Langley Toastmasters is first to 10 DCP this year! AND there’s more …

Greatness is happening in Division G! We have THREE clubs to celebrate!

Please help us congratulate Langley Toastmasters 2743, in Division G, Area 63! After attending Club Officer Training at the ACT event last Saturday, they received their final point to reach all 10 Distinguished Club Goals. With a healthy membership to date of 34 members, Langley Toastmasters is set to be Distinguished as soon as the April 1st renewals are counted at World Headquarters.


We have something else to celebrate. Out of 38 clubs on the planet, 2 clubs in District 21 keep reaching all 10 DCP points and having the membership levels to be Presidents Distinguished year after year. They’ve created a Club Culture of what Margaret Page calls “Documented Changes in People”. For the past 13 years of Mike Raffety’s tracking, here are the 38 clubs (click link). Please reach out and congratulate our own Division G, Area 62 clubs:

2651 Cloverdale Club
8742 Good News Toastmasters Club

Remember, our “Rising Tide” floats all boats. We’re here to help each other and keep Toastmasters sustainable in our wee corners of British Columbia. DO reach out not only to congratulate the clubs you see succeeding, but also to pick their brains on what’s possible for your club! We have much we can learn from each others’ successes! SHARE your brilliance! Help us all build an Amazing Adventure, and hopefully Share the Adventure with more potential future members.

Carol Carter DTM



Your 2017-2018 District 21 Director

District 21 FIRST EVER e-Vote – the results are in!

Thank you all Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education! Our very first e-Vote was a success! You’ve proved it works! We’ll now gather all the wee lessons learned along the way and apply those to the voting process for this coming September.

What was this e-Vote about?

The current boundary line between District 21 and District 96 heads straight North at 122 degrees latitude, just past Mission, BC, placing Mission Toastmasters in District 96. The members of Mission Toastmasters are very far from the next closest District 96 club, which has proved to be more of a struggle than anyone had ever forseen.

After a club vote and consultation with Toastmasters International, both District 96 Director Lydia Burchell and District 21 Director Carol Carter agreed to put a slight boundary change forward to Toastmasters International. This is when they discovered all the rules and regulations around boundary changes! That’s what I love about Toastmasters – EVERYTHING is a learning opportunity.

We were told the matter needed to be put forward to District Councils of both districts. If approved, the matter still needed to go before the Toastmasters International Board of Directors for final approval. Here’s the catch – if this did not get approved by the board in their February board meeting, Mission Toastmasters would have to wait an entire additional year to become part of District 21, and closer to the support and opportunities to take best advantage of the Toastmasters program for all its members.

Tick … tick … tick …

Under tight time constraints, both District Directors worked to figure out how to do an e-vote fairly and efficiently, something we never thought we’d have to do until the Fall of 2018.

Under the electronic voting rules:

  • ONLY the Club President and VP Education can vote. Their votes cannot be transferred to any other member of their club.
  • Toastmasters International recommends the vote be open between 48 and 72 hours.
  • 50% of all possible votes, rounded upward to the nearest vote, plus one more vote are needed to pass a motion.
  • No notice is required for this type of vote.
  • As the District Executive Committee (District Officers, including Area and Division Directos) had already voted to approve the motion at the January 13th DECM in Tsawwassen, only the District Council needed to vote on this particular motion.

Our results of our very first vote:

  • At the time of the vote, there were 286 members in good standing of the District Council.
  • 50% = 143. Adding 1 vote = 144 votes of approval were needed to pass the motion.
  • Voting was open from 5:24pm Friday, January 26th until 7:00pm Monday, January 29th
  • 204 votes were received.
    • 15 votes were ineligible
    • 185 votes in favour
    • 4 votes opposed

This motion has been carried! Our sister District 96 has also approved their motion. Results are now in the hands of Toastmasters International World Headquarters for our next step of the process. If all goes well, on July 1, 2018, we will welcome Mission Toastmasters into Division G!

See the proposed boundary line change below, courtesy of 2012-2013 District 21 Alignment Chair, Mike Robinson, DTM, PDG.

Thank you to all members and leaders who helped make this possible, and for District Services at World Headquarter who kept me putting one foot in front of the other. This first e-Vote will be a springboard we can use in all future votes outside of our Annual General Meeting.

