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The Power of Mentoring – Feb 19 – 24th is an Opportunity to Share Toastmasters Like Never Before!

Have you ever thought “I wish I’d found Toastmasters earlier in my career.”? I have. I also have vivid memories of wishing for some kind person who actually cares about me, not my wallet, to take me under his/her wing and show me some best next steps in the right direction.

Mentoring is one of the two main foundations of the Toastmasters Program, and with Pathways around the corner, it’s about to become even MORE foundational for us all.

For Toastmasters Month, we have invited Professional Business and Leadership Consultant and Coach, Jim McLaughlin, a fellow Toastmaster from California, to tour seven corners of our District. He will be sharing “The Power of Mentoring” in an interactive, engaging, high value 90 minute roll-up-your-sleeves workshop for early and mid-career professionals. I believe what he has put together will be of value to ANY person who still occasionally wishes that far-seeing Fairy Godmother would show up some wise words and a magic wand.

Here’s a golden opportunity to share with the career-minded people in your life, some of the key value of what Toastmasters has to offer.

Tickets are available for pre-purchase on Eventbrite for $15/each, until midnight the day before each event. After that, they are available for $20 at the door. Consider attending for your own benefit AND to share Toastmasters with curious attendees at the break. Talk to your Division Director about how to help make this a successful event for your club and your community!

More details will be linked to this article as they come available. So far, here are the links to the events on eventbrite:

For more information on Jim McLaughlin, you can download his pdf bio here: Bio-JimMcLaughlin1p

But truly the best way to share this opportunity is through these words:

“If I was at the point in my career that you are at right now, and this opportunity came along to learn how to ask for the help I need in a way that sets my entire future up for success over and over again … I would be at this event, pen and paper in hand, eating up every word, exercise, and opportunity to network.”  

Take advantage of this brilliant opportunity to share what our founder, Dr. Ralph Smedley, knew so many years ago:

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