Spring Cleaning

Recently in conversation with Area 5 Director Bill Smith, DTM he suggested having a spring cleaning in March after our February pirate month. I asked him what he meant and he meant cleaning up on DCP points and guest to membership conversions. What a fantastic idea!

I asked the District officers for club building ideas to support our “spring cleaning”, here are a few that will help all of us:

  • Ensure your club has a small package for guests with information about the program and the process to becoming a member (include the fees and a membership application)
  • Treat each meeting like an open house and have the red carpet out for guests. Ensure a greeter is assigned to welcome the guests with a nice handshake and have them complete guestbook with a name, email and phone number. Always get a phone number, follow up by phone is your best bet to close the sale.  Make sure guests have a name tag/name tent so they right away feel part of the group. Consider lending guests a Toastmaster magazine – then they need to bring it back!
  • Show strong fellowship  by arranging social activities outside the meetings,  joint meetings, banner raids etc.
  • Spice up regular meetings by running speechathons, backwards meetings, workshops, dress up or themed meetings etc.
  • Bring new members up to speed and on a plan by giving a new member handbook and mentor to members as soon as they sign up. (As a mentor ask your mentee when they will give the icebreaker AND when they will give project 10 to lock in commitment)
  • Use your speech contest as an extra special open house.  This can be extended to the Area and Division contests as well!

Officers attend training to learn from each other and to share knowledge. The ideas, connections and resources that can come out of training could change your club.

If you apply all the above your club will be President’s Distinguished year after year because you will be serving your guests, serving your members and everyone will be growing while having fun.

Our club mission:

“We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”



Michael Bown DTM

District 21 Club Growth Director,  2016-2017Regards,