To see the official minutes of this vote click this link:

Thanks for helping with yet another District 21 Adverture-in-the-making,

Carol Carter DTM

Your 2017-2018 District 21 Director

(To contact me directly, click my head)

Webinar Wednesdays: Your Toastmasters Public Relations Toolbox Webinar Recording

D21 Toastmasters has commenced a new feature entitled Webinar Wednesdays. Our first webinar focused on public relations tools, strategies & ideas clubs can use to market & promote their club and attract guests.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the live version. If you weren’t able to participate, here is a link to a recording of the webinar.

Also here is a link to the Speaker’s Notes for the prerecorded video portion.

Stay tuned for more webinars as part of our Webinar Wednesdays series. 

Happy 2018!

The District Executive team did not ALL fit in this video, but our core team, Program Quality Director Shawn Gold, Club Growth Director Joe Guenette, Finance Manager Vivien Ip, Administration Manager Sharon Marshall, and me, your District Director Carol Carter, wish ALL our members and leaders HAPPINESS, laughter, learning and lasting friendships for 2018.

See a cleaner, brighter, sharable version of this on our Toastmasters District 21 Facebook Group (the “Group”, not the “Page”).

January is when I went to my very first Toastmasters meeting in 2010. From that day on I made a commitment to my growth and development that I will never regret. I am eternally grateful for all the gifts Toastmasters has provided.

Do you remember what brought you through the doors of your first meeting? What were your first impressions of that club? What made you join Toastmasters? What keeps you coming back? Who do you know, who might be looking for what you came for? Reach out and pay forward all you’ve received from Toastmasters. You never know how you might change a life … or five … in the process.

What’s new in January?

In January our focus turns back to building our club and making it a rewarding, enjoyable experience for all our members.

  1. Has your team created a PR Campaign yet? I am anxiously waiting to award those Emerald gems. To help you along, We’re issuing a PR Campaign Challenge just in time for Toastmasters Month! Start working up a PR Campaign to run in February. More info to come at the Club Officer Training events this month!
  2. The Rising Tide Challenge is on! Increase your membership by 10% above your July 1st starting base by the April 1st renewal date and your team WINS! We’re putting together a wee care package that includes an After Party at the Spring Conference! More on the prize to come. Aim to reach or exceed that goal! It’s WIN for everyone if you do!
  3. Have you done a Moments of Truth yet? See Program Quality Director Shawn Gold’s article (see link in eNewsletter) on the three things you can do to build even more quality into your club experience, for yourself,  your existing members, and your future members who have not yet found you!
  4. Have you given your club a “Tag Line” yet? (click “Tag Line” to see article). We are creating Area Promotion cards to be used at community events and a special Membership Building event we have planned in February. Please forward your team’s Tag Line to your Area or Division Director to submit ASAP!

Hopefully you also make a renewed commitment to your own growth and development. What do you want to achive this year? How can Toastmasters provide skills and experience to help you achieve greater results in your life?

  1. Mike Robinson, DTM, PDG, our District 21 Leadership Chair might have an opportunity for you!  See his page linked from the latest eNewsletter, or click HERE for details.
  2. Looking for a High Performance Leadership Project? Visit our Opportunities section regularly, or contact me (Carol Carter) by replying to the eNewsletter email to find out what’s possible beyond your club.
  3. Pathways Guides are starting to visit their clubs! Learn more about what’s in store from Shawn Gold’s article. Not ready to move to Pathways? No worries! You will have until at least June 2020 to continue using the current program. More on this at the upcoming Club Officer Training events, or from your Pathways Guide.

Club Officer Training is coming to your geographic region! Visit our EVENTS page to find an “ACT” event near you (Accredited Club Training), or ask you Area or Division Director when and where your Club Officers can get their training.

We know you are creating brilliant meetings and events for your members. PLEASE share what you are up to! Write an article for our website, post photos on our Facebook Group, tell us what you’ve tried, what works, and how much fun you had doing it! We need your inspiring ideas!!!

Help make 2018 our happiest year yet!

,Warmly,Carol Carter DTM

Your District 21 Director


Quality Club Webinar

Has your Toastmasters club allowed you to meet all your initial goals for joining?  If so, has it continued to meet your evolving goals since then? A quality club should be able to do that.  If you’re interested in knowing if your club is a quality club or how to make it a quality club, check out the YouTube Quality Club Webinar.

