The District 21 Passport Program – Make this year a Grand Adventure!

Membership has its priviledges! As a member of Toastmasters, you are part of a large family of clubs around the world. Other than “closed” clubs (special organizations with requirements to belong) you are welcome to attend ANY of them. Have you explored your own backyard? How much of District 21 have you visited? How many new friends, valuable connections and brilliant ideas for your own club, are still waiting for you to discover?

Your District 21 Passport has a set of adventures waiting for you:

  • Visit clubs and jot down ideas you’d like to try in your own club
  • Visit Specialty and Advanced Clubs. Think of what type of member they could attract.
  • Attend (extra point for helping out) a club contest in another club, your Area or your Division. Note new ways to enhance your own club contests.
  • Attend a Toastmasters event – Workshop, Club Officer Training, Judge’s Training, Train-the-Trainer, Speaker-to-Trainer, and more. Would your club like to host a training event? Contact Program Quality Director Shawn Gold to find out how.
  • Participate in a Speechcraft or a Youth Leadership Project
  • Participate in a Demo Meeting for a potential new club
  • Attend a District 21 Conference

The more Passport Pages you complete, the more points your passport is worth! Whether you’ve completed one adventure or all of them, make sure your Passport is handed in by you or someone else at the Spring Conference in Kelowna April 20 – 22. Pick up a SPECIAL GIFT if you deliver your passport in person at the Conference!


Besides the adventures and ah-ha’s, your SPECIAL GIFT, and all your new connections, there are prizes for the most points! Winners will be announced in our June 2018 e-Newsletter.

Your Passport should have been given to your club by your Area Director. If your club needs more Passports, please contact Carol Carter, your District Director.

Carry your Passport with you at all times! Share ideas you’ve jotted in its pages. Collect proof of your “travels” and make this year a Grand Adventure for you and all you meet along the way!

Carol Carter DTM

Warm wishes through these chilly winter months!

Your 2017 – 2018 Distict Director

D21 Final Fall Conference Photo Library

Want to see photos from the final District 21 fall conference?  Click here

D21 2017 (Last) Fall Contest Winners

Warren Kindellan Funny Bones Club #6606120, Division G, winning with his speech “Why Am I Still Single?”.  Second place Muyang (Mike) Zhong, and Third place Hersh Kalles.  Pictured above from left to right are District Director Carol Carter, International First Vice President Deepak Menom, Warrend Kindellan and Program Quality Director Shawn Gold.

Table Topics Contest winner Gisele Plourde Trestle Toastmasters Club 7340, Division B.  Second place Mohammed Yasir Ali Khan, and Third place Hersh Kalles.  Pictured above from left to right are Club Growth Director Joe Guenette, International First Vice President Deepak Menom, Gisele Plourde, District Director Carol Carter and Program Quality Director Shawn Gold.

District 21 Humorous Speech Contestants

Div. A       6676 – Muyang (Mike) Zhong – 2nd Place
Div. B 1104308 – Alexis Santacruz
Div. C 4469753 – Hersh Kalles – 3rd Place
Div. E        4142 – Sal Baloo
Div. F 1158953 – Gary Drouillard
Div. G 6606120 – Warren Kindellan – 1st Place
Div. K        5300 – Gary Johnston
Div. L        1929 – Heidi Thompson

District 21 Table Topics Contestants

Div. A 1821018 – Shawn O’Hara
Div. B        7340 – Gisele Plourde – 1st Place
Div. C 4469753 – Hersh Kalles – 3rd Place
Div. E        4666 – Barb Westlake
Div. F        7173 – Martin Presse
Div. G  845571 – April Kennedy
Div. K        5300 – Gary Johnston
Div. L        3929 – Mohammad Yasir Ali Khan – 2nd Place

Results by Division

Division A Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
A 2 6676 NiteShifters Toastmasters Club Mike Zhong 1st
A 5 3248959 Silverbridge Toastmasters Chuck Thompson 2nd
A 3 4671 Master Motivators Club Darren Marr 3rd
A 4 2262553 Royal Roads Toastmasters Derrick Johnson
A 1 38 First Canadian Toastmasters Club Jordan Weide
Division A Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
A 3 1821018 Uptown Rollers Shawn O’Hara 1st
A 1 38 First Canadian Toastmasters Club Jordan Weide 2nd
A 5 3248959 Silverbridge Toastmasters Ian Morrison 3rd
A 2 6676 NiteShifters Toastmasters Club Mike Zhong
A 4 1472411 Sooke Harbour Toastmasters Club Suzanne Viau

