Seize the Stage says Ted

Fellow District 21 Toastmasters,

Ted Corcoran’s inspirational visit to District 21 wrapped up in Nanaimo on Sunday, January 22nd. Amazingly, in the ten days that Ted was in D21 he completed more than a CC of speeches!! He delivered a total of eight keynote speeches at our four COTS (two speeches at each COT – 45 minutes each), and three speeches at Public Meetings (30 minutes each) for a total of eleven speeches!! His total speaking time was seven and a half hours!!  Now we know that Ted likes to talk but … this is going over the top!

The most important thing is that EVERY minute of Ted’s message had important meaning for each of us as District 21 members. Here are three key learnings from Ted:

  • Awareness. We need to be totally aware of where we are before we can start to set goals and move forward. As a District we know that our results last year were well below our expected standards and we have lots of work to do. If we work together as a total team of D21 members we can achieve our goal of … being on the stage at the Toastmasters International Convention at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre in August of this year… as a Distinguished District!! It is SO important that we do this on our home territory … in our province, in our country. We need to work TOGETHER to do whatever we can to reach our goal.
  • Focus on the DCP (Distinguished Club Program). The saying goes that “Every Toastmaster deserves to be in a Distinguished Club.” Why is this? Because a distinguished club will provide the rich, rewarding Toastmasters experience that we all deserve. This means that all D21 clubs need to know exactly what they need to do to achieve distinguished status before June 30, 2017 and … monitor progress carefully until it is achieved!
  • “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” There can be many distractions along the way that can set us off course. Often these distractions are insignificant and not worth the attention they receive. Ted emphasized that we must concentrate on the important items – those that will enhance the Toastmasters experience for everyone in our clubs. 

Thank you everyone, for your warm welcome and positive involvement at ALL of the events that Ted attended over the past 10 days. It has been a wonderful ride and there is no question that District 21 is on the move!!

Ted’s parting words will long be remembered…

The Buzz is back! We’re all fired up! We’re sooooooo ready to go!




Alan Warburton DTM

Director, District 21 2016-2017