Pathways Guides Will be Coming to Your Club Soon!


We have our official notice.  Pathways is to roll out for Region 1 in March 2018.  We have our Pathways Guides!!  They have all been notified and have received their kits.  They will soon begin their training, and then will be scheduling site visits to every club.  Pathways is an option for all Toastmasters who joined prior to the March launch.  You will be able to continue with your current training plan for 2 years after all regions launch Pathways (expected to take you to at least June 30, 2020).  The bonus for all current members is they can work on both the current system and Pathways and take advantage of both programs.  There is an added bonus for any member, who is a member of more than one club prior to our launch; they will be able to receive a second free path (a USD $20 savings).  It’s an exciting time for us all, although it might be a bit scary as we find our way along this new path.  If you have any concerns or questions, please take advantage of the planned Pathways Guides visits.

To see who your club’s Pathways Guide is, check the attached. 

Please support these dedicated Pathways Guides when they call.  It will be an incredibly rewarding experience for all our members, new and old.


Call for presenters

Call For Conference Educational Session Presenters

Call For Conference Educational Session Presenters

Call for presentersSpring is around the corner [okay, it is a big corner!] and your District Conference 2018 Team is actively working on maintaining the high standard of Toastmasters conferences that the Okanagan is known for.

If your New Year’s resolutions include delivering a presentation at a District level conference, well then have we got an opportunity for you!

Are you interested in offering a workshop or cracker barrel session at the Spring 2018 Conference?

Do you have a creative and inspiring workshop in communication, leadership, toastmasters or personal development to share? Do you have other creative or valuable topics that you would like to present?

Join the Education Team at the District 21 Conference, in Kelowna on April 20-22, 2018.

Please note that our workshops will be 45 min sessions and Cracker Barrel will be 15 min sessions. As presenters, you can earn credit towards your education goals and expand your horizons.

We are also seeking Workshop Hosts to introduce Speakers.

Come join our Education Team and don’t miss this opportunity for a fun adventure.

Do you know someone who would be a great fit for these roles?

Pass it on!  Spread the word!  Send this to people you know that would make great presenters or hosts!  And, let us know!

Contact the Education Chair, Rae Stonehouse or 250-451-6564.

Imagine the Possibilities … Create Your Path!

Click here to download the 2018 District 21 Education Session Presentation Proposal Form.

Note:  Last Submission Date: February 10, 2018

A decision has not yet been reached by the committee as to whether Cracker Barrel sessions will be held or not.

Happy New Year

The District 21 CGD (Club Growth Director) wants to see you grow and be successful.

Yes, we need Coaches … and there are clubs that want those coaches.

Please send him your name to be added to the coaching staff for District 21.

Yes, there is a time limit to get a document bag for the coaches which is December 31, 2017.

However, once again Joe is being a nice guy. He has just announced to the District Director that the end date for coaches to get their names in will be January 31, 2018.

This will allow TI (Toastmasters International) to register the names that Joe is waiting on right now.

So … get on that list today. Become distinguished and receive that important credit for you Advanced Leader Silver Award.

Apply today.

Send your name in to Joe Guenette. or call him at 250- 815 – 0083

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Thanks for all that you do! See the video for a quick review of current programs and a peek at what’s coming in the New Year. (read below for more details)

Here’s some more detail on pieces mentioned above. Interesting that there ended up being twelve (for the Twelve Days of Christmas!):