Division B Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
B 10 396 Thunderbird Zac White
B 10 790 Victoria Beaver Gerie Turner
B 11 1882 Oak Bay Mary Wallace
B 11 2997355 Coast Master Craig Hickie 2nd
B 12 1104308 Toastmart Alexis Santacruz 1st
B 12 7340 Trestle Gisele Plourde
B 13 6136285 Seymore Synergy Bashar Dari 3rd
B 13 1390136 Quorum Jeff Van Den Driesen

Division B Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
B 10 396 Thunderbird Kathi Thompson
B 10 790 Victoria Beaver Evelyn Woodward
B 11 2997355 Coast Master Craig Hickie
B 11 1882 Oak Bay Keenan Liss 2nd
B 12 1201 Belmont Babblers Sarah Alshamaily 3rd
B 12 7340 Trestle Gisele Plourde 1st
B 13 4435422 The Persuaders Cliff Quinn
B 13 1390136 Quorum Bashar Dari

Division C Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
C 20 3620 Enterprising Gordon Bell 3rd
C 20 4697 Uplands Lunch Bunch Rosa Telegus
C 21 4469753 Island Excellence Hersh Kalles 1st
C 21 5750 Arbutus Ravi Sharma 2nd
C 22 3984 Comox Valley Jim Buchanan

Division C Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
C 20 4697 Uplands Lunch Bunch Mark Christie
C 20 7460 Harbour City Michael Kazyss 3rd
C 21 4469753 Island Excellence Hersh Kalles 1st
C 21 8031 Mid Island Advanced Kristin Nickells 2nd
C 24 714495 Campbell River Kristan Moore
C 24 714495 Campbell River Tommy Nymann

Division E Humorous 

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
E 40 867 Deltones Richard Nash
E 40 4666 Ambassadors – Tsawwassen Greg Smith
E 41 6246 Comp-Talk May Soo Tveita 2nd
E 41 4142 Richmond Friendly Sal Baloo 1st
E 42 9868 Global Speakers Charles Lai
E 42 5488 Richmond Katherine Chak
E 43 3314718 Spotlight Speakers Mike Rozen 3rd
E 43 3767 Rich-Del William Mok

Division E Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
E 40 867 Deltones Richard Nash
E 40 4666 Ambassadors – Tsawwassen Barb Westlake 1st
E 41 6246 Comp-Talk Rob An
E 41 4142 Richmond Friendly Mario Tobia
E 42 9868 Global Speakers Charles Lai
E 42 5488 Richmond Carmen Cheung
E 43 3314718 Spotlight Speakers Sal Baloo 3rd
E 43 8790 MDA Arjun Sumal 2nd

Division F Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
F 50 8178 White Rock Noel Bentley 2nd
F 51 1158953 The Professional Edge Gary Drouillard 1st
F 52 7173 Speakers Advantage Martin Presse 3rd
F 53 9200 North Delta Power Talkers Rema Nair
F 54 2590 Surrey Club Tori Kent

Division F Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
F 50 9362 Early Edition Angelika Bendrich 2nd
F 51 9429 The Rock Christian Lorraine Cauley 3rd
F 52 7173 Speakers Advantage Martin Presse 1st
F 53 5881 The Word David Simpson
F 54 5268 TaxMasters Club Phil Horn

Division G Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
G 60 965 Abbotsford Sundown David Klassen
G 60 9453 Rise And Shine Cam Taylor 3rd
G 62 2651 Cloverdale Marcus Ray 2nd
G 62 7275 Aldergrove Sacha Patouillet
G 63 9932 Midnight Madness Mike Robinson
G 63 6606120 Funny Bones Warren Kindellan 1st

Division G Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
G 60 965 Abbotsford Sundown David Klassen
G 60 9328 Snowpeaks Diana Pazdera
G 62 3439 Walnut Grove Jeanie Davis 2nd
G 62 1328523 Langley Morning  Christian Redshaw
G 63 9932 Midnight Madness Mike Robinson 3rd
G 63 845571 Toastmentors April Kennedy 1st

