Spread the Word! February is Banner Raid Month!


D 21  Toasties everywhere are moving out of their comfort zone, visiting other Toastmaster Clubs in mass and taking back a prize…a Toastmaster club banner.   


Why do a ‘Banner Raid,’ you ask?  Because it’s fun!  It builds spirit and a sense of camaraderie between clubs.  More than that, not all Toastmaster Clubs are alike and it does us all good to get out of our comfort zone, visit and share best practices. Visiting club members often learn great ideas that they can take back to their home clubs, which in turn promotes strong healthy clubs across the district.  


There are basic standard agreements, i.e., five raiders for the original raid and the additional chance of retrieving and stealing with ten raiders.  Some clubs pre-arrange raids, while others use an element of surprise (with discretion) to increase a spirit of “fun-ness” rather than pre-arranging raids and retrieval dates.   

Check the schedule of the clubs near by, grab a bunch of club members and go all out for a ‘Banner Raid’.  Consider a theme, a light-hearted  fun prank or go in costume.

(See pyjama-clad troop of Division F early morning raiders pictured here).