worked as a service adviser in the auto industry at the dealership level for 18 years.He thanks Toastmasters for the needed people skills. He has been happily married for 31 years to a lady you will never see at a regular Toastmasters meeting. Maybe at a Division Contest. When you do, thank her for lending us her husband. He is a rare find!

“This year I am fortunate enough to serve as your District 21 Club Retention Chair. My duty is to see all Clubs in District 21 strive for Distinguished Status or better. I believe this is done by each participating individual who contributes to their own attempt at success, their fellow members’ attempts at success and the Club’s attempt at success. Together we can all be successful.”

Please welcome Club Retention Chair, Jeff Galenzoski.

Jeff Galenzoski, ACS, ALB

Jeff Galenzoski, ACS, ALB

Club Retention Chair
Carol Carter DTM

Create YOUR great Adventure this year!

Carol Carter, DTM

Your District 21 Director 2017-2018