Division K Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
K 83 5300 Kelowna AM Gary Johnston 1st
K 82 641259 Penticton Speakers Darlene Beach 2nd
K 82 2196677 Penticton Toasties David Folstad 3rd
K 83 2796 Kelowna Club Nolan Sisett
K 80 2004846 OC Toastmasters Don Douglas
K 80 723 Kelowna Flying Solo Rae Stonehouse

Division K Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
K 83 5300 Kelowna AM Gary Johnston 1st
K 82 2392 Penticton Club Jodi Bird 2nd
K 82 7791 South Okanagan Calvin Craik 3rd
K 80 723 Kelowna Flying Solo Rae Stonehouse
K 83 2796 Kelowna Club Nolan Sisett
K 80 872 Westside Sharleen McBlain

Division L Humorous

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
L 90 1929 Vernon Sonja Peters
L 90 1929 Vernon Heidi Thompson 1st
L 92 1938 Overlander James Demens 3rd
L 91 2645 Armstrong  Pat Weninger 2nd
L 92 1454214 Thompson Valley Advanced Donna Lessard
L 91 2645 Armstrong Sheila Procter

Division L Table Topics

Division, Area, Club #, Club, Name, Place
L 90 1298198 Hi Noon Marco Longley 3rd
L 91 2645 Armstrong Sheila Procter 2nd
L 92 3929 TRU Mohammad Yasir Ali Khan 1st
L 92 9832 High Country Achievers Amy Tucker
L 90 1929 Vernon Club Heidi Thompson
L 91 6884 Monday Night Vernon Suellen McCumber

D21’s Final Fall Conference

Thank you to the incredible last District 21 Fall Conference Planning Team.  Led by Florence Chan and mentored by Jan Ireland, this team put together an incredible conference.  We had a magnificent venue, outstanding keynote speakers, a brilliant array of talent, exceptional education session leaders, fun filled entertainment, and the best of the best humorous […]

D21 Hall of Fame: 2016- 2017

D21 Hall of Fame: 2016-2017

The Hall of Fame Book for 2016 – 2017 has been released.

Are you listed? Check and see!

Click here to download your copy.

D21 Hall of Fame: 2016- 2017

Expanding Horizons in November

What to do when the weather turns cold and snowy?

If you are a Toastmaster in District 21, there’s a LOT you can do! Watch this video and read the brief notes below.

Please click on the articles in the November newsletter (or see other articles on our website) to find out more about:
– The FINAL Fall Conference
– The “Banner Parade”
– The next round of Club Officer Training (and our early bird “Get ‘er Done” option
– An opportunity to become an approved District 21 Trainer
– An update on the Pathways Program
– How to get a SECOND Pathway for FREE! (must act BEFORE Pathways rollout!)

Do you have some PR skills? Looking for a new challenge? 

We are looking for a new PR Manager. Huge kudos goes out to Ashwani Kumar Sinha for all his hard work getting our various PR assets up and running. He must leave the country for the next three months. Our promise to you this year was greater support for your VPPR and your club as you reach out to draw in your community to the Toastmasters experience your club provides.  We need a new team member to grab the batton and keep us running!

Please contact Carol Carter (me) if you are curious, have someone to recommend, or would like to take on even a portion of this opportunitiy. Many hands make light work, and will have an even better time while doing that work.

I hope to see you at the Fall Conference. That’s your opportunity to relax, connect, learn, laugh, grow and equip yourself to help you and your team succeed this year. If you can’t make it, you could bring a friend to one of our Membership Building events in Victoria, Courtenay or Richmond, and see one of our brilliant keynote speakers, 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi! See the video above, or visit our Events page for more info.

Thank you for all you are doing for your team, for your community, and also for yourself. Our District 21 trio and support team wish you the best November ever!

Carol Carter DTM



Your 2017-2018 District 21 Director


Finding Your Club’s “Unique Learning Opportunity”

December Update:

Thank you to all the clubs who sent their Unique Learning Opportunity “Tag Lines” or concise sentences before the October 31st deadline! We honoured you at the Fall Conference. 

New Challenge – get your “Tag Line” in BEFORE January 15th to have your Tag Line on your Area’s Promo Card!

If your team does not yet have a Unique Learning Opportunity “Tag Line” to inspire your members and help curious community members want to check out your club, there’s a NEW deadline! Get your Tag Line to your Area Director or District Director, Carol Carter before January 15th to have it included on a special promotional card for your Area’s clubs. Keep reading this article to help you get started!

Your VP PR announces that your team is having a membership campaign. “Invite as many guests as you can next month.” … and your mind goes blank. Who should you invite?

