Just Five Weeks to Go

Hi District 21 Members,

In June, 2016, we set a very bold goal of D21 achieving distinguished status for 2016-2017. Although we have enjoyed an excellent year, it looks as though our goal is a step too far. We have chartered some new clubs (we even have excellent possibilities of four more new clubs before June 30) but we have also lost some clubs, which means we are not able to reach the number of new clubs that is required.

However, many of our clubs have done exceptionally well this year and enjoyed great success. At this point we already have 37 clubs that have achieved the impressive level of distinguished or higher. It would be outstanding if we could finish the year, on June 30th, with 45% of our clubs being distinguished. This means a total of 68 clubs – 31 to go!

Can you help your club to be distinguished? Can you complete an educational award? Can you bring one or more guests to your club meetings? What do your club members need to do to cross the line and take pride in being designated as … a distinguished club!!

If your club is already distinguished, are you and your club able to support another club to enjoy the same success that you have achieved?

Let’s work together to achieve the level of 45% of our clubs being distinguished – this would be the first time it has happened since the restructuring to the new District 21.

Just 5 weeks to go! Together we can make it happen!




Alan Warburton DTM

District 21 Director,  2016-2017