    1. Club Coaches (contact Joe Guenette HERE before Dec 31st UPDATE – moved to January 31st!):
      • Be appointed as a club coach by Joe Guenette before midnight December 31st to receive that very convenient and covetous Toastmasters Document Bag.
      • Be a “successful” club coach by June 1st (after dashboard moves to June) by your coached club achieving “Distinguished” status, and you’ll receive a the very handy and helpful portable charger (phones and other compatible electronic devices!)
    2. New Clubs:
      • Submit a club lead and we will help you bring it to life. You can be as involved as you choose to be … and we think you’ll want to be involved, as that club lead will turn into a warm and wonderful Toastmasters Ladies/Mens Core Jacket for you if the club charters by February 28th!
      • That new club immediately receives SWAG both from Toastmasters International and from District 21 to launch a successful journey, PLUS that club will receive a special gift of a lectern or timing lights from District 21 if they are Distinguished before mid-June. It possible! We’ll help them focus on their best steps. What a way to start a club’s legacy!
    3. The Club Treasure Hunt Adventure:
      • Your team’s discovered treasure will find its way to you in surprising ways after each month closes. Check out your Treasure Map for the items you are hunting. (Hint – they each move your team toward a successful and rewarding year for ALL members.)
      • Decorate your team’s Treasure Chest in a way that is uniquely your club! There will be a contest … and prizes … more to come in the New Year.
    4. Send in Your Team’s Tag Line
      • “Toastmasters” can be hard to explain to a potential guest, but “Unleash the Humour Within” (Midnight Madness’ tag line) will speak to that person’s personal “Why” and make it easier for him/her to say “Yes” to your invitation. See the linked article to get started on crafting your team’s unique tag line and submit it to your Area Director or send to Carol Carter, your District Director ASAP!
      • In January, the District will be printing “Area Promo Cards” with each Area’s clubs, tag lines, meeting dates and times, and contact info. We need YOUR team’s info no later than January 15th. Please make sure your Area Director has all the correct information about your club’s meetings! These cards will be used in any community promotion events – job fairs, farmers markets, libraries, malls, chamber events … dream up potential places together with your Area Council. A “rising tide floats all boats” and “Many hands make light work”.
    5. The District 21 COP Award (Club Outreach Program):
      • Watch your team rise as you gain more “Brand New Baby Toastmasters” in your club. These people have never been a Toastmaster before. Have a look at the right hand column on the main page of
      • The club with the most New-to-Toastmasters members who renew on April 1st will win the new, ENORMOUS (but conveniently light and portable) COP Award at our April 20-21 District 21 Annual Conference! You’ll also receive a permanent, beautiful scroll plaque, appreciating your efforts of introducing the Toastmasters transformation to so many new people in your community, ensuring the sustainability of Toastmasters in District 21.
    6. The District 21 Passport Program:
      • Have you explored different clubs in your Area, Division and District? Have you visited a club outside District 21? Have you helped with a club, Ara or Division contest? Any of these (and more adventures) will gain you points in this years’ Passport Program. Keep your personal District 21 Passport with you at all times! You never know when an opportunity will come up! Make sure you receive a sticker or get that club/organizer to initial your passport.
      • There’s a small gift for those who submit their passport in person at the April 20-22 Conference. You can still win first, second or third prize if you are not there in person. Send your Passport to the conference with a club member, or your Area or Division Director.
      • Need a passport? Contact your club President. If the club needs extras, you can send a request to Carol Carter.
      • Would you like to help coordinate the Passport Program? It runs until our April 20-22 D21 Annual Conference in Kelowna. Contact Carol Carter to get involved!
    7. 7 out of 7 (x2) Club Officers Trained Ribbon
      • 34 teams had all 7 Club Officers trained in the Summer and are eligible to receive this Purple Present for their banner, plus special recognition at our Spring Conference if all 7 Club Officers are trained between December 1 and February 28th this Winter Training Season!
      • Missed the Summer season target? No worries. Though we can’t give you a ribbon, your team will receive a purple “Above and Beyond Service” gem for your treasure chest. It’s still a worthy goal, especially as we’ve seen that clubs who get all officers trained tend to have more fun and achieve greater results in their team all year.
    8. Pathways is Coming!!!
      • Pathways Guides are selected and are reciving their packages to help your team make the very best of the Pathways Program. See updates from Program Quality Director Shawn Gold and Pathways Chief Ambassador David Hobson!
      • If you belong to a second club before Pathways officially launches (expected March 1st), you will receive a second FREE pathway! You need to complete 2 pathways to achieve your DTM in the new program.
      • You can still keep completing the current program WHILE you start the new program! You have up to 2 years after the final Region roll out of the program is launched (likely you will have up to June 30th 2020).
    9. Toastmasters Month in British Columbia is February! (article will be posted as soon as declaration is in hand)
      • The Province of BC is about to declare February Toastmasters Month in 2018! Are you ready to make the most of this opportunity? See Webmaster Rae Stonehouse’s helpful video on how to get a proclamation of your own from your local Mayor’s office or other official.
      • Is your information up to date on ALL your web assets, including your official listing at Sima Saxena will be heading up a team who will be checking and giving you helpful feedback. In the meantime, imagine you are looking for a club near you and you discover your club’s webpage, facebook page, meetup listing, or do a club search on Will what they find frustrate them or draw them one step closer to coming to your next meeting?
    10. Contest Season – International Speech and Evaluation Speech Contests!
      • Would you like to challenge yourself to a whole new level of Speaking and evaluating? Nothing sharpens your skills like CONTEST SEASON! Starting with Club Contests in February, then Area Contests in March, and Division Contests the beginning of April, he District Finals will take place at our April 20-22 District 21 Annual Conference in Kelowna. Ask you VP Ed for infomation about how to compete this year!
      • Want to chair a club contest? It’s a project in your CL manual! Click on the various contests and download the “Digital File” for FREE (bottom of each contest page) at the Toastmasters International store here for all you need to run a successful Club Contest.
    11. Spring Conference … or The District 21 2018 Annual Conference:
      • Per Toastmasters International, we’ve gone back to annual District Conferences. This means, our District’s ONE special time to learn, laugh and grow together is April 20-22 in Kelowna. It will be VERY special! Conference co-chairs Marion Gushu-Geiger and Caroline Ivey, together with their conference committee, are planning a spectacular event you will not want to miss! Sign up now at the Early Bird rate! Book your room at the Capri Hotel!
    12. The Rising Tide Challenge (article will be posted in January):
      • At our District’s Annual Conference there will be a very special After Party event, where we’ll officially recognize members in all clubs who achieve the target of this challenge – Increase your membership by only 10% above your July 1st base as of the April 1st renewals. We will anxiously await the results as the dashboard reveals the April numbers. YOU and every member of your team could receive a very special “Care Package” and special recognition at our After Party Event! For team members not registered for the conference, they’ll receive a special invitation to join us for the After Party as well. Full details will be announced in January.