When Donna Schneider first invited me to North Delta Power Talkers, she spoke about the wonderful, encouraging, supportive team of members, the amazing food and the fact she learned something new every meeting. That’s exactly what I found … and I joined.

Early Edition in White Rock, advertises its meetings on meetup as “Communicating With Confidence for Entrepreneurs” and regularly attracts entreprenuers who prefer an early start to their day and want to improve their confidence and communication skills.

Spontaneous Speakers in South Surrey advertises as “Impromptu Speech Training for Spontaneous Speakers” and regularly attracts people in the community looking to improve their off-the-cuff speaking skills.

Does your club know what’s special about the member experience you provide?

Start defining your team’s “Unique Learning Opportunity” you provide by asking each other these two questions:

  1. What is unique or exciting about our club that would make a new visitor want to join?
  2. What is special about our club that makes existing members want to stay?

From your pool of answers, you’ll get a better sense of what experience your team offers (or really wants to create) for your community. Once you define what makes your team special, it’s much easier to think of the special people you run into in your community, who may be ready for what you have.

Examples of Tag Lines Already Submitted:

  • Salmon Arm Toastmasters Club – “Come to Speak, Stay for Fun”
  • Penticton Toasties – “Cardio for Communicators”
  • Kwantlen Toastmasters – “Stepping Up, Stepping Out”
  • Downtown Express Toastmasters – “Kelowna’s Club for Busy Professionals”
  • Penticton Toastmasters – “Lifting Members Above the Crowd Since 1959!”
  • Campbell River Toastmasters – “Speak Like No One is Listening”
  • Nelson Fresh Tracks Toastmasters – “Speak Easy. Speak Often. Speak Well.”
  • 5300 Kelowna AM Toastmasters – “Worth Waking Up For”
  • Westside Toastmasters  – “Speak your mind and Lead the way in Westside Toastmasters”
  • Midnight Madness – “Unleash the Humour Within”
  • The Kelowna City Hall Toastmasters Club – “Building leaders a noon hour at a time”


Have FUN with this!

Carol Carter, DTM

Your District 21 Director 2017-2018

Toastmasters Where Leaders are Made

What do Toastmasters Get Out of New Club Growth?

Benefits of Being a Toastmaster

You grow personally.

Helping to start a new club isn’t just about the new opportunities you’ll have to give speeches – at demonstration meetings and in the first months of a budding club. It also presents many challenges and opportunities that you won’t find when participating in existing, established clubs.

You will develop and apply your organizational & planning skills; your marketing & persuasion skills; your coaching, mentoring & leadership skills in a deeper, more impactful way and thereby improve in all these highly desirable skills.

And, of course, you get credit toward your Advanced Leader Award for helping to create a new Toastmasters Club!

Your area grows and becomes more fun.

Interaction between clubs is an integral element of keeping the Toastmasters experience fresh and motivating participation. Some clubs are fairly isolated from others, however, and some large regions have no clubs at all.

By building new clubs, you can reduce the distance between Area clubs, allowing them to exchange ideas more readily and support each other. You strengthen your Toastmasters Area, enabling ever more exciting local conferences and social opportunities. It’s more fun and inspiring for everyone!

Your District grows and supports you better.

You’ve likely heard many times that the District is here to serve you as members. This is especially difficult when the number of clubs is so low that the areas are quite spread out geographically and resources are slim. It’s difficult for Area Directors to be present for the clubs on a regular basis and some members might never meet the Division and District officers.

When Areas grow by new clubs being chartered, Areas can be realigned and the distances between them, reduced geographically. Each club will interact more regularly with their Area Director and hopefully receive better service and support.

And let’s not forget that building new clubs ensures not only that our District stays healthy and vital but also that we move one step closer to achieving our mission: to make effective communication a worldwide reality.

Building new clubs gives all Toastmasters the chance to improve their District, their Area, but most importantly, themselves!


Toastmasters Where Leaders are Made

How do I Start the Process ?

Identify your target:

Are you planning for a new community, corporate, advanced or other Club? Ideally, we strive to attain the 20 member target before submitting the Application to Organize.

Order a New Club Kit:

Email your request for a Club kit via the Toastmasters website, “Find a Club” then “Start a Club” located at Ask them to send you the complete printed new club materials.

Build a team:

Identify key motivated people willing to serve as Sponsors and Mentors, as both of these roles are critical to a new Club’s eventual success.

