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Pathways launches March 20th at 1pm - What Path Will YOU Take?

Club PR Campaign Challenge (Due Midningt March 19th)


The COP (Club Outreach Program) & Trophy, is a fun, membership building contest initiated to help D21 Toastmasters Clubs to grow their clubs. Every club is eligible to participate and to win!The COP (Club Outreach Program) & Trophy, is a fun, membership building contest initiated to help D21 Toastmaster’s Clubs to grow their clubs. Every club is eligible to participate and to win!

Every brand new baby Toastmaster who starts their journey in your club and RENEWS their membership for April 1st counts.

SHARE your adventure with potential future members. Help them start their OWN adventure with your club.

A New Club Could Mean a Swanky New Hooded T-Shirt for YOU! (Ends June 14th)

Imagine that very first club you discovered and joined, that place where you gained encouragement, helpful feedback and mentoring through your early speeches, never existed. What would your life be like today?

Look how far you’ve come from that first day you walked through the door and experienced your first meeting…

Talk Up Toastmasters (ends March 31st)

Toastmasters love to connect, so take advantage of it.The “Talk Up Toastmasters” membership program is the chance to encourage your members to invite guests to a special meeting where prospective members can learn about Toastmasters’ many benefits.

Then add five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between February 1 and March 31, and you’ll receive a special “Talk up Toastmasters” ribbon to display on your club’s banner.

Rising Tide 10% Growth Challenge (Deadline is April 1st renewals)

You LOVE your club. Your members are your trusted friends. You learn, laugh, and sometimes cry together. There is nothing quite like a fellow trusted Toastmaster.

To help you and your team members focus on the FUN factor of reaching out to future friends, we’ve issued a CHALLENGE with prizes that ALL our clubs could potentially win!



Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays!

From the Desk of District Director – Carol Carter

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Congratulations to our DTMs who've completed the full Toastmasters education program - communication and leadership!

Class of 2017-2018:

Harvey Drdul, Rise And Shine
Deborah Richards, Surrey Club 2590
Leah Cheyne, Ambassadors-Tsawwassen Toastmasters
Letty Louie, Fraser Heights Cornerstone Toastmasters
Pat Johnson, Rise and Shine
Dana Pennington, Salt Spring Club
Michael Bown, Trestle Toastmasters
Lynn Monchamp, Quorum Toastmasters
Brian Dodd, First Canadian Toastmasters Club

COP Award Front Runners

Share the Toastmasters opportunity with new people! The club with the most brand new never-before Toastmasters joining between July 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 who renew April 1st 2018, will win a very BIG trophy at the Spring Conference.

Here are our March 19th, 2018 front runners:

With 13 brand new Toastmasters
Langley Toastmasters 2743 - Div.G
Rise And Shine Toastmasters Club - Div.G
TRU Toastmasters Club - Div.L
With 12 brand new Toastmasters
Oak Bay Toastmasters - Div.B
With 11 brand new Toastmasters
Richmond Toastmasters Club - Div.E
Silverbridge Toastmasters - Div.A
With 10 brand new Toastmasters
North Delta Power Talkers Club - Div.F
Revenue Ramblers Toastmasters Club - Div.B
With 9 brand new Toastmasters
High Country Achievers Club - Div.L
Kelowna Club - Div.K
With 8 brand new Toastmasters
Advocates Club - Div.B
enRICHed Speakers Toastmasters Club - Div.E
Kwantlen Toastmasters - Div.F
Richmond Friendly Toastmasters Club - Div.E
With 7 brand new Toastmasters
Chilliwack Toastmasters Club - Div.G
Cowichan Toastmasters Club - Div.A
Downtown Express Toastmasters - Div.K
Goldstream Toastmasters - Div.A
Island Excellence - Div.C
Kelowna AM Toastmasters Club - Div.K
Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters - Div.K Club
Lightly Toasted - Div.E
NiteShifters Toastmasters Club - Div.A
Seymour Synergy Toastmasters Club - Div.B
Speak With Confidence Club - Div.F
Toastmasters On The Hill Club - Div.C
White Rock Club - Div.F
With 6 brand new Toastmasters
Early Edition Toastmasters Club - Div.F
Global Speakers Toastmasters Club - Div.E
Monday Night Vernon Toastmasters Club - Div.L
Royal Roads Toastmasters - Div.A
Surrey Civic Speechmeisters Club - Div.F
Surrey Club #2590 - Div.F
The Word Toastmasters - Div.F
Toastmasters By The Sea - Div.F
With 5 brand new Toastmasters
Arbutus Toastmasters Club - Div.C
Cloverdale Club - Div.G
Comox Valley Toastmasters Club - Div..C
Harbour City Toastmasters Club - Div.C
Kelowna Toastmasters-Westside Club #872 Nelson Fresh Tracks Toastmasters - Div.K
OC Toastmaster - Div.K
Penticton Club - Div.K
Revelstoke Toastmasters - Div.L
Rise And Shine - Div.B
White Rock Evening Edition - Div.F
With 4 brand new Toastmasters
Aldergrove Toastmasters Club - Div.G
Abassadors - Tsawwassen Toastmasters Club - Div.E
Aurora Toastmasters Club - Div.B
Belmont Babblers - Div.B
Campbell River Toastmasters Club - Div.C
Canada Revenue Raconteurs - Div.B
Fraser Friends - Div.F
GenoJabbers - Div.A
Hi Noon Toastmasters - Div.L
James Bay Toastmasters - Div.B
Ladysmith Toastmasters Club #5052 - Div.A
Langley Morning Toastmasters - Div.G
New City Toastmasters - Div.F
Night Hawks Club - Div.A
Rich-Del Club - Div.E
Saanich Peninsula Club - Div.A
Salmon Arm Toastmasters Club - Div.L
Salt Spring Club - Div.A
Snowpeaks Toastmasters Club - Div.G.
Sooke Harbour Toastmasters Club - Div.A
The Communicators Toastmasters Club - Div.A
The Rock Christian Toastmasters Club - Div.F
Thunderbird Toastmasters Club - Div.B
Trestle Toastmasters - Div.B
Uptown Rollers - Div.A
Walnut Grove Toastmasters - Div.G
With 3 brand new Toastmasters
Abbotsford Sundown Club - Div.G
Armstrong Toastmasters Club 2645 - Div.L
Deltones Club - Div.E
Discovery Toastmasters - Div.C
Enterprising Toastmasters Club - Div.C
Finding Vino Toastmasters Club - Div.F
Fraser Heights Cornerstone Toamasters - Div.F
Gateway Toastmasters - Div.A
Komoux Toastmasters - Div.C
MDA Toastmasters - Div.E
MoneyMasters Toastmasters - Div.F
North Island Toastmasters - Div.C
Penticton Toasties - Div.K
Power Toasters - Div.A
Sage Richmond Toastmasters Club- Div.E
Sixty Minutes Club #8010 - Div.C
Slice of Speech - Div.E
Somass Club - Div.C
South Okanagan Toastmasters Club - Div.K
Uplands Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club - Div.C
Victoria Beavers Toastmasters Club #790 - Div.B
Westcoast Toastmasters - Div.A
Woodgrove Club - Div.C

1/3 of our 150 clubs have brought in 552 new, never-before Toastmasters into the program! Thank you for sharing the experience with more people in BC! You are changing lives and making a difference.