We have many opportunities available in District 21. Please explore below and contact us immediately.

District Credentials Chair

Do you want a really great reason to get to know all the Club Presidents and VP Educations in our 150 clubs that make up District 21? Becoming our District’s Credentials Chair may be the perfect opportunity for you! We have a brilliant mentor, Raymond Ho, to help get you started and support you along the way. A great credentials chair is:

  • organized
  • detail oriented
  • comfortable with spreadsheets, email and willing to learn google docs
  • enjoys connecting with people
  • interested in gaining greater understanding of our District

To learn more about this opportunity, please call Carol Carter, your District Director, at 778-668-8805, or click on Connect with Us” for Carol’s email address.

Division ____ Program Quality Coordinator

As the Program Quality Coordinator for your Division, you are responsible for promoting and supporting the education and training within that Division.  You are expected to regularly attend Division Council meetings and work with the District Program Quality Director to ensure Division officer training meets the highest quality expected of the district.  The Program Quality Coordinator is also responsible for supporting quality club programming efforts and promoting the Distinguished Club Program.  You are also responsible for ensuring quality contests within your division, including identifying division contest chairs and chief judges.  It is expected that you will need to spend about an hour each week in communications with the Division Director, Area Director and District Program Quality Director.  At the start of the contest season, most of the focus will be on organizing the division / area contests and during the officer training sessions the time will be organizing the training session.

Division ____ Club Growth Coordinator

As your Division’s Club Growth Coordinator, you are responsible for the maintenance and growth of your Division’s Clubs. You’ll work closely with your Division Director and Area Directors, with the guidance and support of the District Club Growth Director, Club Extension Chair and Club Retention Chair. Your plan is to support the creation of  one club in each of your Division’s Areas, as well as help all clubs transform their guests into new members of our growing Toastmasters family.

For more information or to apply for this opportunity in your Division, please contact your Division Director (click “Connect With Us”  to find your Division Director’s email address).

Division ____ Public Relations Coordinator

As the Division PRC you will be responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program in your division. You’ll work directly with the Public Relations Manager – Ashwani Kumar Sinha.

Pathways Guide (many needed!)

This position will last 6 months. You begin two months prior to the launch of the Pathways Program in District 21, and continue for four months after the launch date. Those completing this position will receive the District Officer Credit needed for your Advanced Leader Silver education achievement in the current Toastmasters education program OR the credit needed to complete your DTM in the Pathways Program.

The Pathways Guide is an integral member of the Pathways launch team.  You will work with the Chief Ambassador (CA) and Program Quality Director (PQD), while partnering with one Ambassador to prepare the clubs assigned to you for the launch of Pathways in your District.  You are the first point of contact to bring clubs up to speed with the program and onboard them seamlessly.  You will be responsible for conducting one club visit to each of your assigned clubs in partnership with your Ambassador (where appointed) to raise awareness, build excitement and educate club members.  You will also provide support to the Vice Presidents education (VPEs) of the clubs assigned to you by conducting regular virtual support sessions.  Your term of service will be 6 months.


  • Read the Pathways Guide Handbook
  • Read the Pathways Learning Experience Presentation Slide Deck and Talking Points and view the Pathways Learning Experience Presentation Recording
  • Read Training Basics: Getting it Right, Making it Work (Item 102)
  • Develop presentation skills by practicing in your club
  • Receive Pathways rollout kits for your assigned clubs
  • Coordinate with your CA and Ambassador (where appointed) to conduct one club visit to each assigned club
  • Deliver the Pathways Learning Experience Presentation and rollout kit during each club visit
  • Complete and submit a Club Visit Report for each club visit
  • Access Base Camp as a member and a VPE and view all tutorials in the system
  • Follow up with the VPEs proactively to ensure they and their club members are comfortable operating in Pathways and Base Camp
  • Conduct regular virtual support sessions with the VPEs of your assigned clubs
  • Collect questions from VPEs during each virtual support
  • Submit questions from VPEs to World Headquarters staff
  • Attend virtual support sessions conducted by World Headquarters staff, as needed
  • Provide answers to VPEs
  • Will receive DTM credit for one year of district leader service

Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Discussion and moderation knowledge and skills
  • Presentation skills, both in-person and virtual
  • Technology savvy
  • Self-motivated and able to set and meet own deadlines

To apply, download the pdf of the Pathways Guide Application (click “download” below the following image) and follow all instructions.

Website Manager

Did you know a skilled website Manager can make up to $75,111-$108,709? Get skilled with District 21. Be the ears and mouth of District 21!

If you can operate Microsoft Word, have a flair for design (Graphic Designing is a plus but not needed) & any internet browser – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, can use a webcam to be part of an online meeting: You can do this job.

You will receive a credit towards your Competent Leadership manual. Training will be provided. You will learn skills in WordPress Management, Website & Webserver Management, and business communication.

Email Coordinator

Do you want to be the conduit between the District 21 leadership team and the District 21 membership? Do you want to be the controller and coordinator of the information super highway in District 21?

If you can operate Microsoft Word, have a flair for design (Graphic Designing is a plus but not needed) & any internet browser – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, can use a webcam to be part of an online meeting: You can do this job.

You will receive a credit towards your Competent Leadership manual. Training will be provided. You will learn skills in MailChimp Management, Email Reporting with Industry Analysis, and business communication.

District Sponsorship Chair

As a not-for-profit organization, we keep our costs of conferences and other events very reasonable for our members, providing greater learning and growth opportunities throughout the year. Many Districts around the world receive corporate sponsorships that allow them to go above and beyond the ordinary (and affordable) as well as cover unexpected costs for events that have been planned.

We are looking for a person in our District who wants to build strategic connections with businesses and corporations, as well as build a team of people just like you, to help Divisions find sponsors for their training and contest events.

The ideal District Sponsorship Chair will be everything you would need to be a great Sales Manager:

  • a positive, energetic, inspiring leader
  • a fearless connector through phone conversations
  • excellent at follow up, both through email and phone
  • a strategic thinker, great at collaborating on ideas and converting them into actions
  • a tactful communicator and good listener

If you have whese skills and want to fine tune them in your Toastmasters life, please contact Carol Carter, your District Director, at 778-668-8805, or email Carol immediately! (see “Connect with us” for email address)