Rising Tide 10% Growth Challenge – WINNERS!

The Results Are In! Club Care kits and Party Packs will be at the Conference for these winning clubs!

23 clubs rose at least 10% above their July 1st base as of April 1st dues renewals! Wishing you had a few more helping hands on your team? Craving new energy, new stories and new perspectives in your meetings? Reach out and ask these clubs how they grew. Pilfer great ideas! Toastmasters is all about peers helping peers succeed. A”Rising Tide” floats ALL boats.

Please help me congratulate (in order of Division and Area):

  • West Coast Toastmasters, Div A, Area 2 – rose from 8 to 13 (38%)
  • Royal Roads Toastmasters, Div A, Area 4 – rose from 8 to 11 (27%)
  • Silverbridge Toastmasters, Div A, Area 5 – rose from 20 to 25 (25%)
  • Revenue Ramblers Toastmasters Club, Div B, Area 13 – rose from 15 t0 17 (13%)
  • Uplands Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club, Div C, Area 20 – rose from 15 to 18 (20%)
  • Toastmasters on the Hill Club, Div C, Area 20 – rose from 11 to 14 (27%)
  • Richmond Friendly Toastmasters Club, Div E, Area 41 – rose from 10 to 14 (40%)
  • enRICHed Speakers Toastmasters Club, Div E, Area 42 – rose from 13 to 20 (54%)
  • Lightly Toasted, Div E, Area 42 – rose from 17 to 22 (29%)
  • White Rock Club, Div F, Area 50 – rose from 21 to 25 (19%)
  • Toastmasters By The Sea, Div F, Area 50 – rose from 11 to 15 (36%)
  • The Word Toastmasters, Div F, Area 53 – rose from 12 to 16 (33%)
  • Our Lady of Good Communicators, Div F, Area 54 – rose from 9 to 11 (22%)
  • Rise And Shine Toastmasters Club, Div G, Area 60 – rose from 15 to 22 (47%)
  • Power to Speak, Div G, Area 62 – rose from 25 to 29 (16%)
  • Langley Toastmasters 2743, Div G, Area 63 – rose from 33 to 38 (15%)
  • Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters, Div K, Area 80 – rose from 8 to 12 (50%)
  • Kelowna Toastmasters – Westside Club #872, Div K, Area 80 – rose from 12 to 17 (42%)
  • South Okanagan Toastmasters Club, Div K, Area 82 – rose from 14 to 16 (14%)
  • Monday Night Vernon Toastmasters, Div L, Area 91 – rose from 17 to 21 (24%)
  • High Country Achievers Club, Div L, Area 92 – rose from 12 to 17 (42%)
  • Thompson Valley Advanced, Div L, Area 92 – rose from 8 to 9 (13%)
  • Cranbrook First Club, Div L, Area 93 – rose from 8 to 9 (13%)

We still have a few more club care kits … Keep rising!

Not on the list? Keep growing! We budgeted for a few more clubs to achieve this challenge! We’re adding more winners to this list until April 15th or until the kits are gone, whichever happens first. Keep getting those renewals in! Welcome those potential guests to attend your next meeting and ask them if this program could help them succeed!

See details of the Contest below:

You LOVE your club. Your members are your trusted friends. You learn, laugh, and sometimes cry together. There is nothing quite like a fellow trusted Toastmaster.

Each year lives change. People move. Their focus shifts. Family needs them in different ways. Life happens. Twice a year, some of your members might make that tough decision to stop learning in your club and focus on other areas of responsibility. While you never joined Toastmasters to promote Toastmasters, if you want your club to continue being that vibrant gathering each week, you need to find more potential fellow learners.

To help you and your team members focus on the FUN factor of reaching out to future friends, we’ve issued a CHALLENGE with prizes that ALL our clubs could potentially win!

Create that Rising Tide that floats all boats.

Grow your club by 10% above your July 1st base as of the April 1st renewals (which we’ll see around April 8th) and your club WILL WIN:

  1. All your members’ names on the VIP Guest List of the Kelowna Spring Conference’s Saturday Night “AfterParty” event (it will be an event to remember!)
  2. A special Party Pack for your team to help you celebrate at the AfterParty event
  3. A Club Care Package to take back home with you. This Care Package will contain a collection of helpful resources and items to help you care for all those brand new members and sustain the growth you’ve achieved, keeping your club that fun, supportive and exciting learning opportunity you LOVE going to each week.

How do you find your July 1st base?

  1. Click on this link to view the District 21 Dashboard: http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/Club.aspx?id=21
  2. Scroll down to your Division and Area to find your club. You’ll see all of your DCP points, as well as your July 1st 2017 and your current membership.
  3. You can click on your club’s name to pull up a “one page” that focuses completely on your team. This is great for printing or displaying on a screen at meetings

How do you grow your team?

  • We have a host of resources to offer. Browse this website, our YouTube Channel and the resources at Toastmaster International (and try not to get stuck in overwhelm). Just seize one or two ideas that connect with you and take action! Whatever you do will help create awareness and grow everyone who helps you. It’s never a waste to try different ways to promote your club opportunity to your community you serve.
  • Reach out to your Area Director. He/she is committed to helping your club succeed and is dying for you to ask!
  • Reach out to your Division Director to find out what District resources and events might help you.
  • Conspire with your team through Moments of Truth. Decide how you want your club to function, what areas you could work together to improve and how you want to be perceived by your ideal future members
  • Use your Passport! Visit other clubs and discover ideas you want to try out in your own club. Jot down your “Ah-Ha’s” and get your passport “stickered” or initialed! We’re offering a small appreciation gift for the chance to collect helpful data from your passport at the Spring Conference AND there’s 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes for the most points!
  • Invite a member to chair a memberhip campaign
  • Invite several members to chair PR campaigns with specific focuses.
  • Ask a successful club in our District what they did to grow their membership. Great ideas are everywhere! Toastmasters love to share and help their fellow clubs succeed.

Looking forward to seeing YOU and your team in Kelowna and, if you can’t make Kelowna, hearing how your team chooses to celebrate your success, as well as use that Club Care Package!

Carol Carter DTM

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Your 2017 – 2018 District 21 Director