D21 Toastmasters Channel

D21 Youtube Channel Relaunch

Did you know that YouTube is the third largest search engine on the internet, after Google & Bing?

You might very well be asking, “so what?”

As leaders of Toastmaster clubs, we need to be actively recruiting guests to visit our clubs so that we can convert them to members. New members are the lifeblood of any club.

The all time best way to attract guests to your club is to have your fellow members invite their friends, family and work colleagues to visit a club meeting and ‘check it out.’ The personal touch still works.

Arguably, the next best way is leveraging the reach of the internet to share your message.

People in your communities are searching the internet for solutions to their shyness, fear of public speaking, lack of self-confidence and a desire to improve their communication & leadership skills.

Social media can be a great way to share the celebrations and successes of your club.

YouTube, spans the gap between social media and the search engines.

Video is the latest ‘hot item’ and is in reach of the average person. Most people can capture high quality video easily on their smart phone and upload it to their YouTube account.

YouTube allows the insertion of key words and descriptions of your uploaded videos that get featured in the search engine results.

As your D21 Webmaster & your Public Relations Manager, I have taken on the challenge of raising the visibility of our district’s clubs and our members. My goal is to have the D21 YouTube Channel to be the best of all the Districts and have our videos come up first in the search engine results. This in turn will increase the visibility of our clubs, so that when someone is checking out Toastmasters in your community, your club info will be presented.

Here is how that is going to happen… I have reorganized the D21 YouTube Channel to feature highly focused Playlists. Playlists are collections of videos, based on a common theme.

At this time, there are more than sixty videos featured in the following Playlists: Membership Building, D21 Toastmasters Members Speeches, Communication Skill Development, TM speeches from around the world, World Champion of Public Speaking videos and Public Relations. More are in development.

This is your opportunity to share a video from your club meeting or perhaps an Area, Division or District event.

All you need to do is upload your video to YouTube and then e-mail me with the url i.e. the weblink. Please include details of the video. Example: who is featured in the video, the nature of the event, the date and the club name. This is your opportunity to share your success stories and your celebrations.

Our D21 Toastmasters channel can be reached at

Please subscribe to the channel so you can keep up-to-date on new videos being posted.

And Toastmasters are social. Don’t forget to Like & Share, the love.

In addition, if you know of a good video that hasn’t been included in our collection, just pass the url on to me. Rae Stonehouse

Thanks for your time and future assistance.

See you in the movies!

Rae Stonehouse DTM PDG

Webmaster & Public Relations Manager (17-18)