Quality Clubs Start With Diverse Membership

Having 20-30 members in your club ensures you have the right balance between rotating executives, wide range of speech topics, sharing of meeting roles and an audience to deliver speeches to. It ensures the club holds and maintains quality meetings and likely has regular guests who they convert to members. What is the secret sauce?

Of course there is not one simple answer, each club in unique based on many factors. Overall clubs lose about 40% of their members in any year so it is critical a club always recruits members.

Over my journey I have been inspired by the measures clubs take to keep guests coming and convert guests to members. Recently reading Area Directors club visit reports I noticed a lot of clubs don’t give guests a take away prize. Taking something away gives the guest some information to digest and reminds them to return next meeting. It also provides critical information about joining the club.

Many top performing clubs offer:

  • Toastmaster Magazine
  • Membership application with info about fees.
  • Sheet explaining what Toastmasters International is and something about the club – perhaps a letter from the President can cover this.
  • A ribbon (optional). Toastmasters International offers ribbons and some clubs make their own “I survived” ribbons.

Toastmasters International also sells guest packets: https://www.toastmasters.org/Shop/Meetings/new-members-and-guests/387–Guest-Packet

To ensure your guests become members always make sure they leave your meeting with something in their hands.


Michael Bown DTM

District 21 Club Growth Director,  2016-2017