One Day, Two Very Different Experiences  

On May 4th Michael Bown and I attended two fantastic events on the Lower Mainland. Both of these events were unique and engaging. Program Quality is about much more than just getting the distinguished club award each year, it is also about fellowship, new ideas and variety.  The two clubs below are strong examples of quality.

Spending the afternoon with Kwantlen Toastmasters the quality of their fellowship was clear.  They constantly look at unique ways of growing the club and spirit within it. Attending the student orientation we had the opportunity to sit with the leaders and hear their ideas how to keep recruiting new members and attend different functions. One look at the Facebook group also makes it clear they participate in banner raids, public events, joint meetings and speech-a-thons.  This club is determined and is constantly looking at ways to innovate resulting in family like culture within the club and a binder full of great memories.

In the evening Alan Warburton, Michael and I attended a demonstration meeting for “Funny Bone” a new humourous advanced club in Langley. This was the first coming together of a new group that meets in a barn turned into a comedy club feel. Funny Bone was able to incorporate a comedy theme to the meeting by adding in various meeting segments such as improv and stand up. To ensure they still worked the educational program the meetings featured prepared speeches along with oral and written evaluations. This is truly a club thinking outside the box.

These groups both represent quality in two very different approaches. The great thing is they mirror many clubs in the district.  How is your club adding to fellowship, innovation and variety?  Encourage each club to run a moments of truth, discover where your club is excelling and serving the members best and where you can focus your attention.

All the best,

John Sherber DTM

District 21 Program Quality Director, 2016-2017