Our recent D21 District Officer Training (DOT) definitely raised the bar for productive training sessions and meaningful takeaways, as area and division directors gathered in the beautiful South Delta Baptist Church hall on February 11.

We had the great pleasure to host two of the best leaders we could ever ask for: Pat Johnson (Past International President, 2010-11) and Margaret Page (International Director, Region 1, 2016-17).

Both ran sessions throughout the day and then, perched on stools up front, they shared their experiences in an intimate Q&A. It was inspiring. Thank you, Pat and Margaret.

There was a very professional feel to the whole day, an upbeat tone with thoughtful introductions, informative reports and a busy program that ran smoothly, and on time.

Ron Newell (logistics), Rosalyn Hansen (yummies) and others must be commended for their amazing work—all quietly and efficiently executed behind the scenes. Our special guests Joe Guenette (Club Coach Coordinator) and Virginia Keast (our new PR Manager) were a delight to have with us.

On behalf of the trio, a big THANKS! to all D21 area and division directors who were able to spend the day sharing your accomplishments and challenges, and laying down plans for success over the second half of the year.  It was a rare opportunity to connect with all of you, face to face.

The buzz is back…

All fired up…

Ready to go!


John Sherber, DTM,
 D21 Program Quality Director 2016-17