Plan your Demonstration Meeting:

Demos meetings are presented before a group of prospective members by one or more experienced Toastmasters. A demo will include an overview of the organization, the benefits of membership and how to start and operate a Club (including information about fees).

Develop and implement a promotion strategy:

Get the word out—use flyers, newspaper ads and phone calls to let the community know about the demo meeting—if the target Club is slated to be an open community Club. Email is effective and corporate newsletters for closed or corporate Club prospects.

Focus on what’s in it for them:

Benefits sell—emphasize in the demo session why it is worthwhile to join. Involve your team members, and get their testimonials about what Toastmasters has done for them. Keep it upbeat, positive, interactive and not too technical.

Take a social break:

Allow some time (if time is available) for socializing—get guests talking and interacting with one another.

Plan the next steps:

It’s a good idea to develop options for next steps in advance of the demo meeting. Make provisions for the full range of possible outcomes (i.e., from slight interest to enthusiastic, “when-can we-start commitment.) Once commitment is confirmed by the attendees—be ready to suggest a suitable course of action.


Identify the future leaders:

Gauge which attendees come across as likely leaders of the future Club and enlist their involvement as soon as possible for positions of President, Vice President Education, VP Membership, etc.

Get a financial commitment as soon as possible:

Solidify the commitment of prospective members by having a “starting point” budget and collecting some level of dues at the first meeting.

Respect their time:

Stay within the prescribed time limits of the meeting.

Follow up:

Keep your newfound goodwill with the group intact by honoring your commitments.


They consider you to be the expert.

In short, “The potential for new Clubs is all around us; in communities, corporations and government organizations. Toastmasters is such a time proven formula for development of communication and leadership skills that it just about sells itself.”

by Joe Guenette DTM

D21 Club Growth Director

Videos – Tips for Healthy Clubs & Club Coaches

Looking for tips on how to be an effective Club Coach or Club Mentor? Maybe you are in a club that’s doing okay, but you’d like to make the member experience even better. The following series of videos was created a few years ago, but is every bit as relevant today. Scroll down to find the topics you are most interested in, grab a notebook and pen, and feel free to connect with our District Team on any points you would like help with. That’s why we’re here!

Learn about being a Club Sponsor, Club Coach or Club Mentor
ClubCoachSponsorMentorv2Club Coaching Step 1 – How to Get Started – Preparing Your Club to Succeed.

ClubCoach1v2Club Coaching Step 2 – Dealing With Conflict – Building a Healthy Learning Environment

Club Coaching Step 3 – Growing Pains – Preparing for Real Growth


Club Coaching Step 4 – How to Attract New and Retain Current Members – Building a Thriving & Magnetic Team


Official Notice of the District 21 Council Meeting

Our next District 21 Council Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 11th, 1:30pm, at the Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort, 100 Harbour Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 0G1

The District Council includes:

  • Both the President and Vice President Education of each District 21 club
  • All District Executive Committee Members including Division Directors, Area Directors, the District PR Manager, District Administration Manager, District Finance Manager, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director and District Director

All members in good standing of the District 21 Council are eligible to vote at the Business Meeting. The business meeting is FREE to attend. You do NOT need to register for the Fall Conference, though we’d love to have you at that event!  See the conference details here:

If you are a President or VP Education of your club, please fill out the proxy notice that was sent to you in a separate email from our Credentials Chair, Deborah Richards. If you cannot attend, you can designate a member of that same club who is in good standing, to carry your vote. Any member of District 21 may ONLY carry a maximum of two votes at the meeting, except for District Executive Council Members, who can carry a maximum of three votes. Make sure the member, to whom you assign your proxy, is aware of this.

Here are some helpful links below

* The Agenda for the upcoming District Business meeting:  AGENDA.

* The Standing Rules for that meeting: STANDING RULES

* The Minutes from the previous meeting, held at the Sherton Vancouver Guidlford Hotel on April 22, 2017: MINUTES 

Please review the information, and let me know if you have any questions.

Also, if your club’s District proxy has not yet been submitted, please do so as soon as possible, so that your club can have representation at the meeting. If you have any questions regarding the proxy please contact Deborah Richards, the District Credentials Chair, at

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, November 11th in our Province’s Capital of Victoria.

Warm regards and best wishes for you and your team,



Your District 21 Director 2017 – 2018