Meet new D21 Leaders for 2017-2018!

Announcing our Incoming PQD and PRM
Plus More Leadership Opportunities – Apply ASAP

After two weeks of consulting past and current leaders, and many phone conversations with outstanding members across our District, we have selected a new Program Quality Director and a new Public Relations Manager for the upcoming Toastmasters year. Both these incoming leaders are dedicated to YOUR club’s success and will do their best to help co-create a positive, purposeful, inclusive and inspiring Member Experience for all our District 21 members this coming Toastmasters year.

Drum roll please… 

Help me give a warm welcome and congratulations to:

  • our new Program Quality Director, Shawn Gold, DTM
  • our new Public Relations Manager, Ashwani Kumar Sinha, ACS, ALS

Wild applause!

More on these two new leaders in a moment.

Are YOU ready to step into a new leadership opportunity?

We have many openings on our incoming leader team. Is this YOUR year to stretch further out of your comfort zone and seize the learning opportunities that service to all District 21 members provides? Please apply or request more information ASAP by sending an email to regarding the position(s) that interest you:

  • District Administration Manager (Secretary for the District – receives the Toastmasters credit toward your ALS)
  • District Finance Manager (Treasurer for the District – receives the Toastmasters credit toward your ALS)
  • District Logistics Manager (Sergeant at Arms for the District)
  • District Webmaster
  • District Parliamentarian
  • Area Director – please indicate your Division (receives the Toastmasters credit toward your ALS)
  • Assistant Area Director (do you want to job shadow this year and apply to be an Area Director next year? Great opportunity to get involved!)
  • Assistant Division Director (your information will be forwarded to the incoming Division Director for further discussion. They are assembling full teams this year!)

Our District Officer Training will take place in Tsawwassen on June 17th. All those in the above roles will be invited to attend the training event. Please apply early!

Here’s a little information about our newly appointed District Leaders!

Incoming PQD, Shawn Gold, DTM

Shawn is a 30+ year business manager with Honeywell.  He’s a strong supporter of lifelong learning; having completed many certifications along the way.  He believes in giving people the opportunity to excel in their areas of personal interest by opening the doors whenever appropriate.

Shawn loves his family, especially his grandchildren, travel and photography.

Shawn joined Richmond Toastmasters 5488 in March 2011

  • VP PR in 2011/2012
  • President 2012/2013
  • Area 53 (now 43) Governor 2013/2014
  • Division E Governor 2014/2015
  • DTM in February 2015
  • Club Mentor Lightly Toasted 4407379 2015/2016
  • Won Division E International Speech Spring 2016
  • Won Division E Table Topics Fall 2016 (placed 3rd at D21)
  • President Global Speakers 9868 from July 2016
  • President Rich-Del Toastmaster 3767 from July 2016
  • Club Coach Dragon Masters 9373 from July 2016
  • Official and unofficial District events photographer…many, many years

Shawn is currently working on his second DTM planning to complete it in time to work on a new Pathways DTM when it is launched.


Incoming PRM, Ashwani Kumar Sinha, ACS, ALS

Ashwani has been a Toastmaster for just over 3 years. He truly believes in the values of Toastmasters International – Integrity, Respect, Service & Excellence. During these years he has had the opportunity to serve the membership as Area Director and Division Director. He has also served as a VPPR, Secretary, VPE and President in the various clubs he is part of. Ashwani is very instrumental in fueling the Online Toastmasters Movement, where he chartered 3 online Toastmasters Clubs. He has also been the Public Relations Chair for previous years’ Spring & Fall District 21 Conferences. The learning in these roles has helped him immensely in his personal and professional life.

In his day job, Ashwani has been working for a Digital Hybrid Marketing Agency – Webacom Media Corporation as a Senior Strategist for the past 10 years. He has worked with several medium-to-large, profit and non-profit organizations providing them strategies to be competitive in their marketing endeavors. His educational qualifications include a PhD in Software Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Ashwani now brings his educational and professional skills to assist the Toastmasters membership in District 21 as a Public Relations Manager. Please feel free to bring up any public relations challenges to him, and he’ll be very glad to assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Carol Carter

District Director Elect 2017-2018
Toastmasters International District 21