Marketing Resources – Membership Building Ideas

The D21 theme  ‘Building our membership together for success’ reminds us that we all play an important part in helping our clubs succeed.  International Director Margaret Page and District Director Alan Warburton facilitated an early morning conference session featuring several clubs who competed for stage time.  With the assistance of Shawn Gold, who supplied instant feedback via a polling app, we received great take home value, and learned about many successful initiatives taking place in clubs around D21. Keep up the great work, everyone…your efforts are noted and appreciated.

Margaret followed up with us, providing ‘Hundreds of Membership Building Ideas’ for our consideration, saying that this list was compiled by David McAllister, International Director from Region 3 and  a marketing expert–several years ago when he was on the trio.

Is your club looking for an injection of new energy?  Here are a few tips to consider…

●            Plan a special showcase meeting. Invite members from around the district to present a special program. Invite guests and be ready to sign them up on the spot.

●            Take your show on the road. Schedule your meeting in a new location where it will get new visibility. Suggestions: community center, library, retirement community, bookstore, etc. Get the facility to help promote your special appearance. Invite guests.

●            Conduct a Speechcraft. If you do not have enough members to successfully launch the program, call on members from other clubs to help out. Warning: don’t expect someone else to do all the work, though. Charge a fee for the speechcraft that will cover the new member fee and the first six months of dues. At the end of the speechcraft, offer a “free” membership to all successful participants

●            Ask a member from another club (look for one who you believe is especially motivational in their speaking ability) to do an education module at one of your club meetings. Create a guest list to invite prospective members who can benefit from the topic. Choose from the Successful Club or Successful Speaker series. (Note: the evaluation and listening modules work particularly well.)

●            Create a holiday invitation (St. Pat’s, Halloween, Thanksgiving, spring, etc.) and ask each member to hand out invitations to friends and co-workers. Plan your agenda around a holiday theme.

●            Appreciation night: Honor a community member at a special meeting. Ask the guest to say a few words promoting Toastmasters. Be sure to have lots of guests to help express your appreciation.