D21 Leadership Team

Photo of Carol Carter DTM
District 21 Director 2017 – 2018
Photo of Shawn Gold DTM
District 21 Program Quality Director
Photo of Joe Guenette DTM
District 21 Club Growth Director
Photo of Gene Vickers DTM
District 21 Club Extension Chair
Photo of Vivien Ip
District 21 Finance Manager
Photo of Jeff Galenzoski
District 21 Club Retention Chair
No Image Available
District 21 Logistics Manager
No Image Available
District 21 Pathways Program Chief Ambassador
Photo of Sharon Marshall
District 21 Administration Manager
Photo of Rae Stonehouse DTM PDG
District 21 Webmaster
Photo of Alan Warburton DTM
Immediate Past District Director
Photo of Joanne Morrison DTM PDG
District 21 Parliamentarian
Photo of Christine Manly
Club PR Campaign Challenge Chair